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Kansas Geological Society

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ABSTRACT: Acorn Field—a Plum in the Lansing-Kansas City Pudding

W. H. Sydow

ABSTRACT: An Application of High-Resolution Marine Chemostratigraphy as a Chronostratigraphic Control for "Mid" Cretaceous Oxygen-Isotope Records in Amalgamated Nonmarine Paleosols

T. S. White, G. A. Ludvigson, L. D. Young

ABSTRACT: An Economic Evaluation of the Hartshorne Coalbed Methane Play in Oklahoma

Matthew A. Biddick

ABSTRACT: An Innovative Horizontal Drilling Program Opens a New Exploration Play in Admire (Permian) Reservoirs of the Northern Denver Basin, Nebraska

Steven M. Goolsby, Don Pierini, Phil Kriz

ABSTRACT: A Regional Study of Sequences in the New Albany Shale of the Southeastern Illinois Basin (Indiana) with Gamma-Ray Logs and Well Cores

Priyanka Johri, Juergen Schieber

ABSTRACT: Bedrock Geology of Woodson County, Kansas

D. F. Merriam, Elizabeth Crouse

ABSTRACT: Big Basin Impact Craters of Western Kansas

Jan P. Cannon

ABSTRACT: Blind-Thrust Spiro Play—a Case History, Western Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

Curtis L. Ditzell, Douglas B. Ostby

ABSTRACT: Changes in Patterns of Cyclicity in Upper Carboniferous through Lower Permian (Virgilian—Sakmarian) Depositional Sequences in the North American Midcontinent

Darwin R. Boardman II

ABSTRACT: Characterizing a Morrow Sandstone Reservoir through Stratigraphic Interpretation of 3-D Seismic Data, Sorrento Field, Colorado

Sandra Mark, Roger M. Slatt, David C. Rampton

ABSTRACT: Coal Geology and Underground-Mine Degasification Applied to Horizontal Drilling for Coalbed Methane

Samuel A. Friedman

ABSTRACT: Coal Resources and Coalbed Methane Potential in the Kansas Portion of the Forest City Basin

Lawrence L. Brady, Willard J. Guy

ABSTRACT: Computer Technology and the Petroleum Geologist, 1999

Sandra Mark

ABSTRACT: Depositional Facies and Petrophysical Properties of the Pennsylvanian Cottage Grove Sandstone Member (Osage—Layton Sand), Chanute Formation—East Newkirk Field, Cherokee Platform, Oklahoma

James R. Chaplin

ABSTRACT: Detailed Reservoir Modeling on a Basinwide Scale and Implications on the Decision-Making Process

Paul W. Smith, Walter J. Hendrickson, Ronald J. Woods, John V. Hogan, Charles E. Willey

ABSTRACT: Evaporite Karst in the Southern Midcontinent

Kenneth S. Johnson

ABSTRACT: Evidence for Hierarchy of Stratigraphic Forcing in the Upper Carboniferous (Virgilian, Wabaunsee Group) in the Anadarko Basin

Matthew W. Boyd, Darwin R. Boardman II

ABSTRACT: Halophyte Remediation of Brine-Impacted Oil and Gas Sites in Kansas

Bruce Langhus, M. L. Korphage, Frank Denoyelles

ABSTRACT: High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Mississippian of the Appalachian and Illinois Basins

A. Al-Tawil, L. B. Smith, A. B. Khetani, T. Wynn, J. F. Read

ABSTRACT: History and Development of the Stewart Field, Finney County, Kansas

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

ABSTRACT: Intravalley Cut-and-Fill Structures in Lower Cretaceous Fluvial Strata of Colorado and Kansas—a Cause for Compartmentalization in Fluvial Reservoirs

John M. Holbrook

ABSTRACT: Is the Mississippian of Kansas a Viable Petroleum Target After a Century of Exploration?

Paul Gerlach, D. F. Merriam

ABSTRACT: Kansas Oil and Gas Exploration, a 10-year History and Future Strategies

Paul M. Gerlach

ABSTRACT: Microfabric Analysis of Cyclic Rhythmites—a Comparison of Modern and Ancient Samples

Marie D. Commisso, Allen W. Archer

ABSTRACT: Mississippian Stratigraphy of Southwestern Kansas—Some Correlations Resolved, Many Mysteries

Bob Slamal

ABSTRACT: Morrow Incised Paleovalley Production, Stateline Trend, Northern Anadarko Basin

Roderick W. Tillman

ABSTRACT: Pennsylvanian History of the Chautauqua Arch, Oklahoma and Kansas

Allan Bennison

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Potential of the Middle Proterozoic Midcontinent Rift System (MRS) in Iowa

Raymond R. Anderson

ABSTRACT: Prediction of Effective Porosity and Permeability in Mississippian Carbonates, Kansas

Willard J. Guy, Alan P. Byrnes, John H. Doveton, Evan K. Franseen

ABSTRACT: Progress in Development of Digital Geologic Maps Databases in Kansas

J. A. ROSS, D. R. Collins, E. L. Crouse

ABSTRACT: Relationships of MVT Mineralizations, Color-Altered Conodonts, Fluid Inclusions, "J"-Type Lead, and Migrating Oil-Field-Type Basinal Brines with Unconformity-Bounded Stratigraphic Sequences

Edwin D. Goebel

ABSTRACT: Resistivity Modeling and Neural Network Synthetics—Powerful New Exploration and Development Tools

Steven M. Goolsby, Jeff S. Arbogast

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Architecture and Diagenesis of Modern Carbonate Sands in a Low-Energy Shelf Lagoon, Northern Belize—Modern Analog to Some Ancient Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Brian W. Wilhite

ABSTRACT: Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Morrow Formation—a Regional Study in the Western Anadarko Basin

J. R. Halverson, Calvin H. Stevens, David W. Andersen, John P. Brooke

ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Morrow in the Arroyo and Gentzler Fields of Southwestern Kansas

Abdulrahman M. I. Alissa, Timothy R. Carr

ABSTRACT: Significance of Accurate Carbonate Reservoir Definition and Delineation

Paul W. Smith, Walter J. Hendrickson, Ronald J. Woods

ABSTRACT: Small Closed Structural Lows—Unconventional Gas Exploration Targets in Northern Missouri

David C. Smith, Edith A. Starbuck

ABSTRACT: South Eubank Field—Successful Development of Deeper Reserves Using 3D Seismic

Ernie Morrison

ABSTRACT: State-of-the-Art of 3-D Seismic Technology—Integrated Multicomponent Characterization of Carbonate and Clastic Reservoirs

J. Edward Blott, John F. Arestad, Thomas L. Davis

ABSTRACT: Subsurface Structure and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Western Margin of the Hugoton Embayment, Morton County, Kansas

John F. Hopkins, Timothy R. Carr

ABSTRACT: Syndepositional Dolomitization of Shallow Marine Deposits, Cangrejo Shoals, Northern Belize

C. S. Teal

ABSTRACT: Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian of Southeastern New Mexico—Rejuvenation of Underdeveloped Fields Yields Major Reserves

Ronald F. Broadhead

ABSTRACT: Use of Gravity and Magnetics for Low-Cost Exploration and Development in Mature Areas Such as Kansas

Joseph M. Kruger, W. Lynn Watney, Ricardo A. Olea

ABSTRACT: ZOEI, a Computer Model to Calculate the Zone of Endangering Influence of Class 11 Injection Wells

Bruce Langhus, Alan Snider

Analysis of Structural Controls on the Development of the Upper Pennsylvanian Tonganoxie Incised Paleovalley System of Northeastern Kansas

Scott Beaty, W. Lynn Watney, Alex Martinez

Compartmentalization of the Overpressured Interval in the Anadarko Basin

Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Jim Puckette, Phebe Deyhim

Compliance with Oil and Gas Environmental Regulations During Periods of Low Oil Prices

William R. Bryson

Conglomerates Associated with Pennsylvanian Incised Valley-Fill Sequences of Eastern Kansas

Cecile G. Stephens, Ryan E. Rutherford, Allyn S. Polson Jr., Marie D. Commisso, Allen W. Archer

Constraining Permeability Field to Engineering Data: an Innovative Approach in Reservoir Characterization

Hisham Al-Qassab

Contributions from Migrating Oil-Field Brines to Carboniferous Beds in the U.S. Midwest

Raymond M. Coveney Jr.

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: First Integrated Petroleum Production and Refining West of the Mississippi River

John C. Gries, James R. Underwood, Jr.

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Lansing Reef and Stratigraphic Trapping on the Slope Front in the Douglas and "Tonkawa" at the Edge of the Hugoton Platform

John V. Hogan, Walter J. Hendrickson, Paul W. Smith, Charles E. Willey, Ronald J. Woods

Integrated Petrophysical Methods for the Analysis of Reservoir Microarchitecture—a Kansas Chester Sandstone Case Study

John H. Doveton

Kansas Geological Survey's New Initiative in the Manhattan 1° × 2° Quadrangle, Northeastern Kansas

Pieter Berendsen

Occurrence and Development of Petroleum in Nebraska

Marvin P. Carlson, Raymond R. Burchett, William H. Sydow

Oklahoma Coalbed Methane—From Mine Explosion to Gas Resource

Brian J. Cardott

Origin of Missourian and Virgilian Stratigraphic Sequences—Southern Midcontinent

Glenn S. Visher

Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry of a Production Trend Along the McPherson Anticline in Central Kansas, with Implications for Long-and Short-Distance Oil Migration

K. David Newell, Joseph R. Hatch

Petrophysical Analysis of Shaly Sandstones Using Integrated Wireline Log Interpretation

Han Li, Phebe Deyhim, Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Jim Puckette

Regional Stratigraphic Analysis of a Pennsylvanian Carbonate Shelf and Margin in Kansas

W. Lynn Watney, Ricardo A. Olea, John C. Davis

Reservoir Characterization of the Council Grove Group, Texas County, Oklahoma

Jeffrey F. Heyer

Revisiting Pennsylvanian Reservoir Architecture—Chitwood, Norge, and Northeast Verden Fields, Caddo and Grady Counties, Oklahoma

Howard White, Rodney Kirkland, Ed Glassman, George Schnerk

Springeran/Chesterian Relationships within the Anadarko Basin and Shelf of Northwestern Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle

Walter J. Hendrickson, John V. Hogan, Paul W. Smith, Charles E. Willey, Ronald J. Woods

Strike-Slip, Compressional Thrust-Fold Nature of the Nemaha System in Eastern Kansas and Oklahoma

S. Parker Gay Jr.

Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Anticlinal Structures and Their Geothermal Overprint in the Salina Basin, North-Central Kansas

D. F. Merriam, Andrea Forster

Tar Mat Formation within the Hitch Oil Field, Seward County, Kansas

Raymond P. Sorenson, Sean P. Kelly, Dane Cantwell