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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

New Orleans Geological Society

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Bayou Postillion Field, Iberia Parish, Louisiana

Douglas J. Cristina

Bayou Villars Field St. Charles and Jefferson Parishes, Louisiana

Eric Broadbridge, Jack Thorson

Black Bay Complex Update*, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

James Stoyanoff, Scott Purinton, Terry Keegan

Black Bay East Field, Northern Block, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

James Stoyanoff, Scott Purinton, Terry Keegan

Black Bay North Field Eastern Extension, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

James Stoyanoff, Scott Purinton, Terry Keegan

Breton Sound Block 53 Field Offshore Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Mark J. Wojna

Creole Field-West Cameron Block 2 Cameron Parish, Louisiana

W. R. Finley

Eugene Island Blocks 10/24 Field Offshore Louisiana

Paul N. Lawless

Freshwater Bayou Field (Deep) Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Kevin J. McMichael

Front Matter, Author Index: Oil & Gas Fields of South Louisiana, 2010

Carlo Christina, Charles Corona

Judge Digby Field Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

Daniel J. Patterson, Frederick C. Davison, Travis H. Gillham

Kent Bayou Field Etouffee Discovery (Post 3-D) Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

Tom Fletcher, Annette Borkowski

Lac Blanc Field Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Kenneth J. Huffman

Lake Boeuf Southwest Field Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Stephen H. Brachman

Lake Boudreaux Field Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

Thomas A. McWhorter

Lake Salvador Field St. Charles Parish, Louisiana

Merle J. Duplantis, David Dupre

Lake Washington Field Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

R. Kirk Clem

Manila Village Southeast Field Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Paul Lawless

Myette Point Northwest Field St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

Andy Gambill, Russell Wilson

Patterson Field Post 3-D St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

Robert P. Dodge

Pine Prairie Field Post 3-D Evangeline Parish, Louisiana

Bradley R. Broekstra, Michael White

Port Hudson Field East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Kirk A. Barrell

Ramos Field Lily Boom Area Field Extension Assumption, St. Mary and Terrebonne Parishes, Louisiana

Thomas E. Johnson

Righthand Creek Field Allen and Beauregard Parishes, Louisiana

R. T. Cerniglia

Saturday Island Southeast Field Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Irving J. Prentice, Jr., Chris Baynas

South Louisiana Exploration Results (1988–2010)

Paul Lawless

Stella Field Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Louis E. Lemarié

Thibodaux and Rousseau Fields New Exploration Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes, Louisiana

Stephen H. Brachman

West Cote Blanche Bay Field St. Mary and Iberia Parishes, Louisiana

W. S. “Bill” Peirce