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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Oklahoma City Geological Society

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"A Chart of Connate Water Resistivity in Oklahoma and its Application to Electric Log Interpretation"

L. A. Puzin

Aeromagnetometry as a Primary Reconnaissance Tool

DR. Joseph A. Sharpe

The Central Oklahoma Earthquake of April 9, 1952

Ross R. Heinrich

A Faunal Study of the Pumpkin Creek Limestone Member of the Big Branch Formation in the Ardmore Area

Peggy Frances Parthenia Cantrell Devonshire

A Geological Cross Section from the Wichita Mountains to the Elk City Pool

Robert C. Lang, III

Geology of East Pauls Valley Pool

V. L. Frost, H. L. Crockett

Geology of Elk City Field

Robert J. Beams

Geology of Oklahoma Ground Water Supplies Mineral Report No. 11, Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman, Oklahoma

Robert H. Dott

Geology of the Cookson Hills Area, Cherokee County, Oklahoma*

Clemens P. Brauer

Geology of the Ozark Uplift, Northeastern Oklahoma

George Garrett Huffman

Geophysics of the Anadarko Basin

Paul L. Lyons

The Granite Ridge of Oklahoma

Hubert E. Bale, Geo. O. Williams

Identification of Geological Formations by Growing Vegetation

A. N. Murray

Magnetic Properties of "Granite" Wash and Unwashed "Granite"

Duane H. Reno

Methods of Determining the Secondary Recovery Possibilities of a Reservoir

W. A. Heath

Mid-Paleozoic Paleogeography of Central Texas

John Emery Adams

North Central Oklahoma Shelf Area

L. E. Fitts, Jr.

Observations on the Geologic History of the Gulf of Mexico

C. L. Moody

Occurrence of Oil in Sedimentary Basins with Special Reference to Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

Carl A. Moore

Oil in Southern Oklahoma

Erwin L. Selk

Origin and Oil Possibilities of the Anadarko Basin

Robert R. Wheeler

Production Chart of Nemaha Granite Ridge Fields

Lon B. Turk

Ringwood Oil Field Major County, Okla.

Joseph Kornfeld

Sedimentary Basin Development and its Bearing on Oil Occurrence

L. G. Weeks

Seismic Study of Ceres Pool

H. M. Thralls

The Simpson Group Along the North Flank of the Anadarko Basin

Ray Francis Dietrich, Jr.

Some Aspects of Subsurface Geologic Correlations

Carl A. Moore

Southeastern Oklahoma

Dean C. Wellman

Southwestern Oklahoma--The Hollis Basin

Joe M. Sears

Stratigraphic Position of the Hilltop Formation of Oklahoma

William F. Tanner

The Stratigraphy and Tectonics of Washita, Beckham and Roger Mills Counties, Oklahoma

Robert P. McNeal

A Study of the Subsurface Geology of the Northeastern Part of Comanche County, Oklahoma

Lyman N. Hayes

The Subsurface Geology of Beaver County, Oklahoma

Wayne H. Grimes

The Subsurface Geology of Canadian County, Oklahoma

Za Grant Kimberlin, Jr.

Subsurface Geology of Carter Knox Oil Field, Stephens and Grady Counties, Oklahoma

Joe H. Pate

The Subsurface Geology of Coal County Oklahoma

Roy Berry Dannenberg

Subsurface Geology of Eastern Kay County, Oklahoma; and Southern Cowley County, Kansas

Earl W. Smith

The Subsurface Geology of Grant County, Oklahoma

George F. Dana

Subsurface Geology of Northeastern Logan County, Oklahoma

Jere Wesley McKenny

Subsurface Geology of Northeast Lincoln and Southeast Payne Counties, Oklahoma

M. Gawid Akmal

The Subsurface Geology of Southern Noble County, Oklahoma

Kenneth G. Page

The Subsurface Geology of Southwest Logan County, Oklahoma

William Jack Ford

Subsurface Geology of the Bayou Field, Carter County, Oklahoma

Vernon L. Williams

Subsurface Geology of the Chitwood Area Grady County, Oklahoma

Don Lee Wallace

The Subsurface Geology of the Garber Area, Garfield County, Oklahoma

L. W. Cary

The Subsurface Geology of Woods and Alfalfa Counties, Northwestern Oklahoma

Albert E. Allen, JR.

The Subsurface Geology of Woodward County, Okla.

Boyd Dewitt Hartley Powell, Jr.

A Subsurface Study of the Lower Pennsylvanian Rocks of East Central Oklahoma

Neil A. Jackson

A Subsurface Study of the Post-Morrowan Series of the Pennsylvanian System of Township 2 South, Range 3 West, Carter County, Oklahoma

Richard F. Shaw, JR.

A Subsurface Study of the Pre-Pennsylvanian Rocks of Cleveland and McClain Counties, Oklahoma

Ralph W. Disney

A Subsurface Study of the South Palacine Oil Field Stephens County, Oklahoma

Walter E. Atkinson

Surface and Shallow Subsurface Investigation of the Senora Formation of Northeastern Oklahoma

Herbert E. Ware, Jr.

Theses: 1904 - 1955

Underground Storage Geology

Harold S. Thomas

Wave-Cut Erosion Surface in the Wichita Mountains

William F. Tanner

West Duncan Pool

D. M. Putman