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Oklahoma City Geological Society

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The Anadarko Basin--A Regional Petroleum Accumulation--A Model for Future Exploration and Development

Gerhard W. Hill Jr., Robey H. Clark

The Depositional and Diagenetic History of the Oswego Limestone in Portions of Alfalfa and Grant Counties, Oklahoma

Tim Drexler

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Upper Pennsylvanian Marchand Sandstones on South, East and Northeast Flanks of the Anadarko Basin

John D. Seale

Deposition of the Bromide Formation, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma: Ontogeny of an Ancient Carbonate Shelf

Mark W. Longman

Description, Interpretation, and Geologic History of the Peru Sand Outcrop in Catoosa, Oklahoma

Lawrence H. Tanner

Epigenetic Zoning in Surface and Near-Surface Rocks Resulting from Seepage-Induced Redox Gradients, Velma Oil Field, Oklahoma: A Synopsis

Terrence J. Donovan, Alan A. Roberts, Mary C. Dalziel

Genetic Study of the Northwest Butterly Field Garvin County Oklahoma

Jaime Buitrago Borras

Geology of the Lower Ordovician Rocks of the Choctaw Anticlinorium, Southeastern Oklahoma

Joseph F. Dunagan Jr.

Migration of Hydrocarbons and Secondary Porosity in Sandstones

Zuhair Al-Shaieb, John W. Shelton

The Misener Sandstone in Portions of Lincoln and Creek Counties, Oklahoma

Paul Edward Bauernfeind

Oil in the Fascinating Ouachitas

Lawrence S. Morrison

Permian Uranium-Bearing Sandstones on the Muenster-Waurika Arch and in the Red River Area

Charles Michael Morrison

Petrographic and Mapping Study of the Subsurface "Oswego" Limestone in Part of the Putnam Trend, T 15-16 N, R 15-17 W, Dewey and Custer Counties, Oklahoma

David Michael Michlik

Physical Stratigraphy of the Avant Limestone Member of the Iola Formation (Missourian), Southern Osage County and Adjoining Counties, Oklahoma

Joe D. Davidson

Preliminary Coal Resources and Geologic Report on Properties Owned by Great National Corp. (Nevada) Located in Leflore Co., Oklahoma and Sebastian Co. Arkansas: September, 1979

Dale V. Dalton, Bryan L. Watts

Significance of Silicified Carbonate Rocks Near the Devonian-Mississippian Boundary Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma

Carolyn Murgatroyd

Simpson (Ordovician) Sandstone and Hunton (Late Ordovician to Early Devonian) Carbonate Textures from Deep Parts of the Anadarko Basin

Barry Borak, Gerald M. Friedman

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Uranium Potential of Virgilian Through Leonardian Strata in Western Marietta Basin and Central Muenster-Waurika Arch, Oklahoma and Texas

Kent A. Bowker

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Uranium Potential of Virgilian-Leonardian Strata of the Hollis-Hardeman Basin, Oklahoma and Texas

Bryan Edward Lee

Structural Analysis of a Portion of the Reagan Fault Zone Murray County, Oklahoma

Eugene Anthony Haas

Structural Analysis of Portions of the Washita Valley Fault Zone, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

Sherry Linette Booth

A Study of Strike-Slip Movement Along the Washita Valley Fault Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

Darryl Wayne Carter

Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Morrow Formation in Southeastern Texas County, Oklahoma

Bruce F. Curtis, Deborah Ostergard

Theses: 1979-1982

Uranium Potential in the Antlers Formation South of the Belton -- Tishomingo Uplift, Southern Oklahoma

Stephen Joseph White