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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Disposal of Cogeneration Wastewaters from Enhanced Recovery Operations

Dane S. Johnson

Environmental Concerns in Oil-Field Areas During Property Transfers

Jon R. Lovegreen

Environmental Considerations for Real Estate Development of Oil Well Drilling Properties in California

Dawn H. Garcia, Evan C. Henry

The Fate and Persistence of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Dissolved in Groundwater: Results from Controlled Field Experiments

J. F. Barker, E. A. Sudicky, C. I. Mayfield, R. W. Gillham, G. C. Patrick, K. L. Berry-Spark

Field Studies on Occurrence, Recoverability and Mitigation Strategy for Free Phase Liquid Hydrocarbon

Stephen M. Testa, Dan M. Baker, Patrick L. Avery

Forensic Geochemistry in Characterization of Petroleum Contaminants in Soil and Water

I.R. Kaplan

Increasing Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas Operations

Stephen C. Jones, Patricia O’Toole

Laboratory Investigation of the Relationship Between Actual and Apparent Product Thickness in Sands

Duane R. Hampton

New Directions in Environmental Protection in Oil And Gas Operations

R. L. Arscott

Observing the Transport and Fate of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soils and in Groundwater Using Flow Visualization Techniques

Stephen H. Conrad, John L. Wilson, William Mason, William Peplinski

An Overview of the Underground Injection Control Regulations for Class II (Oil and Gas Associated) Injection Wells – Past, Present and Future

T. Syed

Prevention: Ground Water Contamination at the Martha Oil Field, Lawrence and Johnson Counties, Kentucky

Charles K. Eger, John S. Vargo

Subsidence Hazards – A History

Richard W. Strehle