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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Air Tour of Southern California Geology (Field Trip A)

John S. Shelton

Alamitos Oil Field

J. O. Richardson, D. N. Klemme

Bandini Oil Field

H. C. Jamison, R. J. Malloy

Boyle Heights Oil Field

H. C. Jamison, R. J. Malloy

Brea Canyon Area

M. K. Scribner

Bridge Area, South Mountain Oil Field

G. C. Ware Jr., R. D. Stewart

Cascade Oil Field

George H. Roth, Harold H. Sullwold Jr.

The Castaic Junction Oil Field

P. H. Dudley Jr.

City of Redondo Beach Tidelands Development Signal Oil and Gas Company—Reserve Oil and Gas Company

Correlation Chart of Producing Zones of Los Angeles Basin Oil Fields

Stanley G. Wissler

Correlation of Producing Zones of Ventura Basin Oil Fields

William H. Holman

Depositional and Sedimentary Patterns of Lower Pliocene—Repetto Rocks in the Los Angeles Basin

B. L. Conrey

Fillmore Oil Field

Donald A. Henriksen

The Geologic Framework of Southern California

Richard H. Jahns

Geology and Related Problems in a Portion of the Los Angeles Basin

Peter H. Gardett

Geology of a Portion of the Eastern Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County

Olaf Jenkins, Cordell Durrell

Long Beach Airport Pool

Paul B. Harris

The Los Angeles Basin Area, California

William F. Barbat

Mahala Oil Field

James Michelin

Miocene Volcanic Activity in the Los Angeles Basin

Gordon P. Eaton

Northern Los Angeles Basin (Field Trip C)

Paul D. See

Oakridge Oil Field

Edward a. Hall, Gerald H. Rickels, William O. Plant

Olive Oil Field

Norris E. Saunders

The San Andreas Fault in Southern California

John C. Crowell

San Clemente Oil Field

F. R. Goodban

Sansinena Oil Field

A. F. Woodward

Santa Fe Springs Oil Field

W. Z. Elmore

Saticoy Oil Field

S. R. Jeffreys

Southeastern Los Angeles Basin (Field Trip D)

J. E. Schoellhamer, J. G. Vedder

Sunset Beach Oil Field

Robin Willis

Turbidity Currents in the Modelo Formation of the Santa Monica Mountains

Harold H. Sullwold Jr.

Ventura Basin (Field Trip E)

R. M. Grivetti

Western Los Angeles Basin and Harbor Area (Field Trip B)

W. T. Rothwell Jr.

West Newport Oil Field

D. R. Allen, J. E. Joujon-Roche, Adapted from a report by A. L. Hunter, D. R. Allen (1956)

Yorba Linda Oil Field

E. G. Heath