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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Pacific Section of AAPG

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Background and Objectives of the Seminar

Kenneth H. Crandall

Biostratigraphy and Dolomite Porosity Trends of The Lisburne Group

Augustus K. Armstrong, Bernard L. Mamet

Depositional History of Northern Alaska

W. P. Brosge, I. L. Tailleur


John C. Reed


Arthur A. Curtice


James K. Trigger


William W. Patton Jr.


Philip B. King


S. W. Muller


Richard J. Wold


Robert Stoneley


Sankey L. Blanton


Herbert Mann


Irvin L. Tailleur

Fold Belts of Alaska and Siberia and Drift Between North America and Asia

Michael Churkin Jr.

Geologic Names in Use North of The Brooks Range, Alaska

Rudolph W. Kopf

Gravity and Other Regional Geophysical Data From Northern Alaska

David F. Barnes

History of Petroleum Exploration in Northern Alaska

George Gryc

Northeastern Brooks Range‚ÄďA Surface Expression of the Prudhoe Bay Section

Hillard N. Reiser

North Slope Geographic Name Sources for Geologic Nomenclature

Donald J. Orth

Pre-Carboniferous Carbonate Rocks, Northeastern Alaska

J. Thomas Dutro Jr.

The Prudhoe Bay Field

F. K. Rickwood

Reconnaissance Geology of the Chukchi Sea as Determined by Acoustic and Magnetic Profiling

Arthur Grantz, S. C. Wolf, Lloyd Breslau, T. C. Johnson, W. F. Hanna

The Role of Survey Research

Richard P. Sheldon

The Sag River Sandstone and Kuparuk River Sands, Two Important Subsurface Units in the Prudhoe Bay Field

William C. Fackler, Ronald G. Brockway, Ronald C. Crane, Charles R. Harrison, Robert M. Hiles Jr., Marvin D. Mangus, Charles G. Mull, Forrest E. Nelson, William C. Penttila, Garnett H. Pessel, Robert Stoneley, Dwight L. Streeton, Irvin L. Tailleur

Sedimentary History of the Sadlerochit and Shublik Formations in Northeastern Alaska

Robert L. Detterman

Stratigraphic Nomenclature - Principles and Procedures

George V. Cohee

Tectonic History of Northern Alaska

I. L. Tailleur, W. P. Brosge

Thermal Considerations in Permafrost

Arthur H. Lachenbruch

Welcome to the North Slope Seminar

J. Douglas Traxler