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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Pacific Section of AAPG

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Cycle Landsliding at Wrightwood, Southern California - Excerpts from a Preliminary Report

D.M. Morton, R.H. Campbell

The Effects of the 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake on Trees Near Wrightwood, California

Kristian E. Meisling, Kerry E. Sieh

Forecasting Southern California Earthquakes

C. B. Raleigh, K. Sieh, L. R. Sykes, D. L. Anderson

Geology and Man — San Bernardino-Cajon Pass Region

James E. Slosson, Cliffton H. Gray Jr.

The Great California Earthquake of 1857

Kerry E. Sieh

Holocene Rate of Slip and Tentative Recurrence Interval for Large Earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault in Cajon Pass, Southern California

Ray J. Weldon II, Kerry E. Sieh

Homesteading in the Cajon Valley—1914-1917

Harry G. Stuveling Jr.

Implications of the Age and Distribution of the Late Cenozoic Stratigraphy in Cajon Pass, Southern California

Ray Weldon

Is California “Overdue” for a Great Earthquake?

Kerry E. Sieh

Landsliding and Mudflows at Wrightwood, San Bernardino County, California

D.M. Morton, M.P. Kennedy

Lateral Offsets and Revised Dates of Large Prehistoric Earthquakes at Pallett Creek, Southern California

Kerry E. Sieh

Miocene Faunas in the Lower Crowder Formation, Cajon Pass, California: A Preliminary Discussion

Robert E. Reynolds

Palmdale Bulge

Art Sylvester

Possible Emplacement History of a Sandblow Structure at Pallett Creek, California

Kristian E. Meisling

Prehistoric Large Earthquakes Produced by Slip on the San Andreas Fault at Pallett Creek, California

Kerry E. Sieh

Selected Papers of the Pacific Section AAPG 1983 Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California

Richard L. Hester, Donald E. Hallinger

Slip Along the San Andreas Fault Associated with the Great 1857 Earthquake

Kerry E. Sieh