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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Pacific Section SEPM

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Age and Correlation of the Alcalde Shale Formation - an Alternate Interpretation

Alvin A. Almgren

The Anita Formation and “Sierra Blanca Limestone” (Paleocene - Early Eocene), Western Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California

James M. Gibson

Biostratigraphy of the Oil City Field, Coalinga

Keith D. Berry

Central Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California; Spring Field Trip Guidebook: Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Donald W. Weaver

Cretaceous Megafossil Faunas of the Coalinga Region

W. P. Popenoe, L. R. Saul

Cretaceous Stratigraphic Correlations Vicinity of Oil City Field Fresno County, California

E. H. Stinemeyer, A. R. Hershey

Cretaceous Stratigraphy Shell Coast Range 21 Fresno County, California

E. H. Stinemeyer, A. R. Hershey

Cretaceous Subdivisions of the Coalinga District

J. Q. Anderson

Geologic Structure of the Santa Ynez Mountains from Point Conception to San Marcos Pass

T. W. Dibblee Jr.

Local Paleogeography of the Sierra Blanca Limestone (Eocene): A Preliminary Report

Charles Elling Schroeter

Matilija Sandstone: A Transition from Deep-Water Flysch to Shallow-Marine Deposition

Martin H. Link

Narizian-Refugian (Eocene-Oligocene) Marine and Marginal Marine Sedimentation, Western Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California: A Progress Report

John M. O’Brien

Notes on the Vaqueros and Rincon Formations, West-Central Santa Ynez Mountains

Lloyd N. Edwards

Pacific Section S.E.P.M., Guidebook Fall Field Trip, October 21, 1972, Cretaceous of the Coalinga Area, Frontmatter and Roadlogs

R. E. Steinert

Paleogene Correlations, Santa Barbara Area, California: An Alternative View

Gordon R. Hornaday, F. Jay Phillips

Petrofacies Units and Sedimentary Facies of the Late Mesozoic Strata West of Coalinga, California

Charles F. Mansfield

Santa Barbara Channel: History of Offshore Petroleum Development

John F. Curran

Sedimentary Structures and Paleocurrent Analysis of Sespe Formation, Ventura Basin, California

Willard A. McCracken

The Stratigraphy of the Shell Oil Company Joaquin Rocks Diamond CH 1

E. H. Stinemeyer, A. R. Hershey

Upper Cretaceous Foram Faunas Collected for SEPM. Fall Field Trip, Oct. 20-21, 1972, Coalinga Area

C. C. Church

Upper Paleogene Planktonic Correlations, Santa Barbara Area, California

Orville L. Bandy