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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Pacific Section SEPM

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Archaeocyatha of Eastern California and Western Nevada

Roland A. Gangloff

Coccolithus Pelagicus: A Clarification

David K. Totten Jr.

Depositional Environments of Lower Paleozoic Rocks in the White-Inyo Range, Inyo County, California: A Field Trip Road Log

Johnnie N. Moore

Depositional Environments of Lower Paleozoic Rocks in the White Inyo Mountains, Inyo County, California: Pacific Coast Paleogeography Field Guide 1; Frontmatter

Johnnie N. Moore, A. Eugene Fritsche

Dispersal, Distribution and Thickness of Holocene Sediments on the Continental Shelf, Northern Gulf of Alaska

Paul R. Carlson, Bruce F. Molnia, Erk Reimnitz

Elements of Tectonism Deduced from Miocene Strata, Northern Channel Islands, California

Hugh McLean, David G. Howell

Holocene Sedimentation Patterns on the Continental Shelf Near Monterey Bay, California, As Determined by Multivariate Analysis of Heavy Mineral Point Count Data

Melvyn L. Rappeport

Late Miocene Paleobathymetry of the California Continental Borderland North of 32°

Robert E. Arnal, John G. Vedder

Late Neogene-Quaternary Tectonics and Depositional Environments of the Santa Barbara Basin, California

Peter J. Fischer

Late Neogene Paleobathymetry and Paleoenvironments of the Humboldt Basin, Northern California

James C. Ingle Jr.

Late Precambrian-Early Cambrian Stratigraphic and Faunal Succession of Eastern California and the Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary

Clemens A. Nelson

Middle Miocene-Lower Pliocene Marine Diatom and Silicoflagellate Correlations in the California Area

John A. Barron

Middle Ordovician Environments of Deposition, Mazourka Canyon, Inyo County, California

Doris Sloan

Miocene Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Rocks of Santa Cruz Island: Evidence for Offset Along the Santa Cruz Island Fault

Bruce M. Crowe, David G. Howell, Hugh McLean

The Montenegro Bioherms: Their Paleoecology, Relation to Other Archeocyathid Bioherms and to Early Cambrian Sedimentation in the White and Inyo Mountains, California

Nina Morgan

Neogene Molluscan Stages of Oregon and Washington

Warren O. Addicott

The Neogene Symposium: Frontmatter

A. Eugene Fritsch, Harry Ter Best, Jr., Walter W. Wornardt

Neogene Tectonics of the Central Ventura Basin, California

Robert S. Yeats

Paleontologic Studies of the Middle Tertiary Skooner Gulch and Gallaway Formations at Point Arena, California

F. Jay Phillips, Bruce Welton, Joann Welton

Pliocene Biostratigraphy and Depositional Environment of the Jacalitos Canyon Area, California

Robert J. Stanton Jr., J. Robert Dodd

A Review of the Estimates for the Radiometric Ages for the Relizian Stage of the Pacific Coast

David G. Howell

Sedimentary Serpentinite of the Miocene Big Blue Formation Near Cantua Creek, California

Tom Ann L. Casey, William R. Dickinson

Tertiary Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments Near Indians Ranch, Monterey County, California

Stephan Alan Graham

Trace Fossils of the White-Inyo Mountains

Stephen P. Alpert

Upper Ordovician Through Middle Devonian Rocks in the Inyo Mountains: Age and Depositional Environments

Richard H. Miller

Volcanic Ash Partings in Coals: Characteristics and Stratigraphic Significance

Don M. Triplehorn