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An Appraisal of the Pablo Formation of Presumed Late Paleozoic Age, Central Nevada

Robert C. Speed

Cambrian and Latest Precambrian Paleogeography and Tectonics in the Western United States

John H. Stewart, Christopher A. Suczek

Coarse Silurian(?) and Devonian Detrital Rocks in Northeastern Washington: Evidence of Silurian(?) and Devonian Tectonic Activity

Celia Greenman, Dr. Brian D. E. Chatterton, Dr. A. J. Boucot, Dr. William B. N. Berry

Deep-Water Upper Paleozoic Rocks in North-Central Nevada—A Study of the Type Area of the Havallah Formation

John H. Stewart, John R. MacMillan, K. M. Nichols, Calvin H. Stevens

Depositional and Tectonic Significance of Silurian and Lower Devonian Dolomites, Roberts Mountains and Vicinity, East-Central Nevada

K. M. Nichols, N. J. Silberling

Depositional Environments and Paleogeography of the Upper Ordovician, Lower Silurian Carbonate Platform of Central Nevada

John B. Dunham

Depositional Environments of Upper Ordovician Through Lower Devonian Rocks in the Southern Great Basin

Richard H. Miller, Carolyn A. Walch

Depositional Setting of Some Eugeosynclinal Ordovician Rocks and Structurally Interleaved Devonian Rocks in the Cordilleran Mobile Belt, Nevada

K. O. Stanley, C. Kent Chamberlain, John H. Stewart

Deposition and Deformation of Lower Paleozoic Western Facies Rocks, Northern Nevada

Keith B. Ketner

Diablo Formation, Central Western Nevada: Composite of Deep and Shallow Water Upper Paleozoic Rocks

R. C. Speed, J. R. MacMillan, F. G. Poole, F. J. Kleinhampl

Dinoflagellates for Dating Franciscan and Related Sediments in California

William R. Evitt

Excelsior Formation, West Central Nevada: Stratigraphic Appraisal New Divisions, and Paleogeographic Interpretations

Robert C. Speed

Frontmatter: Cretaceous Geology of the California Coast Ranges, West of the San Andreas Fault

D. G. Howell, J. G. Vedder, K. McDougall

Island-Arc and Other Paleogeographic Terranes of Late Paleozoic Age in the Western Great Basin

Robert C. Speed

Late Cretaceous and Paleocene(?) Foraminifera from the Coast Ranges of Central California

A. A. Almgren, W. G. Reay

Late Paleozoic Orogeny and Sedimentation, Southern California, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana

Keith B. Ketner

Mississippian Paleogeography and Tectonics of the Western United States

Forrest G. Poole, Charles A. Sandberg

Ordovician Paleogeography of the Western United States

Reuben James Ross Jr.

Pacific Coast Paleogeography Symposium 1: Paleozoic Paleogeography of the Western United States; Frontmatter

John H. Stewart, Calvin H. Stevens, A. Eugene Fritsche

Paleogeographic Implications of Ophiolites: The Ordovician Trinity Complex, Klamath Mountains, California

Nancy Lindsley-Griffin

Paleogeography of Mississippian Turbidites in South-Central Idaho

Tor H. Nilsen

Paleotectonic and Paleogeographic Significance of the Calaveras Complex, Western Sierra Nevada, California

Richard A. Schweickert, Jason B. Saleeby, Othmar T. Tobisch, William H. Wright III

Paleozoic Plate Tectonics and the Evolution of the Cordilleran Continental Margin

William R. Dickinson

Paleozoic Rocks of Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho

T. L. Vallier, H. C. Brooks, T. P. Thayer

Paleozoic Rocks of Northwest Washington and Adjacent Parts of British Columbia

Wilbert R. Danner

Paleozoic Rocks of the Northern Sierra Nevada: Their Structural and Paleogeographic Implications

J. A. D’Allura, E. M. Moores, L. Robinson

Pennsylvanian Paleogeographic Patterns in the Western United States

Mark Rich

Permian Depositional Provinces and Tectonics, Western United States

Calvin H. Stevens

Petrography of Upper Cretaceous Sandstone in the Coast Ranges of Central California

Florence Lee-Wong, David G. Howell

The Pfeiffer Beach Slab Deposits, Monterey County, California: Possible Trench-Slope Basin

Michael B. Underwood

Polka Dot Granite and Correlation of La Panza Quartz Monzonitel with Cretaceous Batholithic Rocks North of Salton Trough

Perry L. Ehlig, Stephen E. Joseph

Pre-Intrusive Metasedimentary Rocks of the Salinian Block, California—A Paleotectonic Dilemma

Donald C. Ross

Preliminary List of Late Cretaceous Mollusks from the Pozo District, San Luis Obispo County, California

J. G. Vedder

Reconnaissance Petroleum Potential of Mesozoic Rocks, Coast Ranges, Central California

D. G. Howell, G. E. Claypool

Review of Cretaceous Geology, Salinian and Nacimiento Blocks, Coast Ranges of Central California

D. G. Howell, J. G. Vedder, Hugh McLean, J. M. Joyce, S. H. Clarke, Jr., Greg Smith

Review of Paleozoic Rocks of the Klamath Mountains

William P. Irwin

Silurian and Devonian Paleogeography of the Western United States

Forrest G. Poole, Charles A. Sandberg, Arthur J. Boucot

Silurian and Lower Devonian Paleogeography of the Outer Continental Shelf of the Cordilleran Miogeocline, Central Nevada

Jonathan C. Matti, Edwin H. McKee

Some Siluro-Devonian Biofacies Patterns in the Western United States

William B. N. Berry

Stratigraphy and Inferred Tectonic Framework of Lower Paleozoic Rocks in the Eastern Klamath Mountains, Northern California

A. W. Potter, P. E. Hotz, D. M. Rohr

An Unusual Upper Cretaceous Conglomerate in the Central San Rafael Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California

H. McLean, D. G. Howell, J. G. Vedder

Upper Cretaceous Redbeds in the Sierra Madre-San Rafael Mountains, California

J. G. Vedder, D. G. Howell, Hugh McLean