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Pacific Section SEPM

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Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies of the Eastern Pacific Margin Between 40° S and 32° N

James C. Ingle Jr., Gerta Keller

Benthic Foraminifers from the Eastern Gulf of Alaska

Paula Quinterno, Paul R. Carlson, Bruce F. Molnia

Depositional Environments and Quaternary Sedimentary Units Within Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska – A High-Energy Tidally Dominated Embayment along the Pacific Margin of the United States

M. L. Rappeport

Depositional Patterns of Hemipelagic Holocene Sediments in Borderland Basins on an Active Margin

D. S. Gorsline

Diatoms, Silicoflagellates and Palynomorphs from Holocene Sediments of Basins in the Southern California Continental Borderland

Robert G. Arends, Sarah Pierce Damassa

Foraminifera of Sangamon (?) Estuarine Deposits Beneath Central San Francisco Bay, California

Doris Sloan

Holocene Foraminiferal Distribution Patterns on the Shelf and Slope, Yakataga - Yakutat Area Northern Gulf of Alaska

Ronald J. Echols, John M. Armentrout

Holocene Mollusk Distribution Patterns in the Northern Gulf of Alaska

Carole S. Hickman, Elizabeth A. Nesbitt

Lacustrine, Fluvial and Fan Sedimentation: A Record of Quaternary Climate Change and Tectonism, Pine Valley, Nevada

Michael E. Mulhern

Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sedimentary Infilling and Faunal Change in a Southern California Coastal Lagoon

John M. Lohmar, Keith B. Macdonald, Stephen A. Janes

Lateral Trends and Vertical Sequences in Estuarine Sediments, Willapa Bay, Washington

H. Edward Clifton, R. Lawrence Phillips

Miocene Biostratigraphy of the Indian Creek-Shell Creek Area, Northern La Panza Range, San Luis Obispo County, California

W. O. Addicott, R. Z. Poore, J. A. Barron, Kristin McDougall, H. D. Gower

Modern Sedimentary Facies of the Open Pacific Coast and Pleistocene Analogs from Monterey Bay, California

W. R. Dupre, H. E. Clifton, R. E. Hunter

Neogene Biostratigraphy of the Northern La Panza Range, San Luis Obispo County, California, Frontmatter

G. H. Blake

Notes on the Miocene Section at Atascadero, California

S. A. Graham

Pacific Coast Paleogeography Symposium 4: Quaternary Depositional Environments of the Pacific Coast; Frontmatter

Michael E. Field, Arnold H. Bouma, Ivan P. Colburn, Robert G. Douglas, James C. Ingle

Plate Tectonics, Physiography, and Sedimentation of the Northeast Pacific Region

D. G. Howell, T. R. Alpha, J. M. Joyce

Quaternary Growth Patterns of California Submarine Fans

William R. Normark, Gordon R. Hess

Quaternary Sedimentary Facies on the Continental Shelf of the Northeast Gulf of Alaska

Bruce F. Molnia, Paul R. Carlson

Quaternary Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments, Santa Monica Bay, Southern California

Robert H. Osborne, Robert C. Scheidemann Jr., Thomas R. Nardin, Andrew S. Harper

Recent Arctic Foraminifera: An Overview

Martin B. Lagoe

Sedimentary Processes and Facies Associations within Trench and Trench-Slope Settings

Michael B. Underwood, Steven B. Bachman, William J. Schweller

Shallow-Water Foraminiferal Ecology, Pacific Ocean

Jere H. Lipps, Ted E. Delaca

Slopes of the Southern California Continental Borderland: A Regime of Mass Transport

Michael E. Field, Brian D. Edwards

The Stratigraphic Distribution of the Foraminifera at the Type Locality of the Luisian Stage

Howard G. Billman, Alfred A. Hopkins Jr.

Surface Sediments and Associated Faunas of Upper Slope, Shelf and Bay Environments Yakataga-Yakutat Area, Northern Gulf of Alaska

John M. Armentrout

Tidal-Wetland Deposits of the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta, California

Brian F. Atwater, Daniel F. Belknap

The Transition from Live to Sediment Assemblage in Benthic Foraminifera from the Southern California Borderland

Robert G. Douglas, John Liestman, Carolyn Walch, Gregg Blake, Mary Lou Cotton

Twentieth-Century History of the Gulf of Alaska Coastline Cape Suckling to Cape Spencer

Bruce F. Molnia