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Pacific Section SEPM

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Introduction to Paleontology of the Chatsworth Formation

Richard L. Squires

Basin Filling Sequences in Active Margin Basins Determined by Seismic Stratigraphic Methods

T. R. Nardin, D. S. Gorsline

Biostratigraphic Relationship of Neogene Benthic Foraminifera from the Southern California Outer Continental Borderland to the Monterey Formation

Gregg H. Blake

Biostratigraphy and Correlation: Problems in Marginal Basins

Gregg H. Blake

The Chatsworth Formation: A New Formation Name for the Upper Cretaceous Strata of the Simi Hills, California

Ivan P. Colburn, Lou Ella R. Saul, A. A. Almgren

Conglomerates of the Chatsworth Formation: A Discussion of Petrology and Provenance

Ivan P. Colburn, Eric R. West, Sean Mc.D. Carey

A Deep Water Trace Fossil Assemblage from the German Rancho Formation, Stump Beach, Salt Point State Park

Jack D. Farmer, Molly Fritz Miller

A Deformational History of the Pigeon Point Formation

James M. Joyce

Depositional Systems of Active Continental Margin Basins: Short Course Notes; Frontmatter

Robert G. Douglas, Ivan P. Colburn, Donn S. Gorsline

Diagenesis and Migration of Hydrocarbons in the Monterey Formation, Pismo Syncline, California

Ronald C. Surdam, K. O. Stanley

Diatom Biostratigraphy of the Monterey Formation, Palos Verdes Hills, California

H. Chandler Rowell

Dilation Brecciation–A Proposed Mechanism of Fracturing, Petroleum Expulsion and Dolomitization in the Monterey Formation, California

P. O. Roehl

Early Cenozoic Stratigraphy, Tectonics and Sedimentation of the Central Diablo Range between Hollister and New Idria

Tor H. Nilsen

Field Guide to the Upper Cretaceous Pigeon Point Formation

D. G. Howell, J. M. Joyce

Fine Sediment Transport and Deposition in Active Margin Basins

D. S. Gorsline

Foraminifera of the Chatsworth Formation

A. A. Almgren

General Geology of the Northern Santa Lucia Range, California

Tor H. Nilsen

General Geology of the Strata at Point San Pedro, San Mateo County, California

Scott R. Morgan

Geochronology Bearing on the Age of the Monterey Formation and Siliceous Rocks in California

J. D. Obradovich, C. W. Naeser

Geologic Transect of the Northern Diablo Range, California

M. C. Blake Jr.

Geology of the Central and Northern Diablo Range, California, Frontmatter and Roadlog 1

Virgil Frizzell

Geology of the Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Tor H. Nilsen

Great Valley Group (Sequence), Sacramento Valley, California

Raymond V. Ingersoll, William R. Dickinson

Guidebook to the Regional Geology of the East Bay Hills and the Northern Diablo Range-Livermore Valley Area

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr., Richard L. Darrow

Heavy Minerals of the Chatsworth Formation, Simi Hills, California

Claus M. Jakobsen

The Horse Meadows Oil Field

Edward A. Hall

Hypothesis Combining Dilation, Natural Hydraulic Fracturing, and Dolomitization to Explain Petroleum Reservoirs in Monterey Shale, Santa Maria Area, California

Lowell Redwine

Ichnocoenoses of a Paleocene Submarine-Canyon Floor, Point Lobos, California

Gary W. Hill

In Search of Modern Depositional Analogs to the Monterey Formation

A. Soutar, S. R. Johnson, T. R. Baumgartner

Integrated Planktic Foraminiferal and Diatom Biochronology for the Northeast Pacific and the Monterey Formation

Gerta Keller, John A. Barron

Late Cretaceous Mollusca of the Simi Hills: An Introduction

Lou Ella R. Saul, John M. Alderson

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of the Monterey Formation, California

Kenneth A. Pisciotto, Robert E. Garrison

Log Evaluation of a Fractured Reservoir Monterey Shale

D. E. Cannon

Measured Sections

David M. Advocate, Martin H. Link, Herman B. Schymiczek, John G. Yaldezian, Randy T. Metz, Elizabeth A. Johnson, Craig K. Ogawa

Microfossil Biostratigraphy and Biochronology of the Type Relizian and Luisian Stages of California

R. Z. Poore, Kristin McDougall, J. A. Barron, E. E. Brabb, S. A. Kling

Middle and Late Cenozoic Deposition and Tectonics of the Central Diablo Range between Hollister and New Idria

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.

Modern Analogues of the Miocene Diatomaceous Monterey Shale of California: Evidence from Sedimentologic and Micropaleontologic Study

Dave Donegan, Hans Schrader

Modern and Ancient Biogenic Structures, Bodega Bay, California, Frontmatter

Virgil Frizzell

Monterey Symposium: Monterey Formation and Related Siliceous Rocks of California, Frontmatter

Robert E. Garrison, Robert G. Douglas, K. E. Pisciotto, Caroline M. Isaacs, James C. Ingle

Oceanographic Controls on Organic Matter in the Miocene Monterey Formation, Offshore California

Colin P. Summerhayes

Oil Source Bed Deposition and Occurrence on Active Continental Margins

Gerard Demaison

Organism-Sediment Relationships on a Modern Tidal Flat, Bodega Harbor, California

Thomas E. Ronan Jr., Molly Fritz Miller, Jack D. Farmer

Origin of Neogene Diatomites Around the North Pacific Rim

James C. Ingle Jr.

Paleocurrents in Channel and Interchannel Deposits of the Upper Cretaceous Chatsworth Formation, Simi Hills, California

W. A. Trembly, S. M. C. Kraemer

Paleoecology of Continental Margin Basins: A Modern Case History from the Borderland of Southern California

Robert G. Douglas

Paleographic Interpretation of the Chatsworth Formation

Ivan P. Colburn

Paleomagnetic Study of the Upper Cretaceous Pigeon Point Formation

Duane E. Champion, C. Sherman Gromme, David G. Howell

Pelagic and Hemipelagic Sedimentation in Active Margin Basins

Robert E. Garrison

Porosity Reduction During Diagenesis of the Monterey Formation, Santa Barbara Coastal Area, California

Caroline M. Isaacs

A Preliminary Note on the Late Cretaceous Sharks of the Chatsworth Formation at Dayton Canyon, Simi Hills, Los Angeles County, California

Bruce J. Welton, John M. Alderson

A Preliminary Study of the Calcareous Nannofossils of the Chatsworth Formation

Mark V. Filewicz

Regional Geology of the Central Diablo Range between Hollister and New Idria

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.

Review of Secondary Carbonates in the Monterey Formation, California

Kenneth A. Pisciotto

Sand-Rich Turbidite Facies of the Upper Cretaceous Chatsworth Formation, Simi Hills, California

Martin H. Link

Sandstone Petrography of the Upper Cretaceous Chatsworth Formation, Simi Hills, California

Sean Mc.D. Carey

Sediment Mass-Transport in Basins: Controls and Patterns

Michael E. Field

Sedimentology of the Paleocene Strata of Point San Pedro, California

Tor H. Nilsen, James C. Yount

Significance of Laminated and Massive Diatomites in the Upper Part of the Monterey Formation, California

Frances M. Govean, Robert E. Garrison

Simi Hills Cretaceous Turbidites, Southern California; Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Martin H. Link, Richard L. Squires, Ivan P. Colburn

Stratigraphic and Paleoceanographic Significance of Early Pliocene to Middle Miocene Radiolarian Assemblages from Northern to Baja California

Fred M. Weaver, Richard E. Casey, Ana M. Perez

Submarine Canyon Deposits, Point Lobos, California

H. Edward Clifton

Subsurface Facies Analysis of the Saltos Shale Member, Monterey Formation (Miocene) and Associated Rocks, Cuyama Valley, California

Martin B. Lagoe

Tectonics and Sediment, Along Active Continental Margins

D. G. Howell, R. von Huene

Trace Fossils from an Upper Cretaceous Deep-Sea Fan, Simi Hills, California

David J. Bottjer

Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene Turbidites, Central California Coast; Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Virgil Frizzell

Upper Mesozoic Franciscan Rocks and Great Valley Sequence, Central Coast Ranges, California: (Annual Meeting Pacific Section SEPM Field Trips 1 and 4); Frontmatter

Virgil Frizzell

Upper Mesozoic Rock Units in the Central Diablo Range between Hollister and New Idria and Their Depositional Environments

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.