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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Pacific Section SEPM

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Abstracts: Presented in April 1984 at the joint AAPG-SEPM Pacific Section meeting in San Diego

J. S. Compton, R. Siever, R. S. Coe, R. L. Pettit, K. A. Mertz Jr., D. J. Hollander, J. Scott Hornafius, Charles W. Lagle

Age and Correlation of the Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, California and Oregon

W. V. Sliter, D. L. Jones, C. K. Throckmorton

Age and Significance of Chert in the Franciscan Complex in the San Francisco Bay Region

Benita L. Murchey, David L. Jones

The Association of Dolomitite-Phosphorite-Chert: Causes and Possible Diagenetic Sequences

M. Kastner, K. Mertz, D. Hollander, R. Garrison

Benthic Foraminifers from the Siliceous Sidney Flat Shale and the Kellogg Shale—An Eocene Oxygen-Deficient Environment

Paula T. Jefferis

Bibliography for Cretaceous Geology, San Diego Area, California

William A. Bartling, Tor H. Nilsen, Patrick L. Abbott

Biostratigraphy and Lithostratigraphy of Chert in the Franciscan Complex, Marin Headlands, California

Benita Murchey

Catastrophic Debris Avalanche from Ancestral Mount Shasta Volcano, California

D. R. Crandell, C. D. Miller, R. L. Christiansen, H. X. Glicken, C. G. Newhall

Cenozoic Evolution of Coastal Northern California

Steven B. Bachman, Michael B. Underwood, Julie S. Menack

Cenozoic Volcanic and Tectonic Evolution of Baja California Sur, Mexico

Brian P. Hausback

Clast Compositions of Upper Mesozoic Conglomerates of the California Coast Ranges and Their Tectonic Significance

Victor M. Seiders, Charles D. Blome

Clay Mineralogy of the Point Loma and Cabrillo Formations

Lynn D. Gray

A Comparison of Anoxic Dolomite from Deep-Sea Sediments: Quaternary Gulf of California and Messinian Tripoli Formation of Sicily

K. Kelts, J. McKenzie

Comparison of Eocene Radiolarian Assemblages of the Sidney Flat and Jameson Shale Members of the Markley Formation and the Kellogg Shale, of Northern California

Joyce R. Blueford, Charlotte Brunner

Conglomerate Clast Composition of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California

Greg M. Barats, Tor H. Nilsen, Ralph T. Golia

Cretaceous Foraminifers from La Jolla, California

William V. Sliter

Crustal Structure and Tectonics of the Imperial Valley Region, California

Gary S. Fuis, William M. Kohler

Diagenetic Aspects, Sandholdt Member, Miocene Monterey Formation, Santa Lucia Mountains, California: Implications for Depositional and Burial Environments

K. A. Mertz Jr.

Dinoflagellates from Cretaceous to Early Tertiary Rocks of the Sebastian Vizcaino Basin, Baja California, Mexico

Javier Helenes

Disseminated Dolomite in the Monterey Formation, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Areas, California

Caroline M. Isaacs

Dolomites in Organic-Rich Muds of the Peru Forearc Basins: Analogue to the Monterey Formation

LaVerne D. Kulm, Erwin Suess, Todd M. Thornburg

Dolomites of the Monterey Formation and Other Organic-Rich Units; Frontmatter and Introduction

Robert E. Garrison, Miriam Kastner, Donald H. Zenger

Early Diagenetic Dolomites and the Origin of Dolomite-Bearing Breccias, Lower Monterey Formation, Arroyo Seco, Monterey County, California

Robert E. Garrison, Stephen A. Graham

Environments of Deposition of the Pliocene Imperial Formation, Coyote Mountains, Southwest Salton Trough

Pat Bell-Countryman

Evidence for Late Cenozoic East-West Compressive Tectonism in the Sacramento Valley, California

David S. Harwood

Foraminifers from Cretaceous Limestone of the Franciscan Complex, Northern California

W. V. Sliter

Franciscan Complex Geology of the Crescent City Area, Northern California

K. R. Aalto, J. M. Murphy

Franciscan Geology of Northern California; Frontmatter and Introduction and Dedication to Edgar Bailey

M. C. Blake Jr.

Geochemistry of Coal from the Ditch Creek Siltstone Member of the Hornbrook Formation, Northern California

Jan L. Zigler, Tor H. Nilsen

Geologic and Geographic Setting of the Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California

Monty Elliott

A Geologic Cross Section of Northeastern California from Seismic Refraction Results

G. S. Fuis, J. J. Zucca

Geologic History of the Gulf of California

J. R. Curray, D. G. Moore

Geology of a Lower Ordovician Allochthon, Rancho San Marcos, Baja California, Mexico

Carl J. Lothringer

Geology of Point Reyes Peninsula and Implications for San Gregorio Fault History

Joseph C. Clark, Earl E. Brabb, H. Gary Greene, Donald C. Ross

Geology of the Baja California Peninsula; Frontmatter and Introduction

Virgil A. Frizzell Jr.

Geology of the Klamath Mountains Near Yreka, California

N. Mortimer

Geology of the Nicasio Reservoir Terrane, Marin County, California

Robert H. Wright

Geology of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California; Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Tor H. Nilsen

Heavy Minerals of the Point Loma Formation

Scott D. McDonough

Identification of Zones of Progressive Hydrothermal Metamorphism from Wireline Logs and Their Correlation to Reservoir Temperatures in the Salton Sea and Westmorland Geothermal Systems, Imperial Valley, California

F. S. Muramoto, W. A. Elders

The Imperial Basin — Tectonics Sedimentation and Thermal Aspects; Frontmatter

Catherine A. Rigsby

Implications of Paleomagnetism for the Tectonic History of the Eastern Klamath and Related Terranes in California and Oregon

Edward A. Mankinen, William P. Irwin, C. Sherman Gromme

Kreyenhagen Formation and Related Rocks - A History

Kathleen A. Isaacson, Joyce R. Blueford

Kreyenhagen Formation and Related Rocks; Frontmatter

Joyce R. Blueford

The Lassic Outlier, an Outlier of Coast Range Ophiolite, Northern California

Terry A. Kaplan

Late Cretaceous Transgressive Sedimentation: A Comparison of the Basal Hornbrook Formation and the Cape Sebastian Sandstone, Northern California and Southwestern Oregon

Joanne Bourgeois

Late Early to Late Middle Eocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Zonations in California

Robert W. Milam

Los Chapunes and Valle Sandstones: Cretaceous Petrofacies of the Vizcaino Basin, Baja California, Mexico

Deborah L. Patterson

Lower Jurassic Radiolaria, San Hipolito Formation, Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California Sur

P. A. Whalen, E. A. Pessagno Jr.

The Lower Mesozoic Continental Margin and Marine Intra-Arc Sedimentation at Mineral King, California

Cathy J. Busby-Spera

The Lower Western Cascades Volcanic Group in Northern California

Joseph A. Vance

Map of Cretaceous Turbidite Facies, Point Loma Peninsula

Eli Zlotnik

Mechanisms of Sedimentation for a Facies of the Upper Cretaceous Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico

Jorge Ledesma-Vazquez

Mesozoic Biostratigraphy, Vizcaino Peninsula and Cedros Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Keith D. Berry, Peter L. Miller

Micropaleontology and Depositional Environments of the Imperial and Palm Spring Formations, Imperial Valley, California

Heather A. Quinn, Thomas M. Cronin

Miocene and Pliocene Marine Mollusks and Preliminary Correlations, Vizcaino Peninsula to Arroyo La Purisima, Northwestern Baja California Sur, Mexico

Judith Terry Smith

A Neogene Structural Dome in the Klamath Mountains, California and Oregon

N. Mortimer, R. G. Coleman

Origin of Dolomites in the Monterey Formation: Pismo and Huasna Basins, California

R. I. Kablanow, R. C. Surdam, D. Prezbindowski

Origin of Remanent Magnetization in Dolomite from the Monterey Formation

J. Scott Hornafius

An Overview of the Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoenvironments of the Late Neogene San Felipe Marine Sequence, Baja California, Mexico

Mark C. Boehm

Paleoceanographic Interpretation of Eocene Siliceous Deposits from West-Central California

Joyce R. Blueford, Lisa D. White

Paleocurrent Data from the Point Loma and Cabrillo Formations

Robert S. Tucker, Jo Ann Kimzey

A Paleogeographic Reinterpretation of Some Middle Cretaceous Units, North-Central Oregon: Evidence for a Submarine Turbidite System

Lewis C. Kleinhans, Elizabeth A. Balcells-Baldwin, Richard E. Jones

Paleogeographic Significance of the Middle Jurassic Gran Canon Formation, Cedros Island, Baja California Sur

David L. Kimbrough

Paleomagnetic and Tectonic Interpretation of the Parkhurst Ridge Limestone, Coastal Belt Franciscan, Northern California

W. P. Harbert, R. J. McLaughlin, W. V. Sliter

Paleomagnetic Constraints on the Interpretation of Early Cenozoic Pacific Northwest Paleogeography

Ray E. Wells

Paleomagnetism of Franciscan Basalt, Marin County, California, Revisited

Sherman Gromme

Paleomagnetism of Franciscan Rocks in the Marin Headlands

Foster B. Curry, Allan Cox, David C. Engebretson

Paleomagnetism of the Valle Formation and the Late Cretaceous Paleogeography of the Vizcaino Basin, Baja California, Mexico

Deborah L. Patterson

Permian Miogeoclinal Strata at El Volcan, Baja California, Mexico

Marc Delattre

The Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, North-Central California and Southwestern Oregon

B. E. Law, D. E. Anders, T. H. Nilsen

Petrologic Characteristics, Age and Tectonic Setting of Neogene Volcanic Rocks in Northern Baja California Sur, Mexico

Michael G. Sawlan, James G. Smith

Porosity, Permeability, and Diagenesis of Surface Samples of Sandstone from the Hornbrook Formation

C. W. Keighin, B. E. Law

Post-Miocene Compressional Tectonics Along the Central California Margin

James K. Crouch, Steven B. Bachman, John T. Shay

A Potential-Field Interpretation of the Structural Edge of the Cretaceous Hornbrook Basin in Northern California

M. C. Erskine Jr., J. A. Wolleben, D. L. Lawler

Prebatholithic Paleogeography of Peninsular California and Adjacent Mexico

Gordon Gastil, Richard Miller

Preliminary Paleomagnetic Results from the Cretaceous Point Loma Formation

Monte Marshall, Jerry McNaboe

Preliminary Report on the Upper Cretaceous Macro-Invertebrate Faunas Near Carlsbad, California

Frederick Sundberg, Bradford Riney

Recent Dolomite Formation in Hemipelagic Sediments Off Baja California, Mexico

G. B. Shimmield, N. B. Price

Recovery of Siliceous Microfossils by the Disaggregation of Dolomite

C. W. Lagle

Relationship of Diagenetic Dolomite to Depositional Facies in Diatomaceous Strata, Upper Sisquoc Fm., Casmalia Hills, Santa Barbara Co., California

Nuel C. Henderson Jr., G. Allan Crawford, John B. Dunham, Robert H. Osborne

Sandstone Petrography of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California

Ralph T. Golia, Tor H. Nilsen

Sandstone Petrology, Point Loma and Cabrillo Formations

Guy A. Swenson, William A. Bartling, Bradley L. Steer, Patrick L. Abbott

Sedimentary Facies and Composition of Jurassic Volcaniclastic Turbidites at Cerro El Calvario, Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Thomas E. Moore

Sedimentary Petrology of Graywacke of the Franciscan Complex in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area, California

A. S. Jayko, M. C. Blake Jr.

Sedimentologic, Diagenetic, and Geochemical Analysis of Upper Mesozoic Ribbon Cherts from the Franciscan Assemblage at the Marin Headlands, California

S. M. Karl

Sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous Strata, Northern Baja California, Mexico

Ross K. Yeo

Silicoflagellate Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Upper Kreyenhagen Formation (Eocene-Oligocene), California

J. A. Dumoulin

Solution Porosity of Dolomites in the Calcareous - Phosphatic Facies of the Monterey Formation, Pismo Basin, California

R. C. Surdam, D. Prezbindowski, R. I. Kablanow

Stratigraphic Sections of the Northern Baja California Field Area

Ross K. Yeo

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Tectonic Framework of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California

Tor H. Nilsen

Stratigraphy and Composition of a Jura-Cretaceous Volcanic Arc Apron, Punta Eugenia, Baja California Sur, Mexico

James J. Hickey

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the San Jose Del Cabo Trough, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Cecelia McCloy

Stratigraphy and Dolostone Occurrence in the Miocene Monterey Formation, Santa Maria Basin Area, California

John S. Compton, Raymond Siever

Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology of the Upper Jurassic Mariposa Formation, Western Sierra Nevada, California

Nicholas L. Bogen

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Osburger Gulch Sandstone Member of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Northern California and Southern Oregon

M. T. Gaona

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Payne Cliffs Formation, Southwestern Oregon

Brian K. McKnight

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the San Felipe Hills, Borrego Badlands, Superstition Hills, and Vicinity

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.

Structural Implications of Gravity Data from the Vallecito-Fish Creek Basin, Western Imperial Valley, California

L. M. Gibson, L. L. Malinconico, T. Downs, N. M. Johnson

Structure of the Marin Headlands Block, California: A Progress Report

Clyde Wahrhaftig

A Synthesis of Late Cretaceous Southern California and Northern Baja California Paleogeography

David J. Bottjer, Martin H. Link

Tectonics and Sedimentation Along the California Margin; Frontmatter

James K. Crouch, Steven B. Bachman

Tectonics and Sedimentation of the Upper Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Oregon and California

Tor H. Nilsen

Tectonic Wedging Associated with Emplacement of the Franciscan Assemblage, California Coast Ranges

C. M. Wentworth, M. C. Blake Jr., D. L. Jones, A. W. Walter, M. D. Zoback

Tectonostratigraphic Framework of the Geysers-Clear Lake Region, California

Robert J. McLaughlin, Henry N. Ohlin

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in Southwestern Oregon

M. C. Blake Jr.

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of Magdalena Island, Baja California Sur

M. C. Blake Jr., A. S. Jayko, T. E. Moore, Victor Chavez, J. B. Saleeby, Kurt Seel

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the San Francisco Bay Region

M. C. Blake Jr., D. G. Howell, A. S. Jayko

Transgressive Marginal-Marine Deposits of the Avenal Sandstone, Reef Ridge, Central California

Kristine A. Kappeler, Richard L. Squires, A. Eugene Fritsche

Turbidite Sedimentology of the Upper Cretaceous Point Loma and Cabrillo Formations, San Diego, California

Tor H. Nilsen, Patrick L. Abbott

Two Forms of Dolomite Occurrences in the Monterey Formation, California: Concretions and Layers — A Comparative Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Isotopic Study

J. Kushnir, M. Kastner

Upper Cretaceous Depositional Systems, Southern California - Northern Baja California; Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Patrick L. Abbott

Upper Cretaceous Macro-Fossils of San Diego

Frederick A. Sundberg

Upper Cretaceous Sedimentation and Tectonics with Reference to the Eocene, San Miguel Island, and San Diego Area, California

William A. Bartling, Patrick L. Abbott

Upper Permian(?) and Lower Triassic Metasedimentary Rocks, Northeastern Baja California, Mexico

I. Philip Buch

Vector Constraints on Quaternary Deformation of the Western United States East and West of the San Andreas Fault

J. Bernard Minster, Thomas H. Jordan

Volcanic Arc Derived, Mesozoic Sedimentary Rocks, Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California Sur, Mexico

David A. Barnes

Volcaniclastic Rocks of the Alisitos Group, Baja California, Mexico

J. Mac Beggs

Volcaniclastic Strata of the Upper Jurassic Santiago Peak Volcanics, San Diego, California

Duane C. Balch, Sarah H. Bartling, Patrick L. Abbott

“Middle” Cretaceous Metasedimentary Rocks of La Olvidada Northeastern Baja California, Mexico

James R. Phillips