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Albitization of Plagioclase and Vitrinite Reflectance as Paleothermal Indicators, San Joaquin Basin

J. R. Boles, K. Ramseyer

Anatomy and History of an Eocene Submarine Canyon: The Maniobra Formation, Southern California

David M. Advocate, Martin H. Link, Richard L. Squires

Applications of Palynology and Kerogen Analysis to Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironment: Eocene Meganos Gorge Fill, Sacramento Valley, California

J. Lucas-Clark, B. Lampley

The Avenal Formation of Reef Ridge, Central California: A Transgressive Shelf Facies Succession

A. Edward Morelan

Biostratigraphy and Correlation of Hemingfordian and Barstovian Land Mammal Assemblages, Caliente Formation, Cuyama Valley Area, California

Thomas S. Kelly, E. Bruce Lander

Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Butano Sandstone, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Tara Kheradyar

Characterizing the Lithology, Petrophysical Properties, and Depositional Setting of the Belridge Diatomite, South Belridge Field, Kern County, California

D. E. Schwartz

Coccolith Zonation for Paleogene Strata in the Oregon Coast Range

David Bukry, Parke D. Snavely Jr.

Comments on the Geology of the Tejon Embayment from Seismic Reflection, Borehole, and Surface Data

Emery D. Goodman, Peter E. Malin

Contrasting Diagenetic Styles in a Shelf/Turbidite Sandstone Sequence: The Santa Margarita and Stevens Sandstones, Southern San Joaquin Basin, California

Karin J. Fischer, Ronald C. Surdam

Correlation and Characterization of Oils Using Biological Markers, Cuyama Basin, California

Paul G. Lillis

Depositional Environments and Molluscan Biostratigraphy of the Tesla Formation, Central California

C. K. Throckmorton

Depositional Framework of the Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Moreno Formation, Central San Joaquin Basin, California

Douglas J. McGuire

Development of the Cretaceous Forearc Basin of Central California

Raymond V. Ingersoll

Early Arikareean (Late Oligocene) Vertebrate Fossils and Biostratigraphic Correlations of the Otay Formation at Eastlake, San Diego County, California

Thomas A. Demere

Early Miocene Tectonism and Associated Turbidite Deposystems of the Tejon Area, Kern County, California

Brian M. Hirst

Evolution of Paleogene Submarine Canyon and Fan Systems, Southern Sacramento Basin, California

Peter J. Fischer, Victor B. Cherven

Flexural Subsidence Modeling of the Tertiary San Joaquin Basin, California

Mark S. Rentschler, Roger B. Bloch

Geologic Age Refinements of West Coast Eocene Marine Mollusks

Richard L. Squires

Hydrocarbon Maturation Modeling of the Southern San Joaquin Basin, California

K. J. Fischer, H. P. Heasler, R. C. Surdam

Inferred Relation of the Oligocene to Miocene Bealville Fanglomerate to the Edison Fault, Caliente Canyon Area, Kern County, California

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr., Archer H. Warne

Kern River Formation as a Recorder of Uplift and Glaciation of the Southern Sierra Nevada

S. A. Graham, A. R. Carroll, G. E. Miller

Late Cretaceous and Paleogene Sedimentation Along the East Side of the San Joaquin Basin

Stephen A. Reid

A Late Middle Eocene Diatomite in Northwestern Baja California Sur, Mexico: Implications for Tectonic Translation

Hugh McLean, John A. Barron

Late Middle Eocene Mollusks of the Tolstoi Formation, Alaska Peninsula, Alaska, and Correlations with Faunas from California to the Far-Eastern U.S.S.R.

Louie Marincovich Jr.

Late Paleocene or Early Eocene Mollusks from the Uppermost Part of the Goler Formation, California

Richard L. Squires, Brett F. Cox, Charles L. Powell II

Lithosomes, Depositional Environments, and Paleocurrents of the Vaqueros Formation, Santa Barbara Canyon Area, Northeastern Santa Barbara County, California

George A. Freitag, A. Eugene Fritsche

Lithostratigraphy of the Vaqueros and Adjacent Formations in the Santa Ynez Ranges: A Reevaluation in Progress

Catherine A. Rigsby

Lower Paleogene Conglomerates in the Salinian Block

Wayne R. Bachman, Patrick L. Abbott

Lower Tertiary Foraminiferal and Calcareous Nannofossil Zonation of California: An Overview and Recommendation

Alvin A. Almgren, Mark V. Filewicz, Hal L. Heitman

Oligocene-Middle Miocene Depositional Systems North of Bakersfield, California: Eastern Basin Equivalents of the Temblor Formation

Hilary Clement Olson

Origin and Paleogeographic Development of the Tertiary Cuyama Depositional Basin, Southern California

A. Eugene Fritsche

Origin of Cuyama Basin Oils

Leslie L. Lundell, Stuart A. Gordon

Origins of Reservoir Complexity in the Miocene Monterey Formation of California

Loretta Ann Williams

Outer-Fan Lobes of the Lower to Middle Eocene Juncal Formation, San Rafael Mountains, California

Timothy J. Thompson

An Outline of Foraminiferal Biofacies in the Soda Lake Shale Member, Vaqueros Formation, Cuyama Basin, California

Martin B. Lagoe

Paleocene Biogeography of the West Coast of North America: A Look at the Molluscan Fauna from Sepultura Formation, Mesa San Carlos, Baja California Norte

William J. Zinsmeister, Luis M. Paredes-Mejia

The Paleocene Stratigraphy of the Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County, California

Ivan P. Colburn, Claus M. Jakobsen, Gary A. Novak

Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Interpretation of Upper Miocene - Pliocene Lithofacies and Macrobiota of the Etchegoin Group, Jacalitos Canyon, San Joaquin Valley, California

Karen B. Loomis

Paleogene Stratigraphy, West Coast of North America; Frontmatter

Mark V. Filewicz, Richard L. Squires

Paleotectonics and Provenance of Tertiary Sandstones of the San Joaquin Basin, California

James V. Bent

Palynomorphs and Benthic Foraminifera from a Portion of the Coal Canyon Formation (Paleocene-Eocene)

Gary E. Strathearn, Kathy Griffis, Bonnye L. Ingram

Preliminary Study of the Depositional Environments of the Painted Rock Sandstone Member of the Miocene Vaqueros Formation in the Eastern Caliente Range, San Luis Obispo County, California

Michael W. Oldershaw

Quaternary Geology of the Northern San Joaquin Valley

William R. Lettis

Rediscovery of the Type Locality of Turritella Andersoni and Its Geologic Age Implications for West Coast Eocene Strata

Richard L. Squires

The Russell Fault: An Early Strike-Slip Fault of the California Coast Ranges

Robert S. Yeats, Jeannette A. Calhoun, Barbara B. Nevins, Hans F. Schwing, Herbert M. Spitz

Sedimentology of the Upper Paleocene / Lower Eocene Sepultura Formation Near Colonet, Baja California

Victor V. Miller, Patrick L. Abbott

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Great Valley Basin in the Context of Convergent Margin Tectonics

Ian W. Moxon

Significance of Variations Within the Walker Formation North and South of the Bakersfield Arch, San Joaquin Basin, California

Hilary Clement Olson

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Hurricane Deck Formation, a New, Lower and Middle Miocene, Submarine-Fan Sandstone Unit in the Sierra Madre and San Rafael Mountains, Northeastern Santa Barbara County, California

Garold D. Thomas, A. Eugene Fritsche, Michael W. Condon

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Miocene Branch Canyon Formation in the Sierra Madre, Caliente Range, and Sespe Creek Areas, California

Michael L. Perri, A. Eugene Fritsche

Structural Geology of the Morales Canyon and Taylor Canyon Area of the Cuyama Basin, Southern California

Jeannette A. Calhoun

A Structural Interpretation of Major Tectonic Events Affecting the Western and Southern Margins of the San Joaquin Valley, California

Thomas L. Davis, Martin B. Lagoe

Structure of the Cox Trough, Southeastern Cuyama Valley, Southern California

Herbert M. Spitz

Structure of the Cuyama Valley, Caliente Range, and Carrizo Plain and Its Significance to the Structural Style of the Southern Coast Ranges and Western Transverse Ranges

Thomas L. Davis, Martin B. Lagoe, W. J. M. Bazeley, Stuart Gordon, Kirk McIntosh, Jay S. Namson

Studies of the Geology of the San Joaquin Basin; Frontmatter and Introduction

Stephan Alan Graham, Hilary Clement Olson

Tertiary Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Cuyama Basin, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties, California; Frontmatter and Roadlog

W. J. M. Bazeley

Upper Miocene Williams Turbidite Sandstone, West Side Southern San Joaquin Valley, California

John R. Gilbert Jr.