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Alfred Oswald Woodford: Pioneer in the Use of Conglomerates in Basin Analysis in Southern California

Ivan P. Colburn, Dorothy L. Stout

Cavalcade of Carbonates; Frontmatter and Roadlog

John D. Cooper

Clast-Contact Conglomerates in Submarine Canyon Fill: Possible Subaqueous Sieve Deposits, Carmelo Formation (Paleocene), Point Lobos, California

M. Shannon FitzGerald, D. S. Gorsline

Comparison of Arenite and Conglomerate Clast Petrology: Utility in Provenance Determinations, Southern California

Charles L. Lane

Conglomerate Clast Compositions and Sediment Distribution in the Upper Mesozoic Franciscan Assemblage and Great Valley Sequence, Northern California

Victor M. Seiders

Conglomerate Clast Populations of the Upper Paleogene Sespe Formation, Southern California

Jeffrey L. Howard

Conglomerates and Breccias in the Monterey Formation and Related Units as Reflections of Basin Margin History

Robert E. Garrison, Pedro C. Ramirez

Conglomerates and the Reconstruction of Strike Slip Fault Zones: Lessons from the Transverse Ranges, S. California

Peter M. Sadler, Marilyn A. Kooser, James M. Renfrew, John M. Hillenbrand

Conglomerates in Basin Analysis: A Symposium Dedicated to A. O. Woodford; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Ivan P. Colburn, Patrick L. Abbott, John Minch

Contrasting Megafaunal and Sedimentary Records from Opposite Ends of the Gulf of California: Implications for Interpreting Its Tertiary History

Judith Terry Smith

Deep Marine Conglomerate Facies and Processes in Cretaceous Forearc Basins of Baja California, Mexico

William R. Morris, Douglas P. Smith, Cathy J. Busby-Spera

Does the Upper Cambrian Dunderberg Shale-Halfpint Carbonate Couplet in the Southern Great Basin Qualify as a Grand Cycle?

John D. Cooper

Dolomitization in Thin-Bedded Calcarenites in the Lacustrine Los Monegros Group (Oligocene) Southeastern Ebro Basin, Spain

Jonathan D. Peterson, Lluis Cabrera

Environmental Carbonate Stratigraphy and Cyclic Deposition of the Smoky Member of the Nopah Formation (Upper Cambrian), Nopah Range, Southern Great Basin

Kirk F. McCutcheon, John D. Cooper

A Facies Model for Large Rock-Avalanche Deposits Formed in Dry Climates

John C. Yarnold, James P. Lombard

Franciscan Complex Rocks on Cedros Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Radiolarian Biostratigraphic Ages from a Chert Melange Block and Petrographic Observations on Metasandstone

David L. Kimbrough

Franciscan Depositional Setting Based on Early-Formed Structures in Debris Flow Deposits and Turbidites, Point St. George, Northern California

K. R. Aalto

Geologic Studies in Baja California; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Patrick L. Abbott

The Influence of High-Relief Basin Topography on Deltaic Sedimentation: Deltaic and Alluvial Facies of the Bouse Formation, Lower Colorado River Area, Southeastern California - Western Arizona

Anna V. Buising

Lithic-Volcanic Sandstones, Conglomerates and Breccias Derived from Oceanic Crust in the Franciscan Complex of California: The Importance of Geochemistry in Sandstone and Conglomerate Studies

Maria M. Sampayo, D. K. Larue

A Lower Devonian Reef and Associated Facies in the Tor Limestone, Toquima Range, Central Nevada

Michael E. Anderson, Michael A. Murphy

Lower Triassic (?) Strata in the Vallecitos - San Marcos Area, Baja California

James B. Reed

Meteoric Stabilization and Preservation of Limestone Within the Late Proterozoic Beck Spring Dolomite of Eastern California

William G. Zempolich

Microbial Reefs on a Carbonate Ramp: A case study from western North America with a global perspective

Karen M. Griffin

Mid-Tertiary Conglomerates and Sandstones on the Margins of the Ventura and Los Angeles Basins and Their Tectonic Significance

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.

The Ophiolites of Calmalli and the Olvidada Nappe of Northern Baja California and West-Central Sonora, Mexico

Luigi Radelli

Paleocene Conglomerates of the Santa Monica Mountains, California: Petrology, Stratigraphy, and Environments of Deposition

Ivan P. Colburn, Gary A. Novak

Paleohydrology of the Eocene Las Palmas Gravels, Baja California, Mexico

Scott D. McDonough, Patrick L. Abbott

Reconnaissance Geology of a Pliocene Marine Embayment Near Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Hugh McLean

A Resume of the Miocene Stratigraphic History of the Rosarito Beach Basin, Northwestern Baja California, Mexico

James R. Ashby

Sedimentology of the Upper Cretaceous Rosario Formation Near Colonet and Camalu, Baja California

Victor V. Miller, Patrick L. Abbott

Silicification of Trace Fossils in Carbonates: Evidence from the Permian Kaibab Formation, Southwestern Utah

Katherine J. Whidden, David J. Bottjer

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Sespe Formation, Northern Santa Ana Mountains, California

Richard R. Belyea, John A. Minch

Stromatolite Beds from the Lower Triassic Virgin Formation, Spring Mountains, Nevada

Jennifer K. Schubert, David J. Bottjer

Tectonically Controlled Basin Development as Indicated by Conglomerates and Other Detritus of the Weaverville Formation, Central and Western Klamath Mountains, Northern California

Perri A. Phillips, K. R. Aalto

Tectonic and Transport Controls on Conglomerate Composition, Upper Cretaceous of Southwest Utah

Robert P. Fillmore, Larry T. Middleton

Tectonic Significance of Kink Bands in Arroyo Calamajue, Baja California, Mexico

Jacqueline Windh, Roger C. Griffith, Gary H. Girty

Upper Cretaceous Conglomerates from the Salinian Terrane, West-Central California

Karen Grove

Uranium-Series Ages, Faunal Correlations and Tectonic Deformation of Marine Terraces Within the Agua Blanca Fault Zone at Punta Banda, Northern Baja California, Mexico

Thomas K. Rockwell, Daniel R. Muhs, George L. Kennedy, Michael E. Hatch, Shawn H. Wilson, Ralph E. Klinger

A Vanished Late Pliocene to Early Pleistocene Alluvial-Fan Complex in the Northern Perris Block, Southern California

Douglas M. Morton, Jonathan C. Matti