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3500-Year B.P. Record of Climatic Change in Estuarine Deposits from South San Francisco Bay, California

Mary McGann

Acid Insoluble Residues, Regressive-Transgressive Events, and Conodont Biostratigraphy in the Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician of Western Utah and Central Texas

James F. Miller

An Affirmation of the Jeffersonian Stage (Ibexian) of North America and a Proposed Boundary Stratotype

James D. Loch

Age and Origin of Red Chert Pebbles in the Lower Part of the Santa Clara Formation, Northern California

Eleanor V. Kohnen, Benita L. Murchey

Background Metal Concentrations in Soils in Northern Santa Clara County, California

Christina M. Scott

Base of Whiterock Series Correlates with Base of Isograptus victoriae lunatus Zone in Vinini Formation, Roberts Mountains, Nevada

Stanley C. Finney, Raymond L. Ethington

Benthic Assemblages in the Northwestern of Gondwana: A Test of the Ordovician Evolutionary Radiation Model

Teresa M. Sanchez, Beatriz G. Waisfeld

A Biostratigraphical Approach to the Middle Ordovician Conodonts from Spain

G. N. Sarmiento, J. C. Gutierrez-Marco, I. Rabano

Biostratigraphic Significance of Iapetognathus (Conodonta) and Jujuyaspis (Trilobita) in the House Limestone, Ibex Area, Utah

James F. Miller, Michael E. Taylor

Biostratigraphy of the Advance Formation, a New Upper Middle Ordovician Unit, Northern Rocky Mountains, British Columbia

B. S. Norford, G. S. Nowlan, T. E. Bolton, R. J. Elias, Jisuo Jin, P. A. Johnston, David M. Rohr

Biostratigraphy of the Prices Creek Group (Early Ordovician, Late Lancefieldian-Bendigonian), on the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

John H. Shergold, John R. Laurie, Robert S. Nicoll

Biotic Response to Volcanic and Sedimentologic Processes in a Gondwanic Active Plate Margin Basin: The Arenig-Llanvirn Suri Formation, Famatina Basin, Northwest Argentina

Maria Gabriela Mangano, Luis Alberto Buatois

Cambro-Ordovician Proximal Shelf Deposits of Colorado

Paul M. Myrow, Ray L. Ethington, James F. Miller

Carbon Isotope Ratios from the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary Section at Lawson Cove, Ibex Area, Utah

Robert L. Ripperdan, James F. Miller

Cenozoic Paleogeography of the Western United States - II; Frontmatter

A. Eugene Fritsche

The Chickasaw Bryozoan Reef in the Middle Ordovician of South-Central Oklahoma

Clifford A. Cuffey, Roger J. Cuffey

Chitinozoans and Late Ordovician Glacial Events on Gondwana

F. Paris, Z. Elaouad-Debbaj, J. C. Jaglin, D. Massa, L. Oulebsir

Compressional Folding and Faulting in the Vicinity of Silver Creek Valley, Southeast San Jose, California

Leo A. De Vito

A Conodont-Based Composite Standard for the North American Ordovician: Progress Report

Walter C. Sweet

Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary in Northwestern Argentina

Raquel I. Rao, Mario A. Hunicken

Conodont Distribution in a Deep-Water Cambrian - Ordovician Boundary Sequence from South-Central Kazakhstan

Leonid E. Popov, Tatjana Ju. Tolmacheva

Conodonts from the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary Interval of Greenland

Maxine Y. Huselbee

Continental Slope Deposits in the Argentine Precordillera: Sediments and Geotectonic Significance

Martin Keller

Correlation of Ordovician Rocks of Northern Alaska

Anita G. Harris, Julie A. Dumoulin, John E. Repetski, Claire Carter

Correlation of Selected Late Lancefieldian-Bendigonian (Early Ordovician) Successions

John H. Shergold, John R. Laurie, Robert S. Nicoll

Depositional Environments and Paleogeography of the Lower Miocene Vaqueros Formation, Santa Ana Mountains, California

Lori Daniel-Lyle

Depositional Facies and Sequences of Upper Ordovician Shelf and Shallow Ramp Carbonates of the Eastern Great Basin (Utah and Nevada), U.S.A.

Mark T. Harris, Lora A. Sexton, Peter M. Sheehan

Depositional History of a Middle Ordovician, Mixed-Carbonate-Clastic Unit - The Kanosh Formation, Eastern Great Basin, U.S.A.

Ronald R. McDowell

Deterministic and Stochastic Approaches for Evaluating Multiple Scales of Santa Clara Valley Hydrostratigraphy

Nicholas M. Johnson

Dextral Translation and Progressive Emergence of the Pleistocene Merced Basin and Implications for Timing of Initiation of the San Francisco Peninsula Segment of the San Andreas Fault

James V. Hengesh, John Wakabayashi

The Diabasbrottet Section at Mt. Hunneberg, Province of Vastergotland, Sweden: A Proposed Candidate for a Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the Base of the Second Series of the Ordovician System

Jorg Maletz, Anita Lofgren, Stig M. Bergstrom

Distribution of Brachiopods Across the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary on the East European Plate and Adjacent Areas

Leonid E. Popov, Lars E. Holmer

Distribution of Late Cenozoic Displacement on the San Andreas Fault System, Northern California

John Wakabayashi, James V. Hengesh

Do Eocrinoids Belong to the Cambrian or to the Paleozoic Evolutionary Fauna?

James Sprinkle

Early/Middle Ordovician Condensation in the Polish Part of the Baltic Basin

Teresa Podhalanska

Early Ordovician Carbonate Platform Facies of the Argentine Precordillera: Restricted Shelf to Open Platform Evolution

Fernando Canas

Early Ordovician Trilobite Biofacies in the Argentine Cordillera Oriental, Southwestern Gondwana: Paleoecologic and Paleobiogeographic Significance

Beatriz G. Waisfeld

Early Ordovician Trilobite Biogeography of Precordillera and Famatina, Western Argentina: Preliminary Results

N. Emilio Vaccari

The Eastern End of Avalonia: Continuation into Northern Central Europe

Gerhard Katzung, Uwe Giese, Jorg Maletz, Thomas Servais, Geert Van Grootel

Ecologic Aspects of the Ordovician Radiation of Articulate Brachiopods

Mark E. Patzkowsky

Environmental Setting and Quaternary History of the San Francisco Estuary

Lisa Esquivel Wells

Eocene Paleogeography of the Morton Anticline Area, Southwestern Washington

Samuel Y. Johnson, William D. Stanley

Evidence and Concerns with Regard to the Late Ordovician Glaciation in North Africa

Philippe Legrande

Evolutionary Origins of the Diplograptina

Charles E. Mitchell, Jorg Maletz, Zhang Yuan-dong

The Evolution of Faunal Provincialism in the Argentine Precordillera During the Ordovician: New Evidence and Paleogeographic Implications

Juan L. Benedetto, N. Emilio Vaccari, Marcelo Carrera, Teresa M. Sanchez

The Evolution of Tectonic Structure, Environments and Communities of Fauna in the Ordovician of Kazakhstan

M. K. Apollonov

Expected Ground Shaking Intensities from a Magnitude 7 Earthquake on the Monte Vista-Shannon and Santa Clara Thrust Faults, Santa Clara Valley, Santa Clara County, California

Kenneth W. Campbell, Paul C. Thenhaus, Eugenia M. Sangines, Hope A. Seligson

Extension of the Western Transverse Ranges Zone of Cenozoic Block Rotations North of the Santa Ynez Fault, California

Katherine J. Whidden, Steve P. Lund, David J. Bottjer

Facies Relationships and Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Upper McKay Group (Lower Ordovician), Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

Lee McKenzie McAnally, Christopher R. Barnes

First Appearance of Selected Early Ordovician Acritarch Taxa from Peri-Gondwana

Rainer Brocke, Oldrich Fatka, Stewart G. Molyneux, Thomas Servais

Flat-Pebble Conglomerate: A Characteristic Lithology of Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Shallow-Water Carbonate Sequences

Jeong Chan Kim, Yong Il Lee

Geodynamic Processes in the Ordovician of the Argentine Precordillera: New Biostratigraphic Constraints

O. Lehnert

Geological Reconnaissance of Ordovician Deep-Marine Sequences in Central Sonora, Mexico

Claudio Bartolini, Mariano Morales, Edgardo Barrera, Jose Dominguez P., Luis Navarro M., Luis Soto, Stanley Finney, Claire Carter

Geologic Meaning of Arenig-Llanvirn Diachronous Black Shales (Gualcamayo Alloformation) in the Argentine Precordillera, Tectonic or Eustatic?

Ricardo A. Astini

Geology of the Mt. Diablo Region and East Bay Hills

Ronald C. Crane

Geology of the Southeast San Francisco Bay Area Hills, California

Russell Graymer

Gilbert-type Deltas in a Miocene Marine Sequence, Cuyama Basin, Southern California

J. Alan Bartow

Gloeocapsomorpha prisca-Driven Organic Carbon Isotope Excursion, Late Middle Ordovician (Rocklandian), North American Mid-Continent: New Data from Nevada and Iowa

Stephen R. Jacobson, Stanley C. Finney, Joseph R. Hatch, Gregory A. Ludvigson

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Paleoecology of Ordovician Sponge/Algal Reef Mounds

Ronald A. Johns

Grain Size Variation in the Millbrig K-Bentonite: An Investigation of Ordovician Eruption Dynamics Using Image Analysis

Y-S. Zhang, W. D. Huff

Graptolite Species Succession Across the Base of the Undulograptus austrodentatus Zone at Hunagnitang, South-Central China, and Its Prospects for Use as a Global Stage Stratotype

Chen Xu, Charles E. Mitchell, Zhang Yuan-dong, Stig M. Bergstrom, Donald Winston, Wang Zhi-hao, Jorg Maletz

High-Resolution Trilobite and Conodont Biostratigraphy Across the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary in South-Central New Mexico

John F. Taylor, John E. Repetski

Hirnantian Glaciation and the Carbon Cycle

Lee R. Kump, Mark T. Gibbs, Michael A. Arthur, Mark E. Patzkowsky, Peter M. Sheehan

Hydrogeology of the Santa Clara and Coyote Valleys Groundwater Basins, California

Thomas I. Iwamura

Ibexian: A Unique Interval in the Ordovician

William B. N. Berry

Ibexian and Post-Ibexian Paleogeography Based on Climatically Sensitive Sediments and Biogeographic Data

A. J. Boucot, Chen Xu, C. R. Scotese

Impact of Groundwater Withdrawal on a San Francisco Bay Wetland

Christina M. Scott, Russell Fitzpatrick

An Important Ordovician/Silurian Boundary Interval Section in Vinini Formation, Roberts Mountains, Nevada

Stanley C. Finney, William B. N. Berry, Walter C. Sweet

Infaunal Communities and Tiering in Ordovician Shallow Marine Terrigenous Clastic and Carbonate Settings: Ichnofabric and Trace Fossil Evidence

Mary L. Droser, Nigel C. Hughes

Influence of Alluvial Fan Deposits on Ground Water Flow Paths—A Case Study

Jessica E. Donovan, Julie A. Hayes, Kimberly S. Jolitz

The Initial Ordovician Bivalve Mollusc Radiations on the Western Condwanan Shelves

Claude Babin

Late Arenig - Early Llanvirn Conodont Biofacies Across the Iapetus Ocean

Jan A. Rasmussen, Svend Stouge

Late Ashgillian Brachiopod Communities of the Subpolar Urals

Tatyana M. Beznosova

Late Ordovician Sponge-Dominated, Island-Slope Biofacies, Eastern Australia

B. D. Webby, I. G. Percival

The Lower Hunneberg Interval (LHI): A Proposal to Solve the Tremadoc/Arenig Boundary Crisis

Bernd-D. Erdtmann, Jorg Maletz

Lower Ordovician Reefs of Hubei, China and the Western United States

J. Keith Rigby, Matthew H. Nitecki, Zhu Zhongde, Liu Bingli, Jiang Yangwen

Medial Cenozoic Paleogeography of the Los Angeles Area, Southwestern California, and Adjacent Parts of the United States

Jeffrey L. Howard, Wallace D. Lowry

Meiklejohn Peak’s Fibrous Calcite: Implications for the Ordovician δ18O Marine Record

Kenneth J. Tobin, Kenneth R. Walker

Mid - Upper Ordovician Flysch Deposition, Northern Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec: A Synthesis with Implications for Foreland and Successor Basin Evolution in the Northern Appalachian Orogen

L. G. Kessler, II, A. R. Prave, Michel Malo, W. V. Bloechl

Middle and Late Ordovician Sea Level Change in the Northern Margin of Yangtze Platform, P.R. China

Jianqin Chen, Christopher R. Barnes

Middle Ordovician (Llanvirnian) Sea Level Change Recorded in Shallow-Water Carbonates (Yeongheung Formation), Korea

Chan Min Yoo, Yong Il Lee

Middle Ordovician K-Bentonites Discovered in the Precordillera of Argentina: Geochemical and Paleogeographical Implications

W. D. Huff, S. M. Bergstrom, D. R. Kolata, C. Cingolani, D. W. Davis

Mineralogy and Grain Characteristics of Middle Ordovician K-Bentonites from the Precordillera of Argentina

Mark P. S. Krekeler, Warren D. Huff, Dennis R. Kolata, Stig M. Bergstrom, Carlos Cingolani

Miocene and Pliocene Depositional Systems of the Southern San Joaquin Basin and Formation of Sandstone Reservoirs in the Elk Hills Area, California

S. A. Reid

Miocene Paleogeography of West-Central California—Offset Along the San Gregorio-Hosgri Fault Zone

Clarence A. Hall Jr., Mark J. Sutherland, Raymond V. Ingersoll

Model Sensitivity of the Late Ordovician Climate to Atmospheric pCO2

Mark T. Gibbs, Eric J. Barron, Thomas J. Crowley, Lee R. Kump

The Nature of Diversification and Paleoecology of the Ordovician Radiation with Evidence from the Great Basin

Mary L. Droser, Peter M. Sheehan, Richard A. Fortey, Xing Li

Nd Isotopic Composition of Early Paleozoic Oceans: Testing Global Models of Paleogeography and Paleoceanography

Cynthia A. Wright, Christopher R. Barnes, Stein B. Jacobsen

Neogene Evolution of the Livermore Basin Within the California Coast Ranges

David W. Anderson, Kathleen A. Isaacson, Vincent E. Barlock

Neogene Paleogeography and Tectonics of Northwestern California

K. R. Aalto, Kathy Moley, Linda Stone

Newfoundland and Beyond–Refined Biogeographic Controls and the History of Iapetus

S. Henry Williams, David A. T. Harper

A New Occurrence of the Genus Euzonosoma (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from the Middle Ordovician Gull River Formation (Caradocian) of Ontario – First North American Ordovician Record of the Encrinasteridae

Frederick H. C. Hotchkiss, Derek K. Armstrong, David M. Rudkin

New Stratigraphic Contributions from Reappraisal of the Middle Ordovician (Chazyan and Black Riverian) Lithostratigraphy of the Ottawa Embayment, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Osman Salad Hersi, George R. Dix

The New World, Glass Slippers and Red Tape

Reuben J. Ross Jr.

North American Ordovician Depositional Sequences and Correlations

Charles A. Ross, June R. P. Ross

Oeland (Lower Ordovician) Biostratigraphy on the Basis of Oland Sections, Baltica

S. Stouge, G. Bagnoli, A. T. Nielsen, C. Ribecai, M. Tongiorgi

Ordovician Basin Analysis of China

Chen Xu, Zhang Yuan-dong, Li Yue

Ordovician Basin Dynamics and New Graptolite Data From the Tarija Region, Eastern Cordillera, South Bolivia

Bernd-Dietrich Erdtmann, Jonas Kley, Joachim Muller, Volker Jacobshagen

Ordovician Carbonate-Shelf Rocks of Sonora, Mexico

F. G. Poole, J. H. Stewart, J. E. Repetski, A. G. Harris, R. J. Ross Jr., K. B. Ketner, R. Amaya-Martinez, J. M. Morales-Ramirez

Ordovician Cephalopods: Data from Siberia

Olga K. Bogolepova

Ordovician Events and Sea Level Changes on the Western Margin of Gondwana: The Argentine Precordillera

Susana Heredia, Matilde Beresi

Ordovician Gastropods of New South Wales - Ecologic and Biogeographic Relationships

Ian G. Percival

Ordovician Graptolites of South America: Palaeogeographic Implications

Jorg Maletz, Gladys Ortega

Ordovician Microfossil Diversity Patterns in the Rapla Section, Northern Estonia

D. Kaljo, J. Nolvak, A. Uutela

Ordovician Nautiloid Cephalopod Faunas from Southeastern British Columbia: Biostratigraphic and Biogeographic Significance

R. C. Frey, B. S. Norford

Ordovician Ocean-Basin Rocks of Sonora, Mexico

F. G. Poole, J. H. Stewart, W. B. N. Berry, A. G. Harris, J. E. Repetski, R. J. Madrid, K. B. Ketner, Claire Carter, J. M. Morales-Ramirez

Ordovician Odyssey: Short Papers for the Seventh International Symposium on the Ordovician System; Frontmatter

John D. Cooper, Mary L. Droser, Stanley C. Finney

Ordovician of the Great Basin: Fieldtrip Guidebook and Volume for the Seventh International Symposium on the Ordovician System

Raymond L. Ethington, Stanley C. Finney, James F. Miller, Reuben J. Ross Jr., Cristobal Valdes-Camin, Mary L. Droser, Peter M. Sheehan, John D. Cooper, Martin Keller, William B. N. Berry, Michael A. Murphy

Ordovician of the Prague Basin: Stratigraphy and Development

Oldrich Fatka, Jaroslav Kraft, Petr Kraft, Michal Mergl, Radek Mikulas, Petr Storch

Ordovician Palaeogeography and Biogeography in China

Wang Xiaofeng, Chen Xiaohong

The Ordovician Radiations: Diversification and Extinction Shown by Global Genus-Level Taxonomic Data

J. John Sepkoski Jr.

The Ordovician Series of the Historical Type Area: Revision as a Contribution to Their Utility in International Correlation

R. A. Fortey

Ordovician Trilobite Zonation in Western Argentina

Bruno A. J. Baldis

Oretanian and Dobrotivian Stages vs. “Llanvirn-Llandeilo” Series in the Ordovician of the Iberian Peninsula

J. C. Gutierrez-Marco, I. Rabano, M. A. San Jose, P. Herranz, G. N. Sarmiento

Origin and Relationship of the Late Ordovician Red River-Stony Mountain and Richmond Solitary Rugose Coral Provinces in North America

Robert J. Elias

Origin of the Arenigian Terrigenous Rocks in the Subpolar Urals

Alexandra B. Iudina

Outline of Ordovician Palaeogeography, Tarim, Northwest China

Zhou Zhiyi, Ni Yunan, Yuan Wenwei

Ozarkian and Canadian Systems: Gone and Nearly Forgotten

Malcolm P. Weiss, Ellis L. Yochelson

Paleobiogeography of Ordovician Acritarchs: Some General Considerations

Thomas Servais

Paleobiogeography of the Macluritidae (Ordovician-Gastropoda)

A. P. Gubanov, David M. Rohr

Paleocene and Eocene Strata in the San Joaquin Hills, Orange County, California

J. G. Vedder

The Paleocene Stratigraphic Successions in the Northern Peninsular Ranges, Orange and Riverside Counties, California; Frontmatter, Introduction and Roadlog

Ivan P. Colburn, Pedro C. Ramirez, Jack Vedder

Paleoclimates and Paleogeographic Paths of the Argentine Precordillera During the Ordovician: Evidence from Climatically Sensitive Lithofacies

Ricardo A. Astini

Paleoecology of Late Tremadocian Reef-Bearing Strata in Western Hubei Province of China

Zhu Zhongde, Jiang Yanwen, Liu Bingli

Paleogene Depositional Systems of the Western Transverse Ranges and Adjacent Southernmost Coast Ranges, California

William R. Dickinson

Paleogeographic Implications of Paleogene Shallow-Water Limestones in the Southern San Rafael Mountains, California

Katherine J. Whidden, David J. Bottjer, Steve P. Lund, William V. Sliter

Paleogeography, Paleoecology, and Biostratigraphy of Upper Paleocene to Middle Eocene Units of the Tyee Basin, Southwest Oregon

Elisabeth Brouwers, Louie Marincovich Jr., In-Chang Ryu, Alan Niem

Paleogeography of Three Paleocene Limestones in Baja California, Mexico

Patrick L. Abbott, Douglas P. Smith, William V. Sliter, Louella R. Saul

Paleokarst in the Lower Middle Ordovician of Southeastern California and Adjacent Nevada and Its Bearing on the Sauk-Tippecanoe Boundary Problem

Martin Keller, John Cooper

Preliminary Analysis of the Distribution of Early Ordovician Graptolites from the Argentine Precordillera

Edsel Daniel Brussa

Preliminary Paleocurrent Analysis of the Non-marine Sandstones and Conglomerates in the Paleocene Successions of the Northern Peninsular Ranges and Southern Transverse Ranges Provinces, California

Ivan P. Colburn

Preliminary Palinspastic Paleogeographic Reconstructions for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, 15Ma - 5 Ma

Anna V. Buising, James P. Walker

Preliminary Petrographic Analysis of Non-marine Sandstones of the Silverado Formation, San Joaquin Hills, California

Pedro C. Ramirez, Altair Maine

The Provenance of Middle Tertiary Sandstones of the San Emigdio Range and Tehachapi Range, Southern California

Mariana L. Rhoades, Peter G. DeCelles

Re-Examination of the Conodont Biostratigraphy at the Cambro-Ordovician Xiaoyangqiao Section, Dayangcha, Jilin Province, China

Godfrey S. Nowlan, Robert S. Nicoll

Recent Geologic Studies in the San Francisco Bay Area; Frontmatter

Eugenia M. Sangines, David W. Andersen, Anna V. Buising

Review of Ordovician Conodont-Graptolite Biostratigraphy of the Argentine Precordillera

Guillermo L. Albanesi, Mario A. Hunicken, Gladys Ortega

Revision of the North American Late Middle Ordovician Standard Stage Classification and Timing of the Trenton Transgression Based on K-Bentonite Bed Correlation

Stephen A. Leslie, Stig M. Bergstrom

Sea-Level Changes and Correlation of Ordovician-Silurian Boundary Sections in Appalachian Basin and Anticosti Island Based on Cumulative Aggradation Plots

Richard J. Diecchio

The Search for Global Biostratigraphic Reference Levels in the Ordovician System: Regional Correlation Potential of the Base of the North American Whiterockian Stage

Stig M. Bergstrom

Sedimentology and Lithofacies of the Eocene Skookumchuck Formation in the Centralia Coal Mine, Southwest Washington

Romeo M. Flores, Samuel Y. Johnson

Seismicity and Basement Structure Beneath South San Francisco Bay, California

Mary Lou Zoback, Jean A. Olson, Robert C. Jachens

Sequences and Meter-Scale Cyclicity of Middle to Late Ordovician Cool Water Carbonates and Clastics of Kentucky

Mike Pope, J. Fred Read

Sexual Dimorphism in Trilobites, with an Ordovician Case Study

Nigel C. Hughes, Richard A. Fortey

Simpson Paleogeography, Southern Midcontinent, U.S.A.

Raymond W. Suhm

Southern and Central Appalachian Stratigraphy Interpreted with the Use of the Middle Ordovician Deicke and Millbrig K-Bentonite Beds

Douglas E. McVey, Warren D. Huff

Stratigraphically Significant Early and Middle Ordovician Gastropod Occurrences, Western and Northwestern Canada

David M. Rohr, B. S. Norford, Ellis L. Yochelson

Stratigraphical Significance of the Svobodaina Species (Brachiopoda, Heterorthidae) Range in the Upper Ordovician of South-Western Europe

Enrique Villas, David A. T. Harper, Michel Melou, Daniel Vizcaino

Stratigraphic Position and Significance of Jujuyaspis and Iapetognathus in the Wilberns Formation, Texas

James F. Miller, James H. Stitt

Stratigraphy and Structure of the Late Pleistocene Olema Creek Formation, San Andreas Fault Zone North of San Francisco, California

Karen Grove, Kevin Colson, Marianne Binkin, Robert Dull, Carolyn Garrison

Structural-Tectonic Control on Middle-Late Ordovician Deposition of the Lexington Limestone, Central Kentucky

Frank R. Ettensohn, Mark A. Kulp

Tectonic and Depositional Environment of the Middle and Upper Cenozoic Sequences of the Coastal Southern California Region

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.

Tectonic Framework, Origin, and Evolution of the San Francisco Bay Region

Richard L. Sedlock

Tertiary Facies and Paleoenvironments Along the Coast Range and Western Cascade Margin, Western Oregon

Cynthia S. Shroba, William N. Orr

Tidal Marshes: The Marginal Landscapes of San Francisco Bay

Karl Malamud-Roam, Stuart Siegel, Michelle Goman, Lisa Wells

Towards an Ordovician Time Scale

B. D. Webby

The Tremadoc/Arenig Transition in the Argentine Precordillera

O. Lehnert

Tremadoc of the East European Platform: Stratigraphy, Confacies Regions, Correlation and Basin Dynamics

Bernd-Dietrich Erdtmann

Trilobite Ecophenotypes: Examples from the Lower Ordovician of Baltica

Arne Thorshoj Nielsen

Uppermost Cambrian and Lower Ordovician in Northwestern Russia: Sequence Stratigraphy, Sea Level Changes and Bio-Events

Andrej V. Dronov, Tatjana N. Koren, Leonid E. Popov, Tatjana Ju. Tolmacheva, Lars E. Holmer

Using Rapid, Multidimensional, Graphic Correlation to Evaluate Chronostratigraphic Models for the Mid-Ordovician of the Mohawk Valley, New York

Peter M. Sadler, William G. Kemple

Widespread “Bighorn Facies”, Upper Ordovician, North America

Donald H. Zenger, David V. LeMone