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Pacific Section SEPM

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Analysis of Fault and Fracture Data from the San Andreas Fault, Toms Point, Point Reyes, California

Anna Sojourner, Karen Grove

The Big Bend Shear Zone: Early Cretaceous Ductile Deformation Associated with Pluton Emplacement in the Northern Sierra Terrane, California

Matthew J. Kulow, Richard E. Hanson, Gary H. Girty

Depositional Environments and Paleogeographic Setting of the Santa Margarita Formation, Ventura County, California

Devin R. Thor

Estimating β and Power for the Student’s t Test: Implications for Elemental Mass Change in a Middle Jurassic Contact Metamorphic Aureole

Khrista M. Garrison, Laura M. Bradbury, James C. Sanders Jr., William E. Hanson, Corrin S. Gallarano, Jason W. Ash, Richard A. Waite, Gary H. Girty

Geochemical and Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of the Independence Dike Swarm, San Bernardino Co., CA

Sean G. McManus, Diane Clemens-Knott

Geology of the Huntley Mill Lake Sill Complex: A Multiphase Peperitic Sill Intruded into Wet Sediments, Jurassic, Northern Sierra Nevada, California

Ulysses S. Hargrove, Richard E. Hanson

Geology of the Western Cordillera: Perspectives from Undergraduate Research; Frontmatter

Gary H. Girty, Richard E. Hanson, John D. Cooper

A Journey into the Miocene Along Sespe Creek, Ventura County, California; Frontmatter and Roadlog

A. Eugene Fritsche

Kinematic, Chemical, and Petrological Development of Protomylonite Within the Scove Canyon Segment of the Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains Shear Zone, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California

Shane M. Howell, Corrin S. Gallarano, Gary H. Girty

Listric Normal Faults in the Miocene-Pliocene Section at North and South Coles Levee Fields: A Response to Pleistocene Growth of the Elk Hills Anticline

Christopher L. Jones, Janice M. Gillespie

Magnetic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Rotations of the Middle-Upper Miocene “Santa Margarita” and Chanac Formations, North-Central Transverse Ranges, California

Erin L. Wilson, Donald R. Prothero

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Middle Miocene Bopesta Formation, Southern Sierra Nevada, California

Sean Coles, Donald R. Prothero, James P. Quinn, Carl C. Swisher III

Mid-Tertiary Depositional Environments and Paleogeography Along Upper Sespe Creek, Ventura County, California

Stephen A. Reid

Mineralogic Analysis of Orbicular Gabbro, Sierra Nevada Batholith, CA

Karen A. Batten, Diane Clemens-Knott

Miocene Paleogeography of Southwestern California and Its Implications Regarding Basin Terminology

A. Eugene Fritsche

Neoproterozoic–Lower Cambrian Sequence Stratigraphy, Eastern Mojave Desert, California: Implications for Base of the Sauk Sequence, Craton-Margin Hinge Zone, and Evolution of the Cordilleran Continental Margin

Joseph Bahde, Christine Barretta, Laura Cederstrand, Michael Flaugher, Robert Heller, Michael Irwin, Christopher Swartz, Scott Traub, John Cooper, Christopher Fedo