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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Pacific Section SEPM

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Alaska North Slope Core Workshop; Frontmatter and Introduction

David W. Houseknecht

Beaufortian (Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous) Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology in the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPRA)

David W. Houseknecht

A Brief History of Research on the Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary in the Southern Great Basin

Stephen M. Rowland, Frank A. Corsetti

Depositional Environments, Ichnology, and Rare Soft-Bodied Preservation in the Lower Cambrian Latham Shale, East Mojave

Robert R. Gaines, Mary L. Droser

Depositional Sequences and Facies in the Torok Formation, National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPRA)

David W. Houseknecht, Christopher J. Schenk

The Early Cambrian Problematic Fossil Volborthella: New Insights from the Basin and Range

James W. Hagadorn, Ben Waggoner

Geochemistry of Neoproterozoic Carbonates from Death Valley: The Elemental Anatomy of a δ13C Excursion

Marilyn B. Vogel, Joseph L. Wooden, Cynthia L. Schwartz, Anders Meibom

The Mesoproterozoic Section in the Franklin Mountains: Correlation and Regional Tectonic Implications for a Southern Arizona-West Texas Extensional Corridor (SAWTEC)

Kathleen M. Marsaglia

Microbialite Reefs at the Close of the Proterozoic Eon: The Middle Member Deep Spring Formation at Mt. Dunfee, Nevada

Lynn K. Oliver, Stephen M. Rowland

Neoproterozoic Carbonate Shrubs: A New Cap Carbonate Facies

Margaret L. Fraiser, Frank A. Corsetti

New Fossils from Terminal Neoproterozoic Strata of Southern Nye County, Nevada

Ben Waggoner, James W. Hagadorn

Noonday Tubes: Observations and Reinterpretations Based on Better Preservation from a New Locality

Pedro J. Marenco, Frank A. Corsetti, David J. Bottjer

Proterozoic-Cambrian of the Great Basin and Beyond; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Frank A. Corsetti, Russell Shapiro, Stanley M. Awramik

Seafloor Precipitates and Negative δ13C Values from the Scout Mountain Member of the Pocatello Formation, Southeast Idaho

Nathaniel J. Lorentz, Frank A. Corsetti, Paul Karl Link

Trace Fossils and Ichnofabrics of the Lower Cambrian Wood Canyon Formation, Southwest Death Valley Area

Soren Jensen, Mary L. Droser, Noel A. Heim

Unusual Aragonite Precipitates in the Neoproterozoic Rainstorm Member of the Johnnie Formation

Sara B. Pruss, Frank Corsetti