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Bacterial decomposition of avian eggshell: A taphonomic experiment

Denise L. Smith

Best Paper and Honorable Mention Papers for 2009

Biomechanical changes and remodeling of the masticatory apparatus during mammalian evolution: The case of the Issiodoromyinae (Rodentia)

Lionel Hautier

Biostratinomy of the late Ediacaran pyritized Gaojiashan Lagerstätte from southern Shaanxi, South China: Importance of event deposits

Yaoping Cai

Biotic and taphonomic response to lake-level fluctuations in the Greater Green River Basin (Eocene), Wyoming

Brian R. Ingalls

Bite marks on an Upper Triassic dicynodontid tibia from Zawiercie, Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, southern Poland

Ewa Budziszewska-Karwowska

Burgess shale-type preservation: A comparison of naraoiids (Arthropoda) from three Cambrian localities

Jih-Pai Lin

A burrow cast with Lystrosaurus skeletal remains from the Lower Triassic of South Africa

Sean P. Modesto

Carbonates in skeleton-poor seas: New insights from Cambrian and Ordovician strata of Laurentia

Sara B. Pruss

Confamilial predation in Pliocene naticid gastropods from southern France: Utility of preexisting collections in quantitative paleoecology

Jordi Martinell

Could a stalked crinoid swim? A biomechanical model and characteristics of swimming crinoids

G. Alex Janevski

Dead in their tracks--Cambrian arthropods and their traces from intertidal sandstones of Quebec and Wisconsin

Joseph H. Collette

The Decapoda (Crustacea) as predators on Mollusca through geologic time

Carrie E. Schweitzer

Did a volcanic mega-eruption cause global cooling during the Late Ordovician?

Achim D. Herrmann

Dinosaur death pits from the Jurassic of China

David A. Eberth

Diverse ichnofossil assemblages following the P-T mass extinction, Lower Triassic, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada: Evidence for shallow marine refugia on the northwestern coast of Pangaea

John-Paul Zonneveld

Earliest record of dental pathogen discovered in a North American Eocene rabbit

Łucja Fostowicz-Frelik

The early Barremian warm pulse and the late Barremian cooling: A high-resolution geochemical record of the Boreal Realm

Matthias Malkoč

Early molluscan evolution: Evidence from the trace fossil record

Adolf Seilacher

Early taphonomy and significance of naturally submerged Nautilus shells from the New Caledonia region

Royal H. Mapes

Ecological interactions between Rhipidomella (Orthides, Brachiopoda) and its endoskeletobionts and predators from the Middle Devonian Dundee Formation of Ohio, United States

Rituparna Bose

Ecosystem engineering by bioturbating polychaetes in event bed microcosms

Liam G. Herringshaw

Editorial: Palaios Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The effect of leaf orientation to sunlight on stomatal parameters of Quercus rubra around the Belgrade Lakes, central Maine

Rachel G. Daly

Effects of data categorization on paleocommunity analysis: A case study from the Pennsylvanian Finis Shale of Texas

Frank L. Forcino

Environmental and ecological variability of Middle Devonian (Givetian) forests in Appalachian Basin paleosols, New York, United States

Jason S. Mintz

Environmental controls on shell-rich facies in tropical lacustrine rifts: A view from Lake Tanganyika's littoral

Michael M. McGlue

Environmental controls on the distribution of late Paleozoic bryozoan colony morphotypes: An example from the Permian of Tasmania, Australia

Catherine M. Reid

Environmental disruptions influence taxonomic composition of brachiopod paleocommunities in the middle Permian Bell Canyon Formation (Delaware Basin, West Texas)

Leigh M. Fall

Epi- and endobionts on and in free-living colonies of Manicina areolata (Cnidaria, Scleractinia): A comparison of two Pleistocene communities from southern Florida

Peter J. Harries

Euendolithic microborings in basalt glass fragments in hyaloclastites: Extending the ichnofabric index to microbioerosion

Kimberly E. Montague

Evidence of paleowildfire in the early Middle Triassic (early Anisian) Voltzia Sandstone: The oldest post-Permian macroscopic evidence of wildfire discovered so far

Dieter Uhl

Experimental decay of gills in freshwater bivalves as a key to understanding their preservation in Upper Triassic lacustrine deposits

Aleksandra Skawina

Feeding traces associated with bird tracks from the Lower Cretaceous Haman Formation, Republic of Korea

Amanda R. Falk

First trace-fossil evidence of bone-eating worms in whale carcasses

Fernando Muñiz

Forensics on the half shell: A sclerochronological investigation of a modern biological invasion in San Francisco Bay, United States

David H. Goodwin

Formation of deglacial microbialites in coral reefs off Tahiti (IODP 310) involving sulfate-reducing bacteria

Katrin Heindel

Fossil vertebrate tracks as paleopenetrometers: Confounding effects of foot morphology

P. L. Falkingham

Green food through time

Ellen D. Currano

Gyrolithes in Holocene estuarine incised-valley fill deposits, offshore southern Vietnam

Andreas Wetzel

Ichnofabric evidence for the lack of bottom anoxia during the lower Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event in the Fuente de la Vidriera section, Betic Cordillera, Spain

Francisco J. Rodríguez-Tovar

Ichnology of siliceous facies in the Eocene Tallahatta Formation (eastern United States Gulf Coastal Plain): Implications for depositional conditions, storm processes, and diagenesis

Charles E. Savrda

The influence of data selection and type of analysis on interpretations of temporal stability in Oligocene faunas of Mississippi

Christy C. Visaggi

The intersection grid technique for quantifying the extent of bioturbation on bedding planes

Katherine N. Marenco

Leaf margin analysis: A new equation from humid to mesic forests in China

Tao Su

Leonardo da Vinci, the founding father of ichnology

Andrea Baucon

Lingulide response to severe storms recorded in Middle Triassic strata of northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld

Marine influence in the Upper Ordovician Juniata Formation (Potters Mills, Pennsylvania): Implications for the history of life on land

Neil S. Davies

Microbial biosignatures in iron-mineralized phototrophic mats at Chocolate Pots Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, United States

Mary N. Parenteau

Middle Triassic coral growth bands and their implication for photosymbiosis

George D. Stanley

Modeling molluscan marine reservoir ages in a variable-upwelling environment

Kevin B. Jones

Modern Nautilus (Cephalopoda) taphonomy in a subtidal to backshore environment, Lifou (Loyalty Islands)

Royal H. Mapes

Mollusk species at a Pliocene shelf whale fall (Orciano Pisano, Tuscany)

Silvia Danise

Neoichnological study of the traces and burrowing behaviors of the western harvester ant Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Paleopedogenic and paleoecological implications

Alan F. Halfen

Newly integrated approaches to studying Late Triassic terrestrial ecosystems

Randall B. Irmis

On the completeness and fidelity of the Quaternary bivalve record from the temperate Pacific coast of South America

Marcelo M. Rivadeneira

Origin of high productivity in the Pliocene of the Florida Platform: Evidence from stable isotopes and trace elements

Kai Tao

Oxygen isotopes and climatic control of Oxfordian coral reefs (Jurassic, Tethys)

Bertrand Martin-Garin

PALAIOS 2010 Author Index

PALAIOS 2010 Reviewers

Paleoecology of the Middle Cambrian edrioasteroid echinoderm Totiglobus: Implications for unusual Cambrian morphologies

Kirk L. Domke

Paleoenvironmental interpretations based on foraminiferal abundance biozones, Mayo Limestone, Trinidad, West Indies, including alpha and beta diversities

Brent Wilson

Paleoethologic significance of bioglyphs: Fingerprints of the subterraneans

A. A. Ekdale

Paleomycology: The rediscovery of the obvious

Thomas N. Taylor

Palynology of the mid-Cretaceous Malha and Galala Formations, Gebel El Minshera, North Sinai, Egypt

Salah Y. El Beialy

Pelmatozoan echinoderms as colonizers of carbonate firmgrounds in mid-Cambrian high energy environments

Samuel Zamora

A phosphatic coprolite lacking diagenetic permineralization from the Upper Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation, northeastern Montana: Importance of dietary calcium phosphate in preservation

Kurt T. Hollocher

Phylogenetic community assembly over time in Eurasian Plio-Pleistocene mammals

Pasquale Raia

Pleistocene rolling stones or large bryozoan nodules in a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate environment (Rhodes, Greece)

Pierre Moissette

Possible fossil echinoid mass mortality detected in Holocene lagoons, Belize

Eberhard Gischler

Preservation of protists within decaying plants from geothermally influenced wetlands of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States

Alan Channing

Quantifying Leptomeryx (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) enamel surface area across the Eocene–Oligocene transition in Nebraska

Julie E. Mathis

Rapid growth explains large size of mollusks in the Eocene Gosport Sand, United States Gulf Coast

Andrew W. Haveles

Reconstructing the paleoecology of Taung, South Africa from low magnification of dental microwear features in fossil primates

Frank L'Engle Williams

The role of bacterially mediated precipitation in the permineralization of bone

Joseph C. Daniel

Serpulid-Frutexites assemblage from shadow-cryptic environments in Jurassic marine caves, Betic Cordillera, southern Spain

Matías Reolid

Signs of boring predation on Middle Devonian hyolithids from the Michigan Basin

Tomasz K. Baumiller

Skeletal carbonate mineralogy of bryozoans from Chile: An independent check of phylogenetic patterns

Abigail M. Smith

Stable carbon isotopes of benthic foraminifers from IODP Expedition 311 as possible indicators of episodic methane seep events in a gas hydrate geosystem

Qing Li

Taphonomic controls on Ediacaran diversity: Uncovering the holdfast origin of morphologically variable enigmatic structures

Lidya G. Tarhan

Taphonomy and paleoecology of a bonebed from the Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska

Roland A. Gangloff

Taphonomy of a juvenile lambeosaurine bonebed from the Two Medicine Formation (Campanian) of Montana, United States

Benjamin A. Scherzer

To correlate or not to correlate--That is not the question anymore! Continental Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous supraregional correlation based on freshwater to brackish-water ostracodes

Benjamin Sames

Understanding the biology of high-latitude trees in a greenhouse world

Anne-Laure Decombeix

Using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) to explore geochemical taphonomy of vertebrate fossils in the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine and Judith River Formations of Montana

Raymond R. Rogers

Variation in burrow-wall micromorphologies of select intertidal invertebrates along the Pacific Northwest coast, USA: Behavioral and diagenetic implications

M.E. Zorn

What happened to the coal forests during Pennsylvanian glacial phases?

Howard J. Falcon-Lang

What if elephant shrews really were related to elephants?

Thomas Lehmann