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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Analysis of Triassic archosauriform trackways: Difference in stride/foot ratio between dinosauromorphs and other archosauriforms

Tai Kubo

Antarctica: Enhancing the links across time and space of the Permian glossopterids

Patricia E. Ryberg

Beetle burrows with a terminal chamber: A contribution to the knowledge of the trace fossil Macanopsis in continental sediments

Paweł Mikuś

Biological influences on seafloor carbonate precipitation

Kristin D. Bergmann

Carbonate reticulated ridge structures from the lower Middle Triassic of the Luoping Area, Yunnan, southwestern China: Geobiologic features and implications for exceptional preservation of the Luoping biota

Mao Luo

Chronological changes in upper Paleolithic fisheries revealed by museum archival material

Pablo Turrero

Comparison of leaf samples from mapped tropical and temperate forests: Implications for interpretations of the diversity of fossil assemblages

Beth Ellis

Concretions as sources of exceptional preservation, and decay as a source of concretions: Examples from the Middle Devonian of New York

Donald D. Wilson

Copepod mandible palynomorphs from the Nolichucky Shale (Cambrian, Tennessee): Implications for the taphonomy and recovery of small carbonaceous fossils

Thomas H.P. Harvey

Covariance of microfossil assemblages and microbialite textures across an upper Mesoproterozoic carbonate platform

Andrew H. Knoll

Cryptic diagenetic changes in Quaternary aragonitic shells: A textural, crystallographic, and trace-element study on Amiantis purpurata (Bivalvia) from Patagonia, Argentina

M. Sol Bayer

The Curse of Rafinesquina: Negative taphonomic feedback exerted by strophomenid shells on storm-buried lingulids in the Cincinnatian Series (Katian, Ordovician) of Ohio

Rebecca L. Freeman

Deciphering annual growth features in Chione elevata shells using isotope sclerochronology

Stewart M. Edie

Determining Floodplain plant distributions and populations using paleopedology and fossil root traces: Upper Triassic Sonsela Member of the Chinle Formation at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Aislyn M. Trendell

Diagenetic alteration of Triassic coral from the aragonite Konservat-Lagerstätte in Alakir Çay, Turkey: Implications for geochemical measurements

Katarzyna Frankowiak

Diatom ecology and microbial mat structure and function in Antarctic Dry Valleys

Lee F. Stanish

Dissolution of ophiuroid ossicles on the shallow Antarctic Shelf: Implications for the fossil record and ocean acidification

Beverly J. Walker

Do spicules in sediments reflect the living sponge community? A test in a Caribbean shallow-water lagoon

Magdalena Łukowiak

Early Pliocene (5 Ma) shark–cetacean trophic interaction from Langebaanweg, western coast of South Africa

Romala Govender

Echinoderm diversity and environmental distribution in the Ordovician of the Builth Inlier, Wales

Joseph P. Botting

The effect of morphology on postmortem transportation of bivalves and its taphonomic implications

Devapriya Chattopadhyay

Evaluation of oxygen isotope and Sr/Ca ratios from a Maldivian scleractinian coral for reconstruction of climate variability in the northwestern Indian Ocean

David Storz

Fossil Psammobiontic Sponges and Their Foraminiferal Residents, Central Apennines, Italy

Markus Reuter, Werner E. Piller, Marco Brandano

Fractal analysis of graphoglyptid trace fossils

James R. Lehane

Hydrodynamic behaviors of pachycephalosaurid domes in controlled fluvial settings: A case study in experimental dinosaur taphonomy

Joseph E. Peterson

Insights into the distribution of shallow-marine to estuarine early Miocene oysters from southwestern Patagonia: Sedimentologic and stable isotope constraints

José I. Cuitiño

Intense Naticid Drilling Predation on Turritelline Gastropods from Below the K-T Boundary at Rajahmundry, India.

Sumanta Mallick

Involvement of microbial mats in delayed decay: An experimental essay on fish preservation

Miguel Iniesto

Isotope sclerochronology and season of annual growth line formation in limpet shells (Patella vulgata) from warm- and cold-temperate zones in the eastern North Atlantic

Donna Surge

Microchemical differentiation of conodont and scolecodont microfossils

Alison Olcott Marshall

Microfabrics in Mesoproterozoic microdigitate stromatolites: Evidence of biogenicity and organomineralization at micron and nanometer scales

Dongjie Tang

Mudflow disturbance in latest Miocene forests in Lewis County, Washington

Thomas E. Yancey

Multiproxy sclerochronological evidence for Plio-Pleistocene regional warmth: United States Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain

Ian Winkelstern

Muricid drilling predation at high latitudes: Insights from the southernmost Atlantic

Julieta C. Martinelli

Neoichnology of the whip scorpion Mastigoproctus giganteus: Complex burrows of predatory terrestrial arthropods

Daniel I. Hembree

New Directions in Vertebrate Paleontological Research in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Nathan D. Smith

On the measurement of repair frequency: How important is data standardization?

Gregory P. Dietl

An overview of predation evidence found on fossil decapod crustaceans with new examples of drill holes attributed to gastropods and octopods

Adiël A. Klompmaker

Paleobiology and paleoecology of the early Turonian (Late Cretaceous) ammonite Pseudaspidoceras flexuosum

Christina Ifrim

Paleobotanical and geochemical approaches to studying fossil tree rings: Quantitative interpretations of paleoenvironment and ecophysiology

Erik L. Gulbranson

Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic implications of enhanced Holocene discharge from the Mississippi River Based on the sedimentology and geochemistry of a deep core (JPC-26) from the Gulf Of Mexico

Efthymios K. Tripsanas

Paleoenvironmental distribution of larger foraminifera in Upper Cretaceous siliciclastic–carbonate deposits (Arén Sandstone Formation, South Pyrenees, northeastern Spain)

Raquel Robles-Salcedo

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the "Lo Hueco" Fossil Site (Upper Cretaceous, Cuenca, Spain): Preliminary stable isotope analyses on crocodilians and dinosaurs

Laura Domingo

Palynomorph Preservation in Volcaniclastic Rocks of the Miocene Tepoztlán Formation (Central Mexico) and Implications for leoenvironmental Reconstruction

Nils Lenhardt

The Permian–Triassic transition in the central coastal plain of Israel (North Arabian Plate Margin), David 1 Borehole

Dorit Korngreen

Predation on Modern and Fossil Brachiopods: Assessing Chemical Defenses and Palatability

Carrie L. Tyler

Preservational and morphological variability of assemblages of agglutinated eukaryotes in Cryogenian cap carbonates of northern Namibia

Lilly A. Dalton

Reinvestigating Carboniferous "Actinomycetes:" Authigenic formation of biomimetic carbonates provides insight into early diagenesis of permineralized plants

Ashley A. Klymiuk

Shaken and stirred: Seismites and tsunamites at the Permian-Triassic Boundary, Guryul Ravine, Kashmir, India

M.E. Brookfield

Siderite Concretions In The Copan Crinoid Lagerstätte (Upper Pennsylvanian, Oklahoma): Implications For Interpreting Taphonomic And Depositional Processes In Mudstone Succession

James R. Thomka

Slime through time: The fossil record of prokaryote evolution

Nora Noffke

Spatial and stratigraphic variation of marine paleoenvironments in the upper Miocene Gatun Formation, Isthmus of Panama

Austin J.W. Hendy

Surviving a potentially lethal injury? Bite mark and associated trauma in the vertebra of a dyrosaurid crocodilian

Jeremy E. Martin

Taphonomic dynamics of lacustrine ostracodes on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: High fidelity and evidence of anthropogenic modification

Andrew V. Michelson

Taphonomic variability of fossil insects: A biostratinomic study of Palaeontinidae and Tettigarctidae (Insecta: Hemiptera) from the Jurassic Daohugou Lagerstätte

Bo Wang

Uppermost Permian to Lower Triassic conodonts at Bianyang Section, Guihzou Province, South China

Chunbo Yan

Uppermost Permian to Lower Triassic Conodont Zonation from Three Gorges Area, South China

Laishi Zhao

Variation in wingless insect trace fossils: insights from neoichnology and the Pennsylvanian of Massachussetts

Patrick R. Getty

Vegetation change in Siberia and the northeast of Russia during the Cenozoic Cooling: A study based on diversity of plant functional types

Svetlana Popova

Vinegaroon (Arachnida: Thelyphonida: Thelyphonidae) trackway production and morphology: Implications for media and moisture control on trackway morphology and a proposal for a novel system of interpreting arthropod trace fossils

Joshua D. Schmerge

Volcanic effects on microplankton during the Permian–Triassic Transition (Shangsi and Xinmin, South China)

Jun Shen