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Panhandle (Texas) Geological Society

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Selected Gas Fields of the Texas Panhandle, 1990

Selected Gas Fields of the Texas Panhandle, 1977

Interpretation of Depositional Environments From Selected Exposures of Paleozoic and Mesozoic Rocks in North-Central New Mexico Field Conference, 1973

Series of maps (6) illustrating Petroleum Development, Texas Panhandle (to 1972)

Correlation Chart and Cross Sections, 1963

Oil and Gas Fields of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, 1961

Southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico Field Conference, 1959

The Panhandle Geonews, April, 1959

The Panhandle Geonews, August, 1959

Saddleback Pueblo and Rotten Hill Triassic Fossil Site Field Trip, Oldman County, Texas, 1958

The Panhandle Geonews, February, 1958

The Panhandle Geonews, June, 1958

The Panhandle Geonews, October, 1958

Geology of the Wichita Mountain Region in Southwestern Oklahoma Field Trip, 1957

The Panhandle Geonews, February, 1957

The Panhandle Geonews, June, 1957

The Panhandle Geonews, October, 1957

The Panhandle Geonews, February, 1956

The Panhandle Geonews, June, 1956

The Panhandle Geonews, October, 1956

Dry Cimarron River Valley, the Panhandle of Oklahoma, Northeastern New Mexico, Lower Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and Southeastern Colorado Field Trip, 1955

The Panhandle Geonews, February, 1955

The Panhandle Geonews, June, 1955

The Panhandle Geonews, October, 1955

Fossil and Early Man Sites in the Texas Panhandle Field Trip, 1954

The Panhandle Geonews, January, 1954

The Panhandle Geonews, June, 1954

The Panhandle Geonews, October, 1954

Raton Basin Region and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico Field Trip, 1953

Antelope Creek, Pueblo and Triassic Fossil Site: Hutchinson and Potter Counties, Texas, Field Trip, 1951

Pennsylvanian (Magdalena) Sediments of Northeastern New Mexico Field Conference, 1941

Crude Oil Reserves of Texas Panhandle, 1939