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Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

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Apatite Fission Track Analysis of the Papuan Basin

Kevin C. Hill, Andrew J. W. Gleadow

The Application of Gas Ratios in Papua New Guinea

M. C. Daniels, N. I. Duncan

Application of the Global Positioning System to PNG Petroleum Exploration

N. C. Talbot, G. J. Carman

Application of Vitrinite Reflectivity to Paleogeothermometry Studies: Some Examples from Papua New Guinea Basins

N. J. Russell

Applications of Magnetotellurics to Petroleum Exploration in Papua New Guinea

Karen R. Christopherson

Applied Mesozoic Biostratigraphy in the Western Papuan Basin

A. Welsh

Barikewa and Iehi Gas Fields Revisited

K. J. Bird, R. Seggie

Controls on Tertiary Carbonate Platform Evolution in the Papuan Basin: New Play Concepts

C. J. Pigram, P. J. Davies, D. A. Feary, P. A. Symonds, G. C. H. Chaproniere

Discovery and Development of the Hides Gas Field in Licence PPL27, Papua New Guinea

A. M. Grainge, A. J. D. Hine, P. J. Brawley

Evolution of Structural Interpretations in Lagifu/Hedinia Field, Papua New Guinea

P. R. Lamerson

Fifty Years of Oil Search

S. Warren Carey

Foraminifera as Neogene Stratigraphic Guides for Papua New Guinea

D. W. Haig, R. C. B. Perembo

Front Matter: Proceedings of the 1st PNG Petroleum Convention, 1990

George J Carman, Zina Carman

Geofinder Traversing and Data Computation

George J. Carman

Geological Evolution of the Western Papuan Basin

P. C. Home, D. G. Dalton, J. Brannan

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Sepik-Ramu Area, Ramu Basin

J. C. Donaldson, J. T. Wilson

Geology and Petroleum Plays of the Aitape Basin, New Guinea

Andrew Kugler

Geology of the Sepik Basin, Papua New Guinea

Harry Doust

Hydrocarbon Exploration and Structure of the Northwest Darai Plateau

R. M. Causebrook, G. J. Solomon

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Western Papuan Basin Foreland — with Reference to Worldwide Analogues

D. G. Osborne

Kutubu Petroleum Development Project Crude Oil Export System

James B. Price

Macrofossil Evidence for a Palaeo-High, Erun Anticline, Papua New Guinea

G. J. Carman, N. W. Archbold

Marienberg-1, Sepik Basin

P. G. Purcell

Mesozoic Palaeogeography of the Northern Margin of the Australian Plate and its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

H. I. M. Struckmeyer, M. Yeung, M. T. Bradshaw

The New Ireland Basin: A Frontier Basin in Papua New Guinea

N. F. Exon, M. S. Marlow

New Late Jurassic Subsurface Lithostratigraphic Units, PPL-100, Papua New Guinea

C. N. Denison, J. S. Anthony

The North New Guinea Basin and Associated Infra-Basins

G. Francis

Occurrence and Nature of Eocene Strata in the Eastern Papuan Basin

G. J. Carman

Papua New Guinea — A Promising Future

J. H. Silcox

Pasca-Pandora Reef Exploration in the Gulf of Papua

E. F. Durkee

Petroleum Potential of the Fly-Bamu Deltas Region

R. G. Mollan, G. J. Blackburn

Practical Uses of Pressure Gradients from the Formation Tester

K. Wali

Rates of Weathering and Denudation with Reference to Uplift and Sedimentation

Bryan P. Ruxton

Regional Gravity and the Structure of the Eastern Papuan Fold Belt

V. P. St John

Revised Stratigraphic Definition of the Toro Formation: A Proposal

Jack Sari

Scrapland: A Suspect Composite Terrane in Papua New Guinea

R. J. Rogerson, D. B. Hilyard

Seismic Images of Papua New Guinea

S. Pono

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Wewak Trough

Bernard Pawih

A Structural Interpretation of the Onshore Eastern Papuan Fold Belt, Based on Remote Sensing and Fieldwork

Fons Dekker, Hugh Balkwill, Alan Slater, Robert Herner, Wim Kampschuur

Structural Styles and Hydrocarbons in the Papuan Fold Belt, a Review

Kevin C. Hill

Structure, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and Hydrocarbons in the Kagua-Kubor Area, Papua New Guinea

Kevin C. Hill, Daniel Medd, Pip Darvall

Structure and Evolution of the Border Region of New Guinea

H. L. Davies

Tertiary Plate Tectonic Setting and Evolution of Papua New Guinea

R. I. Smith

Towards Development — The Long History of Petroleum Exploration in Papua New Guinea

F. K. Rickwood

The Use and Limitations of Non-Seismic Geophysics in the Papuan Thrust Belt

A. J. Billings, J. H. Thomas