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Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

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3D Structural Modeling of the Moran Oilfield, Papua New Guinea

J. T. Keetley, K. C. Hill, K. J. Kveton

An Introduction to Financing Oil and Gas Projects in Emerging Markets - With Reference to Papua New Guinea

S. Mills

The Application of Exploration Principles to Define the Potential of the S.E. Gobe Field Forelimb

M. Daniels, M. I. Jacobson, J. D. Lee, D. T. Moffat, K. C. Richards

Application of Integrated Magnetic and Seismic Interpretation to Identify Petroleum Prospects in Papua New Guinea

Y. Zeng, B. A. McConachie

The Bosavi Arch and the Komewu Fault Zone: Their Control on Basin Architecture and the Prospectivity of the Papuan Foreland

S. Schofield

Chevron and WWF: Lessons Learned from Six Years of Collaboration in Biodiversity Protection

D. McCall, D. Flemming

Cross Catalina Anticline: An Oil Accumulation in the New Guinea Fold Belt in Irian Jaya (West Papua)

H. D. Mason, B. A. McConachie

The Darai Plateau Play: Foreland Basin Potential

J. C. Hulse, G. I. Harris

The Economic Impact of the Kutubu Oil Fields

R. Rimua, T. Mackay

The Economics of the PNG Gas-to-Queensland Project

D. Sebong, T. Mackay

Exploration Potential of the West Bosavi Area, Papuan Foreland Basin, Papua New Guinea

D. J. Bennett, R. P. Brand, C. R. Mills, B. D. Morris

Extensions of the Papuan Basin Foreland Geology into Eastern Irian Jaya (West Papua) and the New Guinea Fold Belt in Papua New Guinea

B. McConachie, E. Lanzilli, D. Kendrick, C. Burge

Front Matter: Proceedings of the 4th PNG Petroleum Convention, 2000

Peter G. Buchanan, Andrew M. Grainge, Roger C. N. Thornton

Generation of a Photogeological Synthesis Map of PPL 208, Papua New Guinea

S. R. Snodin, D. J. Holland, J. M. James, D. Vukovic

Geotechnical Conditions Affecting Infrastructural Development of Oil and Gas Fields in Papua New Guinea

R. C. M. Goldsmith, S. Elliott

Impact of Pre-Stack Depth Migration on the Anama Prospect, Papuan Foreland Basin

K. Bradey

Integrated Geological and Engineering Evaluation of Central Moran Field, Papua New Guinea

K. Davis, K. Pedersen, B. Todd, K. Wali

Managing Environmental Hazards on a Remote Oil Flowline

P. J. Hancock, G. J. Kelly, R. Muka, M. E. Hagabula

Miocene Bathyal Deposits of Foreland Megasequence 1 in the Papuan Fold Belt, Papua New Guinea

R. C. B. Perembo

Optimised 3D Land Geophysical Survey Design - A Case Study

P. van Baaren

Papua New Guinea Highlands Seismic “The Way Forward”

A. C. Jeffery, M. I. Jacobson, A. R. Cheshire

Petroleum Geology of the Hides Gas Field, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

D. C. Johnstone, J. K. Emmett

The Petroleum Industry in Papua New Guinea - Achievements, Opportunities and Future Directions in the 21st Century

M. McWalter

Petroleum Potential of the Southern Gulf of Papua

S. A. Gordon, B. J. Huizinga, V. Sublette

Pore Pressure Estimation in the Hides Region - Pitfalls and Solutions

N. Yassir, A. Hennig, M. A. Addis, A. Warrington

Provenance and Correlation of Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Reservoir Sandstones in Papua New Guinea Using Heavy Mineral Analysis

A. C. Morton, B. Humphreys, G. Manggal, C. M. Fanning

The Quest for Effective Management of Landowner Issues

L. Bragge

Reflections on the Evan R. Stanley Story

H. Davies

Reservoir Geometrics Applied to Drilling and Completion Programmes in Hostile and Complex Environments: North West Shelf, Timor Sea, North Sea and Colombia

D. A. Castillo, D. Moos, C. A. Barton, M. D. Zoback, P. Peska

Seismic Attribute Studies of the Flinders Amplitude Anomaly - Gulf of Papua

D. Schmidt

Seismic Processing in the Papua New Guinea Fold Belt - Recent Experience

N. J. Fisher, F. R. Nicholson

Seismic Structure of the Strickland Anticline, Papuan Fold Belt

M. S. Craig, K. Warvakai, H. L. Davies

Singing Songs of Expectation

D. Henton

Stanley Gas Condensate Field Discovery and the Oil Potential of the Western Papuan Basin

B. A. McConachie, E. Lanzilli

The Story of the Oil and Gas Act

M. McWalter

Stratigraphic Architecture, Facies and Stratigraphic Modeling of the Upper and Lower lagifu Reservoir Intervals, Gobe and Southeast Gobe Fields, Papua New Guinea

D. Larue, M. Daniels

Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy and the Oligocene-Miocene T-Letter “Stages” in Papua New Guinea

T. L. Allan, J. A. Trotter, D. J. Whitford, M. J. Korsch

Structural and Stratigraphic Shelf-Edge Hydrocarbon Plays in the Papuan Fold Belt

K. C. Hill, M. S. Norvick, J. T. Keetley, A. Adams

Structural Interpretation and Modeling of Seismic Data from the Moran and Paua Area, PNG Foldbelt

S. Lingrey

Sub-Thrust Plays in the Papuan Fold Belt: The Next Generation of Exploration Targets

J. P. Cole, M. Parish, D. Schmidt

Surveyors and the Search for Oil: PNG 1911–1942

F. C. Pratt