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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Aboriginal Land Rights and Sites of Significance: Prospects for Western Australia

John Snelling, Geoff Rogers

Abstract: Computer Applications While Drilling

J. Fayle

Abstract: Petroleum Exploration Activity in Queensland

R. W. Day

Abstract: Review of Fracture Stimulation Treatments in the Denison Trough

R. J. Theriault

The Application of Landsat Imagery in Structural Interpretation of the Canning Basin, W.A.

J. Craig, J. W. Downey, A. D. Gibbs, J. R. Russell

The Canning Basin, W.A. - An Introduction

P. G. Purcell

The Canning Basin W.A.

P.G. Purcell

Comparison and Geologic Interpretation of Alternative Dipmeter Analyses from a Permo-Carboniferous Sequence in the Fitzroy Graben

Barry A. Goldstein, John J. Hubbard

Conodont Studies in the Canning Basin - A Review and Update

Robert S. Nicoll

Development of Exploration Philosophies in the Onshore Canning Basin and the Need for a Pragmatic Approach

M. A. Reynolds, A. J. Flavelle

The Devonian Stratigraphy of the Central Pillara Range

R. W. Cooper, W. D. M. Hall, G. R. Styles

Environmental Aspects of Petroleum Exploration in the Canning Basin Arid Zone

Ralf Buckley

Evidence for Post-Permian Epeirogenic Uplift in the Canning Basin from Vitrinite Reflectance Data

E. L. Horstman

Exploration for Primary Diamond Deposits with Special Emphasis on the Lennard Shelf, W.A.

G. P. Gregory

Extended Abstract: Denison Trough Gas Development Project

P. A. Roles

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results in ATP 299P(A)

D. J. Morton

Extended Abstract: Jackson Field Development

R. Hoff

Extended Abstract: LPG Recovery Project

R. D. Frith

Extended Abstract: Recent Exploration in ATP 259P

M. Zwigulis

Extended Abstract: Southern Surat Basin Exploration Results

P. M. Butcher

Extended Abstract: Structure and Stratigraphy of the Eromanga and Cooper Basins

K. Hoolihan

Facies Changes and Development of a Carbonate Platform, East Pillara Range

C. J. Benn

Fission Track Dating and Thermal History Analysis of Apatites from Wells in the North-West Canning Basin

A. J. W. Gleadow, I. R. Duddy

The Genesis of the Diamond Deposits of the West Kimberley, W.A.

C. B. Smith

Geochemistry of Some Canning Basin Crude Oils

R. Alexander, M. Cumbers, R. I. Kagi

The Geological Evolution of the Canning Basin - Implications for Petroleum Exploration

S. A. Brown, I. M. Boserio, K. S. Jackson, K. W. Spence

The Geology and Genesis of the Narlarla Lead-Zinc Deposits, Napier Range, W.A.

C. R. Ringrose

Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Southern Canning Basin

J. Conolly, M. Falvey, D. Kingsley, B. Melton, T. Russell

Geology of the Blina Oilfield

H. T. Moors, W. E. Gardner, J. Davis

The Gravity Field of the Canning Basin

Vadim Anfiloff

Hydrocarbon Potential in the Great Sandy Region, W.A.

W. K. Norlin

Igneous Intrusions in the North-West Canning Basin and Their Impact on Oil Exploration

S. A. Reeckmann, A. J. Mebberson

Interpretation of Additional Conodont Colour Alteration Data and the Thermal Maturation and Geothermal History of the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Robert S. Nicoll, John D. Gorter

Oil Migration in the Northern Canning Basin - A Regional Review

E. J. (Ted) Ellyard

Palynostratigraphy of the Late Carboniferous Sequence, Canning Basin, W.A.

Gary D. Powis

Petroleum Geology of EP's 205 & 252 - South Canning Basin

Eve A. Howell

Petroleum Geology of the Central Broome Platform

Joanna Bentley

Platform-Margin and Marginal-Slope Relationships in Devonian Reef Complexes of the Canning Basin

Phillip E. Playford

Possible Major Diapiric Structures in the Southern Canning and Northern Officer Basins

J. Craig, J. W. Downey, A. D. Gibbs, J. R. Russell

Pressure Responses (Deformation) in Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Analysis and Application, Canning Basin

Brian W. Logan

A Prospective Nita Formation Reservoir Trend on the Broome Platform

J. Karajas, C. N. Kernick

Regional Geology of the Onshore Canning Basin, W.A.

A. N. Yeates, D. L. Gibson, R. R. Towner, R. W. A. Crowe

Research into Diagenetic and Mineralising Processes, Lennard Shelf Reef Complexes, W.A.

Hashem Etminan, Ian B. Lambert, Ian Buchhorn, Surender Chaku, Geoff C. Murphy

The Role of Seismic in Play Type and Prospect Development: Eastern Canning Basin

Ted Jacobson

The Seismic Definition of the Main Structural Elements of the Canning Basin

P. G. Purcell, J. Poll

Significance of Airborne Magnetic and Gamma Spectrometric Anomalies over the Eastern Margin of the Canning Basin

D. H. Tucker, M. Bacchin, R. Almond

Slim Hole Drilling in the Canning Basin Philosophy and Application

Simon M. Ashton

Some Results of High Resolution Seismic Surveying in the Sundown Area, Northern Canning Basin, W.A.

D. Norris, D. Taylor, J. Hall

Source Rocks in the Canning Basin: A Review

E. L. Horstman

The Stratigraphic and Structural Development of the Givetian-Frasnian Reef Complex, Limestone Billy Hills, Western Pillara Range, W.A.

W. D. M. Hall

The Stratigraphy, Palaeogeography and Petroleum Potential of the Lower to Lower Upper Devonian Sequence in the Canning Basin

P. R. Lehmann

Structural Observations of the Canning Basin by NOAA-AVHRR Satellite Imagery

P. Wilson, I. J. Tapley, F. R. Honey

Systematic Landsat Interpretation in Arid Environments - A Cost-Effective Aid to Petroleum Exploration

A. C. Theron, C. R. Nash, N. H. Lockett, M. C. Baker

The Tectonic Development of the Gregory Sub-Basin and Adjacent Areas, Northeastern Canning Basin

Greg Smith

Uranium Exploration in the Canning Basin: A Case Study

Peter Botten

Use of Thousand-Channel Seismic in Canning Basin

A. Moore, E. Allison