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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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The 'Geoseis' System: Seismic Prospecting with Detonating Cord - A Line Energy Source

D. W. Thompson

A 3D Seismic Interpretation - Flounder Field, Gippsland Basin

A. J. Young, R. R. Coenraads

Barracouta: History of Exploration and Development, and Geology of the Field

G. H. Roder, M. W. Sloan

Bass Basin Geology and Petroleum Exploration

G. C. Smith

The Coal Basins of Western New Zealand - An Introduction

P. G. Purcell

A Comparison of Hydrocarbon Plays in the Bass, Gippsland, Otway and Taranaki Basins

J. K. Davidson, K. C. Morrison

The Cretaceous Vegetation, and Palaeoenvironment of Otway Group Sediments

J. G. Douglas

Detailed Airborne Magnetic Surveys in the Barracouta - Whiting Area, Gippsland Basin

D. H. Tucker, R. J. Henderson, R. Franklin, S. Dennis

Diagenesis and Porosity in the Eastern View Group, Bass Basin

G. F. J. Meszoly, J. M. Bodard, V. J. Wall

Establishing the Elusive Paleo-Play - A Case Study of the Kahurangi Fault Zone, Southern Taranaki, New Zealand

B. A. Sissons, R. D. Walsh

Evolution of the Karamea Basin, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

H. McQuillan

Extended Abstract: A Review of Exploration Results from the Roma Shelf Western Surat Basin

L. G. Elliott

Extended Abstract: A Review of the Eromanga Basin Discoveries in ATP 259P

W. K. Thiele

Extended Abstract: Artificial Lift in the Jackson Field

B. Charko

Extended Abstract: BMR Regional Seismic Profiling Across the Eromanga, Surat & Clarence-Moreton Basins

K. D. Wake-Dyster

Extended Abstract: Petroleum Exploration Activity in Queensland During 1984–84

D. C. Mengel

Extended Abstract: Production History of the Moonie Oil Field, Surat Basin

W. Singley

Extended Abstract: Recent Discoveries and Development in the Queensland Cooper Basin

Michael Vnuk

Extended Abstract: Recent Exploration and Development in ATP 269P

S. L. Keenihan

The Generation and Release of Hydrocarbons from Victorian Brown Coal Lithotypes

D. Rigby, T. D. Gilbert, B. D. Batts, J. W. Smith

Geotectonic Setting of Australasia

S. Warren Carey

The Gippsland Basin - Development and Stratigraphy

B. R. Thompson

A History of the Search for Commercial Hydrocarbons in the Otway Basin Complex

R. C. Sprigg

Hydrological Anomalies and Hydrocarbon Exploration

C. I. Sharpe, R. J. W. McLaughlin

Late Mesozoic - Cenozoic Trans-Tasman Tectonics: Evidence from the Gippsland and Taranaki Basins

P. R. Evans

The Limitations of Seismic Modelling of Geological Structures

B. L. N. Kennett

Lithostratigraphic and Depositional Architecture of the Latrobe Group, Offshore Gippsland Basin

J. M. Bodard, V. J. Wall, R. A. Kanen

Non-Petroleum Gas Accumulations, Gippsland, Bass and Otway Basins

S. Ozimić

Offshore Gippsland Silver Jubilee

B. R. Brown

The Portland Trough, Otway Basin - Geology and Petroleum Potential

G. R. Holdgate, G. H. Mackay, G. C. Smith

Recent Exploration in PEPs 109 and 110, Onshore Gippsland Basin

S. R. Greaves

Recovery of Oil from the Basal Tertiary Pebble Point Formation at Lindon No. 1 - Summary, Results and Implications

A. Tabassi, L. K. Davey

Regional Evaluation of the Tectonic and Thermal History of the Gippsland Basin

K. A. Hegarty, I. R. Duddy, P. F. Green, A. J. W. Gleadow, I. Fraser, J. K. Weissel

Review of Petroleum Exploration in Queensland During 1986

M. A. Randal

The Role of Coal as a Source Rock for Oil

A. C. Cook, H. Struckmeyer

Sandstone Porosity Patterns in the Latrobe Group, Offshore Gippsland Basin

J. M. Bodard, V. J. Wall

Seismic-Stratigraphic Interpretation of Coastal Barrier Systems of Late Eocene Age, Offshore Gippsland Basin

R. Blake

Seismic Stratigraphy and Crustal Structure of Offshore Wilkes Land, Antarctica

H. M. J. Stagg, J. J. Veevers, S. L. Eittreim, J. R. Childs

Subsidence and Maturation History of the Bass Basin from Geohistory Calculations

P. E. Williamson, C. J. Pigram

Tectonic Development of Victoria's Otway Basin - A Seismic Interpretation

M. Megallaa

Tertiary Stratigraphic Palynology of the Murray Basin

H. A. Martin

The West Seahorse and Seahorse Fields: Fluvial, Lacustrine and Deltaic Deposition in the Eocene Latrobe Group, Gippsland Basin

M. A. Battrick

The West Tasmanian Margin: An Underrated Petroleum Province?

K. Hinz, J. B. Willcox, M. Whiticar, H.-R. Kudrass, N. F. Exon, D. A. Feary