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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Application of Plunger Lift for Marginal Wells in Patchawarra Central Oil Fields

M. Pyzik

Applications of New Cement Technology in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins, Australia

B. H. Gray

Aspects of Recent Oil Discoveries in ATP 299P(2), South-West Queensland

S. Greaves, E. Surka

Aspects of the Hydrogeology of the Southern Eromanga Basin, Queensland

P. J. Muller

Case Studies of Stratigraphic and Fault Traps in the Cooper Basin, Australia

P. J. Stanmore

Casing Corrosion in the Moomba Area, Cooper Basin, South Australia

S. Martucci

Casing Design in Relation to Blowout Prevention and Well Control in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

K. B. English

The Development History and Status of the Cooper and Eromanga Basins

R. W. Branson

Development of the Dullingari Murta Oil Field

P. A. Robinson, G. F. Butler

Diagenetic Alteration of Permian Reservoir Sandstones in the Nappamerri Trough and Adjacent Areas, Southern Cooper Basin

J. P. Schulz-Rojahn, S. E. Phillips

Drilling Fluid Systems and Practices in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins, Australia

Tun H. Aung

The Enigmatic Sub-Surface Tookoonooka Complex in South-West Queensland: Its Impact Origin and Implications for Hydrocarbon Accumulations

J. D. Gorter, V A. Gostin, P. S. Plummer

Environmental Management Techniques in ATP 259P

T. Winters

The Exploration History and Status of the Cooper and Eromanga Basins

R. J. S. Hollingsworth

Exploring the Multiple Land Use Concept - A South Australian Model

N. Newland

Extended Abstract: A Review of Soil-Gas Geochemical Survey in Queensland

J. Carmody

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results and Future Activities in ATP 259P Cooper/Eromanga Basin, Queensland

R. Skerman

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results and Future Activities in the Northern Eromanga Basin

T. M. Schmedje, C. C. Hodge

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results and Future Activities in the Surat Basin and Denison Trough, Queensland

P. Sippe

Extended Abstract: Petroleum Activity in Queensland - A Stockmarket Perspective

S. Reed

Extended Abstract: Results of NERDDP Project 914 in the Southern Eromanga Basin

T. A. Noon

Extended Abstract: Santos' Tickalara to Cooroo Pipeline Design, Installation and Operation

R. Kennett

Extended Abstract: The Development of the Denison Trough Gas Fields

J. M. Riley

Front Matter

B. J. O'Neil

Geochemical Correlation of Source Rocks and Crude Oils from the Cooper and Eromanga Basins

C. C. Jenkins

The Geometry of Toolachee Unit 'C' Fluvial Sand Trends, Moomba Field, Permian Cooper Basin, South Australia

W. A. Fairburn

The Gidgealpa Oil and Gas Field: A Case History

S. M. McIntyre, F. G. Jamal, C. L. Pidcock, M. I. Kabir

GSQ Thargomindah-3: A Stratigraphic Test of a 'Canyon-Like' Feature near the Tookoonooka Complex, Eromanga Basin, Queensland

Ian F. Young, L. M. Gunther, O. Dixon

Hydrocarbon Fluid History in Relation to Diagenesis in the Hutton Sandstone, South-West Queensland

P. J. Eadington, P. J. Hamilton, P. Green

The Influence of Pre-Jurassic Tectonic Regimes on the Structural Development of the Southern Eromanga Basin, Queensland

K. L. Hoffmann

The Jackson Oil Field Development

A. P. Dodman, J. T. Rodrigues

Kerogen Characterisation, and Organic and Mineral Diagenesis of Potential Source Rocks in Jurassic Units, Southern Eromanga Basin, Queensland

P. J. Hawkins, C. S. Almond, D. C. Carmichael, R. J. Smith, L. J. Williams

Lateral Changes in Seismic Velocities and Their Effect on Depth Prediction

J. Pinchin, M. Bayly

Lineament-Hydrocarbon Associations in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins

I. B. Campbell, E. S. T. O'Driscoll

Mesozoic Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography, Eastern Australia

M. J. Wiltshire

The Mulkarra Structure: A Possible Buried Impact Crater in the Western Eromanga Basin, Australia

M. Flynn

The Occurrence and Search for Permian Oil in the Cooper Basin, Australia

C. C. Yew, A. A. Mills

Organic Facies and Petroleum Geochemistry of the Lacustrine Murta Member (Mooga Formation) in the Eromanga Basin, Australia

B. H. Michaelsen, D. M. McKirdy

Palaeogeothermometry of the Cooper and Eromanga Basins, South Australia

N. J. Russell, Y. Bone

Permeability Estimation from Well Logs Using Probabilities

B. B. Farrow

A Permian Origin for Jurassic Reservoired Oil in the Eromanga Basin

R. Heath, S. McIntyre, N. Gibbins

Petroleum Accumulations of the Eromanga Basin: A Comparison with other Australian Mesozoic Accumulations

V. L. Passmore

Petrophysics of Cooper Basin Reservoirs in South Australia

J. G. G. Morton

Petrophysics of Oil Reservoirs in the Eromanga Basin, South Australia

D. I. Gravestock, E. M. Alexander

Possible Stratigraphic Controls on Hydrocarbon Distribution within the Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Rocks, Eromanga Basin, Southern Queensland

P. M. Green, T. J. Brain, B. H. John

The Prospects for Eromanga Oil Accumulations in the Northern Cooper Basin Region, Australia

A. R. Gilby, I. R. Mortimore

Regional Diagenesis - An Important Influence in Porosity Development and Hydrocarbon Accumulations within the Hutton Sandstone, Eromanga Basin

P. M. Green, P. J. Eadington, P. J. Hamilton, D. C. Carmichael

A Review of Seismic Acquisition Trials and Procedures in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

J. R. Hughes, N. A. Fitzgerald

Revision of Triassic Stratigraphy at the Cooper Basin to Eromanga Basin Transition

G. D. Powis

The Role of Fracture Stimulation in the Development of the Tirrawarra Field

G. B. Salter

Sand Dune Development within the Simpson Desert and its Effect on Statics Calculation

P. G. Senycia

Santos and Environmental Management

O. Morozow

Seismic Character Delineation of Fluvial Sandbody Geometry, Upper Toolachee Formation, Central Patchawarra Trough, Cooper Basin, South Australia

R. J. Taylor, A. D. Thomas

South West Queensland Gas Development

R. M. Bresnehan

The Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Northern Eromanga Basin

T. Scholefield

Subsidence History of the Eromanga Basin, Australia

S. Zhou

Surface Facilities for South Australian Cooper and Eromanga Basins' Oil Fields - Changing with the Times

S. Bruland

The Talundilly Anomaly and its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration of Eromanga Astroblemes

I. M. Longley

Thermal Maturity and other Geological Controls on the Distribution and Composition of Cooper Basin Hydrocarbons

J. W. Hunt, R. S. Heath, P. F. McKenzie

Tirrawarra and Moorari Oil Fields Enhanced Oil Recovery Schemes - Further Developments

J. S. Rodda, T. G. Paspaliaris

Unstable Gas Displacement in Enhanced Oil Recovery

E. Allen, D. V. Boger