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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Advances in the Understanding of Upper Permian Reservoir Distribution and Quality, North Perth Basin

N. P. Tupper, S. E. Phillips, B. P. J. Williams

An Atlas of Neoproterozoic and Phanerozoic Basins of Western Australia

R. M. Hocking, A. J. Mory, I. R. Williams

Carbonate Breccias and Quartzo-Feldspathic Sandstones of the Marginal Slope, Devonian Reef Complex, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Annette D. George, Phillip E. Playford, Christopher McA. Powell

A Carbonate Dilaform, Brooking Springs, Canning Basin, WA

Brian W. Logan, David J. Frances, Maritsa Economo

Clues to the Structural History of the Rankin Trend, from 3-D Seismic Data

Steve Newman

Coalbed Methane Exploration in the Bowen Basin

R. C. Clare, M. G. White

Contemporary Stresses in the Timor Sea: Implications for Fault-Trap Integrity

S. D. Mildren, R. R. Hillis, T. Fett, P. H. Robinson

Deep Reflections on the North West Shelf: Changing Perceptions of Basin Formation

AGSO North West Shelf Study Group

Deep Structure of the Browse Basin: Implications for Basin Development and Petroleum Exploration

P. A. Symonds, C. D. N. Collins, J. Bradshaw

Depositional Sequences and Associated Petroleum Systems of the Canning Basin, WA

J. M. Kennard, M. J. Jackson, K. K. Romine, R. D. Shaw, P. N. Southgate

Development of the Parknook/Namarah Gas Field

P. Elkington

Fluorescence Alteration and Thermal Maturity Modelling of Carnarvon Basin Wells

R. W. T. Wilkins, N. J. Russell, M. V. Ellacott

The Good and Bad of Diagenesis - A Review of Sandstone Reservoirs in the North Bonaparte Basin

M. F. Killick, P. H. Robinson

High Resolution Palynostratigraphy of the Tithonian Angel Formation in the Wanaea and Cossack Oil Fields, Dampier Sub-Basin

A. N. Bint, N. G. Marshall

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Onshore Carnarvon Basin

B. J. Warris

The Influence of Basement on Faulting within the Perth Basin, Western Australia

M. C. Dentith, A. Long, J. Scott, L. B. Harris, S. A. Wilde

The Leatherback Discovery, Carnarvon Basin

J. A. Bauer, E. C. D. Hooper, J. Crowley

Lineament Tectonics: An Approach to Basin Analysis and Exploration

Catherine I. Elliott

Lower Palaeozoic Facies in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

John D. Gorter, Robert S. Nicoll, Clinton B. Foster

The Maitland Gas Discovery - A Geophysical/Petrophysical Case History

K. H. Sit, P. M. Hillock, N. W. D. Miller

Maryborough Basin Exploration

L. Roe

Meanders to Fans: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach to Upper Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous Sedimentation in the Sahul Syncline, North Bonaparte Basin

P. H. Robinson, H. S. Stead, J. B. O'Reilly, N. K. Guppy

The Mesozoic and Cainozoic Sequences of the Northwest Australian Margin, as Revealed by ODP Core Drilling and Related Studies

N. F. Exon, U. von Rad

Mesozoic Structural Development of the Beagle Sub-Basin - Implications for the Petroleum Potential of the Northern Carnarvon Basin

J. E. Blevin, A. E. Stephenson, B. G. West

Mid-Cretaceous Concretionary Carbonate Reservoirs at Barrow Island, Western Australia

Glynn Ellis, Alan M. Tait, Peter J. Gibson

Mosaic's Exploration Activities in the Surat Basin in 1993/1994

J. Carmody, L. Nguyen

Native Title: Basalt Horizon or Business Risk?

D. Gately

Nebo Oil Discovery, Beagle Sub-Basin

D. G. Osborne

The Neoproterozoic Centralian Superbasin in Western Australia: The Savory and Officer Basins

M. R. Walter, J. D. Gorter

The Neoproterozoic Savory Basin, Western Australia

I. R. Williams

Northern Carnarvon Basin Hydrocarbon Distribution and Future Petroleum Potential

E. Kopsen

Oil and Gas Accumulations of the Offshore Barrow and Exmouth Sub-Basins - Trends in Hydrocarbon Habitat

M. L. Zaunbrecher

Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

R. S. Heath, S. Taylor

Oil Migration in the Cartier Trough, Vulcan Sub-Basin

Mark Lisk, Peter Eadington

Oil Price Risk Management - Issues for Producers

M. Walker

Onshore Maryborough Basin Australia ATP 613P

Magellan Staff

The Ordovician to Silurian Phase of the Canning Basin WA: Structure and Sequence Evolution

K. K. Romine, P. N. Southgate, J. M. Kennard, M. J. Jackson

Petroleum Resources of the Western Australian Basins

S. R. le Poidevin, R. D. Lowden

Petroleum Systems in West Australian Basins

M. T. Bradshaw, J. Bradshaw, A. P. Murray, D. J. Needham, L. Spencer, R. E. Summons, J. Wilmot, S. Winn

A Proposed Third-Order Sequence Framework for the Upper Devonian Outcrops of the Northern Canning Basin

D. B. Whittam, J. M. Kennard, R. B. Kirk, J. F. Sarg, P. N. Southgate

Queensland Gas Marketing

R. Rayner

Rankin Platform, Western Australia: Structural Development and Exploration Potential

Alan Stein

Recent Exploration and Production Developments in APP-471 and Associated Pl's, Surat Basin

K. Mills

Recent Gas Discoveries on the Rankin Trend, North West Shelf, Australia: The Echo/Yodel and North Rankin West Fields

Larry Tilbury

Recent WAPET Discoveries near Thevenard Island, Southeast Barrow Sub-Basin

G. J. Beacher, M. K. McLerie, N. W. Miller

The Reservoir Geology of the Wanaea and Cossack Oil Fields

Giovanni A. E. di Toro

Review of Petroleum Exploration and Development in Queensland 1993–1994

P. Balfe

A Review of the Petroleum Potential of the Browse Basin

Tun U Maung, Steve Cadman, Barry West

A Review of the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Permo-Carboniferous Grant Group, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Jonathan Redfern, Emma Millward

Rivoli Gas Field, Exmouth Sub-Basin

Philip J. Lawry, Paul A. Carter

The Role of Regional Seismic Surveys in the Exploration of the North West Shelf

J. Ostby, C. Johnston

A Salt-Related Detachment Model for the Development of the Vulcan Sub-Basin

E. P. Woods

The Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia: An Introduction

P. G. Purcell, R. R. Purcell

Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Upper Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous Depositional Systems in the Dampier Sub-Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Peter Barber

Sequence Stratigraphy and the North West Shelf of Australia

V. R. Labutis

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Flamingo Group, Southern Bonaparte Basin

B. E. J. Messent, A. K. Goody, E. Collins, S. Tobias

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Neocomian Barrow Delta, Exmouth Plateau, Northwestern Australia

Malcolm I. Ross, Peter R. Vail

Should the Devonian Basins of Northeast Queensland Continue to be Ignored?

J. J. Draper, S. C. Lang

Snake Creek East No. 1 Discovery ATP 336P, Surat Basin

J. K. Davidson

Source Rocks of Western Australia - Distribution, Character and Models

John Scott

The Structural Architecture and Stratigraphy of the Offshore Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

P. Quaife, J. Rosser, S. Pagnozzi

Structural Evolution of the Onshore Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

A. J. Mory, R. P. Iasky

The Structural Foundations of the Northern Carnarvon Basin

H. M. J. Stagg, J. B. Colwell

Structural Framework and Depositional History of the Bedout and Rowley Sub-Basins

Paul Lipski

Structure of the Offshore Canning Basin: First Impressions from a New Regional Deep-Seismic Data Set

J. B. Colwell, H. M. J. Stagg

The Tanami, Sinbad and Ulidia Fields and the Stag Discovery, Barrow and Dampier Sub-Basins, WA

M. W. Ballesteros

The Tectonic Framework of Western Australia's Neoproterozoic to Recent Sedimentary Basins

P. W. Baillie, C. McA. Powell, Z. X. Li, A. M. Ryall

Timing of Hydrocarbon Migration into the Admiral Bay Fault Zone, Canning Basin

Stuart McCracken

Towards an Early to Middle Jurassic Palaeogeography for the North West Shelf: A Marine Perspective

M. Apthorpe

Transtensional Analogue Modelling Applied to the Perth Basin, Western Australia

L. B. Harris, R. I. Higgins, M. C. Dentith, M. F. Middleton

Triassic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

John D. Gorter

Update on the Gilmore Gasfield Project in the Adavale Basin, Central Queensland

M. Brand

Wandoo Oil Field: A Formation Evaluation Case History

E. Delfos

West Muiron Discovery, WA-155-P - New Life for an Old Prospect

Lorraine Mitchelmore, Neville Smith