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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Abstract: An Independent's View of Queensland Petroleum Exploration

Norm Zillman

Aromatic Hydrocarbons as Indicators of Biodegradation in North Western Australian Reservoirs

S. J. Fisher, R. Alexander, R. I. Kagi, G. A Oliver

Basement Control and Geoseismic Definition of the Cornea Discovery, Browse Basin, Western Australia

Alan Stein, Keith Myers, Chris Lewis, Theresa Cruse, Steve Winstanley

Continuous Oil Pools and Self-Sourcing Reservoirs: International Examples and Australian Possibilities

John Scott

Contributions to the Geology of the Wiso Basin (Middle Cambrian to Ordovican), Northern Territory

John D. Gorter, Robert S. Nicoll, Robyn Purcell, Sally E. Phillips

The Coolcalalaya Sub-Basin: A Forgotten Frontier 'between' the Perth and Canarvon Basins, WA

Arthur J. Mory, Robert P. Iasky, Sergey I. Shevchenko

Development of the Goodwyn Gas Field, Dampier Sub-Basin

A. Young

Dongara Oil and Gas Field, Perth Basin

Grant K. Ellis, Richard H. Bruce

An Effective Lower Cretaceous Petroleum System on the North West Shelf: Evidence from the Browse Basin

J. E. Blevin, C. J. Boreham, R. E. Summons, H. I. M. Struckmeyer, T. S. Loutit

Evaluating Trap Integrity in the Vulcan Sub-Basin, Timor Sea, Australia, Using Integrated Remote-Sensing Geochemical Technologies

G. W. O'Brien, P. Quaife, R. Cowley, M. Morse, D. Wilson, M. Fellows, M. Lisk

An Evaluation of the Mardie Greensand Reservoir, Thevenard Island Area, Carnarvon Basin

D. A. Seeburger, N. W. D. Miller, G. J. Beacher, J. P. Schulz-Rojahn, J. P. Popek

Evidence for a Submarine Oil Seep in the Offshore Northern Perth Basin

T. J. Currie, R. Alexander, R. I. Kagi

Evidence of Lower Triassic Reservoirs with Possible Hydrocarbon Charge in the Southern Bonaparte Basin

John D. Gorter, Victor Ziolkowski, Stewart W. Bayford

Exploration, Development and Production Activities in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins: 1997–1998

Rob Heath

Exploration, Development and Production Activities in the Denison Basin: 1997–1998

Ian Mortimore

Fluid Flow, Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Entrapment History of the Plover Formation, Sahul Platform, Australia

Grant K. Ellis

Geochemistry of a Palaeo-Oil Column, Octavius 2, Vulcan Sub-Basin

Simon C. George, Mark Lisk, Peter J. Eadington, Robinson A. Quezada

Higher Plant Biomarkers on the North West Shelf: Application in Stratigraphic Correlation and Palaeoclimate Reconstruction

B. G. K. van Aarssen, R. Alexander, R. I. Kagi

Hydrocarbon Charge in the Vulcan Sub-Basin

M. Lisk, M. P. Brincat, P. J. Eadington, G. W. O'Brien

Hydrocarbon Leakage on the North West Shelf, Australia: New Information from the Integration of Airborne Laser Fluorosensor (ALF) and Structural Data

G. T. Cooper, C. R. Barnes, J. D. Bourne, G. J. Channon

Inferring Kerogen Kinetics for Exploration in the Timor Sea Region

David C. Lowry

Integrated Teamwork - A Case Study

Steve Mackie

Lambert 2 Oil and Gas Discovery, Carnarvon Basin

D. R. Kingsley, M. J. Thompson, D. P. Harris, J. Fowles

Late Tertiary-Quaternary Geological Evolution of the Houtman Abrolhos Carbonate Platforms, Northern Perth Basin

Lindsay B. Collins, Zhong Rong Zhu, Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll

The Lennard Shelf Revisited

Angelo Crostella

Lower Palaeozoic Correlations and Thermal Maturity, Carnarvon Basin, WA

Arthur J. Mory, Robert S. Nicoll, John D. Gorter

Marine Biostratigraphy and Correlation of the West Australian Permian Basins

N. W. Archbold

Mechanisms of Dynamic Seal Failure in the Timor Sea and Central North Sea Basins

Richard R. Hillis

Neogene Deformation of the North West Shelf, Australia

M. Keep, C. McA. Powell, P. W. Baillie

A New Approach to Seismic Acquisition in Queensland

Lindsay Horn

A New Kinematic Model for the Formation and Evolution of the West and Northwest Australian Margin

R. Dietmar Müller, Dona Mihut, Stephanie Baldwin

A New Tectonic Model for the Evolution of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Falih M. Daim, Paul G. Lennox

The Outer Limits of Australia's Resource Jurisdiction Off Western Australia

Philip A. Symonds, Brian Murphy, Doug Ramsay, Keith Lockwood, Irina Borissova

Palaeogeography and its Impact on the Petroleum Systems of the North West Shelf, Australia

J. Bradshaw, J. Sayers, M. Bradshaw, R. Kneale, C. Ford, L. Spencer, M. Lisk

The Palaeozoic Play in the South Canning Basin - Results of Looma 1

M. R. King

Petroleum Generating Potential and Thermal History of the Neoproterozoic Officer Basin, Western Australia

K. A. R. Ghori

Petroleum Generating Potential and Thermal History of the Palaeozoic, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

K. A. R. Ghori

Petroleum Geology of the Peedamullah Shelf, Northern Carnarvon Basin

A. R. Yasin, R. P. Iasky

Re-Interpretation of the Permo-Carboniferous Succession, Canning Basin, Western Australia

S. N. Apak, J. Backhouse

Recent Activity in ATP 549P - Cooper Basin

Malcom Boardman

Recent Developments in Coal Seam Gas in Queensland

Steve Scott

Recent Discoveries in the Barrow and Dampier Sub-Basins: Agincourt, Alkimos, Wonnich, Reindeer and Legendre Fields

M. Ballesteros

Reservoir Geology of the Perseus Field, North West Shelf, Australia

N. B. Thompson, M. L. Taylor, N. C. Taylor

Review of Petroleum Exploration and Development in Queensland: 1997–1998

Luke Sorby, Victor Suchocki

Revised Biostratigraphic (Condont-Palynomorph) Zonation of the Triassic of Western and Northwestern Australia and Timor

Robert S. Nicoll, Clinton B. Foster

Revised Sea-Floor Spreading History of the Argo Abyssal Plain

Dona Mihut, R. Dietmar Müller

Revised Upper Permian Stratigraphy of the Bonaparte Basin

John D. Gorter

Sequence Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Middle to Upper Devonian Sequences in the Southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

John D. Gorter, Arthur Mory, Robert S. Nicoll

State of Stress in the Timor Sea Area, Based on Deep Wellbore Observations and Frictional Failure Criteria: Application to Fault-Trap Integrity

David A. Castillo, Richard R. Hillis, Keven Asquith, Mike Fischer

Stratigraphy, reservoir Geometry and Facies Architecture of a Modern Arid Playa Basin Lacustrine Delta; Neales River Delta, Lake Eyre, Australia

Tim Hicks

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the M. australis Sandstone, Barrow and Dampier Sub-Basins

Ian A. Dyson

Structural Evolution and Charge History of the Exmouth Sub-Basin, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

K. Tindale, N. Newell, J. Keall, N. Smith

Structural Evolution of the Browse Basin, North West Shelf: New Concepts from Deep-Seismic Data

Heike I. M. Struckmeyer, Jane E. Blevin, Jacques Sayers, Jennifer M. Totterdell, Ken Baxter, Donna L. Cathro

A Structural Interpretation of the Gascoyne Platform, Southern Carnarvon Basin, WA

Robert P. Iasky, Arthur J. Mory, Sergey I. Shevchenko

Tectonostratigraphic Framework and Petroleum Systems of the Browse Basin, North West Shelf

J. E. Blevin, H. I. M. Struckmeyer, D. L. Cathro, J. M. Totterdell, C. J. Boreham, K. K. Romine, T. S. Loutit, J. Sayers

Vagrant Oils: Geochemical Signposts to Unrecognised Petroleum Systems

Roger E. Summons, Marita Bradshaw, James Crowley, Dianne S. Edwards, Simon C. George, John E. Zumberge

Volcanic Evolution of the Western Australian Continental Margin and its Implications for Basin Development

Philip A. Symonds, Sverre Planke, Oivind Frey, Jakob Skogseid

WAPIMS: A New Petroleum Exploration Database for Western Australia

J. H. Haworth, L. M. Arden