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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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3D Palaeo-Migration Pathway Analysis: An Example from the Timor Sea

G. Chen, K. C. Hill, N. Hoffman, G. W. O'Brien

3D Rift Fault Systems of the Western Otway Basin, SE Australia

S. Chantraprasert, K. R. McClay, C. Elders

Abstract: Cenozoic History of the North and East Australian Margins

R. Hall

Abstract: Development of New Pipelines - Options for Queensland

Mark Cooper

Abstract: New Impetus for Otway Exploration

J. S. Evanochko

Addressing the Oil Migration Risks in the Great Australian Bight

M. Lisk, D. Hall, J. Ostby, M. P. Brincat

AFTA®-Calibrated 2-D Modelling of Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Using Temispack®: Preliminary Results from the Otway Basin

I. R. Duddy, B. Erout

Analogue Modelling of Extensional Fault Architectures: Comparisons with Natural Rift Fault Systems

K. R. McClay, T. Dooley, R. Gloaguen, P. Whitehouse, S. Khalil

Anomalous Tectonic Subsidence of the Southern Australian Passive Margin: Response to Cretaceous Dynamic Topography or Differential Lithospheric Stretching?

B. J. Brown, R. D. Müller, H. I. M. Struckmeyer

Applications of Ichnology to Hydrocarbon Exploration - Examples from the Permian of Eastern Australia

K. L. Bann, C. R. Fielding

CBM - A New Play for the Cooper Basin?

D. Poynton, G. Simon

Cenozoic Submarine Canyon Systems in Cool Water Carbonates from the Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia

A. S. Leach, M. W. Wallace

Character, Maturity and Distribution of Potential Cretaceous Oil Source Rocks in the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Bight Basin, Great Australian Bight

H. I. M. Struckmeyer, J. M. Totterdell, J. E. Blevin, G. A. Logan, C. J. Boreham, I. Deighton, A. A. Krassay, M. T. Bradshaw

Charge Histories of Petroleum Reservoirs in the Gippsland and Taranaki Basins - Evidence From the Analysis of Oil Inclusions and Crude Oils

H. Volk, S. C. George, M. Lisk, S. D. Killops, M. Ahmed, R. A. Quezada

Cook Strait, New Zealand - A New Frontier Basin

G. R. Holdgate, R. Shaw

Depositional and Rank Controls on the Petroleum Potential of Coaly Source Rocks

R. Sykes

Distribution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Permian Nowra Sandstone, Southern Sydney Basin, New South Wales, Australia

P. A. Arditto

Down and Out in Gippsland: Using Potential Fields to Look Deeper and Wider for New Hydrocarbons

D. H. Moore, D. Wong

Effect of Magmatism on the Northern Taranaki Basin Petroleum System

V. Stagpoole, R. Funnell, D. Darby

Emperor and Golden Beach Subgroups: The Onset of Late Cretaceous Sedimentation in the Gippsland Basin, SE Australia

T. Bernecker, A. D. Partridge

An Empirical Approach to Evaluating Regional Seal Capacity and Hydrocarbon Migration Characteristics in South-Eastern Australia

G. W. O'Brien, D. Heggie, G. Lawrence, A. Williams

Evaluating Overpressure in Compressional Regimes Using Geomechanical Modelling

D. Darby, S. Ellis

Exploration, Appraisal and Development Activities in the Cooper-Eromanga (SWQ), Surat and Bowen Basins: 2000–2001

Stephen Kelemen

Extended Abstract: Can Amplitude Versus Offset Detect Gas in the Shipwreck Trough?

M. Lennane, R. Weeden, J. Cant

Extended Abstract: New Challum Discovery Renews Interest in an Old Play Concept

Jeremy Harris, Raj Sing, Graham Sutherland

Extended Abstract: Re-Evaluating Thermal History Models for the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand Using Apatite Fission Track and (U-Th)/He Data From Well Sections

P. V. Crowhurst, P. F. Green, P. J. J. Kamp

Extended Abstract: Structural Evolution and Charge History in the Bass Basin - Preliminary Results

A. Cummings, R. Hillis, P. Tingate

Extended Abstract: The Ceduna Sub-Basin - An Exploration Update

J. Bruins, I. M. Longley, J. P. Fitzpatrick, S. J. King, A. M. Somerville

Extended Abstract: The Scotia Field — An Emerging Coal Seam Gas Development

Bonnie Lowe Young

Fluid Flow Histories and Diagenesis in Permo-Triassic Sediments of the Sydney Basin, SE Australia - Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Constraints

G-P. Bai, P. J. Hamilton, P. J. Eadington, J. B. Keene

Gas and Incitec's Future as a Manufacturer

Arthur Pitts

Geochemical Comparisons Between Asphaltites on the Southern Australian Margin and Cretaceous Source Rock Analogues

C. J. Boreham, A. A. Krassay, J. M. Totterdell

Geochemistry and Charge History of a Palaeo-Oil Column: Jerboa-1, Eyre Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight

T. E. Ruble, G. A. Logan, J. E. Blevin, H. I. M. Struckmeyer, K. Liu, M. Ahmed, P. J. Eadington, R. A. Quezada

Geological Framework of the Lord Howe Rise and Adjacent Ocean Basins

J. B. Willcox, J. Sayers, H. M. J. Stagg, S. Van de Beuque

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Maryborough Basin

P. Lipski

Geophysical Definition of the Kapuni Coastal Facies of the Western Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

E. Matthews, C. Lewis

Gower Basin, Lord Howe Rise

J. B. Willcox, J. Sayers

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Australia's Remote Frontier Areas in Offshore East and South-East Australia - Examples from the Basins of Lord Howe Rise

J. Blevin

An Integrated Structural and Palaeogeographic Investigation of Eocene Erosional Events and Related Hydrocarbon Potential in the Gippsland Basin

E. M. Johnstone, C. C. Jenkins, M. A. Moore

Interpretation of Burial and Diagenetic History of Northland Allochthon Rocks, Northland Basin, New Zealand

N. Aadil, P. Black, P. F. Ballance

K-Ar Dating, Petrographic and Thermal Modelling Constraints on Illite Origin in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

H. Zwingmann, P. R. Tingate, N. M. Lemon, P. J. Hamilton

Late Cretaceous Rift Volcanics of the Gippsland Basin, SE Australia - New Insights from 3D Seismic

G. J. O'Halloran, E. M. Johnstone

A Marine Source Rock in the Gippsland Basin?

J. D. Gorter

Mesoscopic Fold and Thrust Structures at Cape Liptrap, Victoria, Australia - A PNG Analogue?

J. T. Keetley, K. C. Hill, C. Nguyen

Migration and Mixing of Oils in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins, Central Australia

B. H. Michaelsen, D. M. McKirdy

Migration of Oil and Gas into the Maui Field, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

R. H. Funnell, V. M. Stagpoole, A. Nicol, S. D. Killops, A. G. Reyes, D. Darby

Miocene Turbidite Reservoir Systems in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: Established Plays and Analogues for Deep-Water Exploration

P. R. King, G. H. Browne

Neogene Sedimentary Basin Evolution in Northern Papua New Guinea: A Model for Basin Evolution in Convergent Margin Settings

K. Liu, K. A. W. Crook

New Insights into the Structural Development of the Onshore Otway Basin

A. N. Aburas, P. J. Boult

New Oil from a Mature Gas Field - The History of the Moomba Oil Discoveries

R. Menpes

A New Palaeogeographic Synthesis for the Bowen, Gunnedah and Sydney Basins of Eastern Australia

C. R. Fielding, R. Sliwa, R. J. Holcombe, A. T. Jones

New Perspectives on Structural Style and Petroleum Prospectivity, Offshore Eastern Otway Basin

G. C. Geary, A. E. Constantine, I. S. A. Reid

NGMA Cooper-Eromanga Basins Project — New Insights into Petroleum Systems

John Draper

The Offshore Clarence-Moreton Basin in New South Wales - A New Petroleum Play?

R. D. Shaw, J. D. Alder, N. Aadil

Origin's Clean Energy Advantage

R. Lovibond

Otway Basin Rifting to Sea-Floor Spreading - Hydrocarbon Implications

D. Palmowski, K. C. Hill, N. Hoffman, T. Bernecker

The Outer Limits of Australia's Resource Jurisdiction Off Eastern Australia

P. A. Symonds, R. Parums, G. Hill, B. Hirst, G. Bernardel, H. Stagg

Petroleum Expulsion From Permian Coal Seams in the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, South Australia

L. Kramer, K. R. Arouri, D. M. McKirdy

Petroleum Potential of Deepwater Basins Around Tasmania: Insights from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 189

N. F. Exon, T. S. White, M. J. Malone, J. P. Kennett, P. J. Hill

Petroleum Potential of New Zealand's Deepwater Basins

C. I. Uruski, P. Baillie

Petroleum Potential of the Deepwater Taranaki Basin

V. Stagpoole, C. Uruski, R. Funnell, D. Darby

The Plate Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Australasia Guided by the Stratigraphy of the Gippsland Basin

M. S. Norvick, M. A. Smith, M. R. Power

Plate Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Australian Marginal Ocean Basins

M. Sdrolias, R. D. Müller, C. Gaina

Queensland — 101 Years of Oil and Gas Discoveries

Rod Brown

Recent Coal Seam Gas Activities in the Surat Basin

Steven Scott

A Review of Current University-Based Petroleum Geoscience Research in Queensland

Christopher Fielding

Review of Petroleum Exploration and Development in Queensland: 2000–01

Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines

Revised Stratigraphy of the Sherbrook Group, Otway Basin

A. D. Partridge

Sedimentary Basins and Structural Framework of the South Tasman Rise and East Tasman Plateau

P. J. Hill, A. M. G. Moore, N. F. Exon

The Sedimentology and Palaeoenvironments of the Late Cretaceous Sherbrook Group in the Otway Basin

G. A. Boyd, S. J. Gallagher

The Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the Gippsland Basin: Results from 2D Section Balancing and 3D Structural Modelling

M. R. Power, K. C. Hill, N. Hoffman, T. Bernecker, M. Norvick

Tectonic Evolution of Cretaceous Rift Basins in South-Eastern Australia and New Zealand: Implications for Exploration Risk Assessment

R. Sutherland, P. King, R. Wood

The Tectonic Stress Field in Eastern Australia

S. Zhao, R. D. Müller

Three-Dimensional Gravity Modelling of Sedimentary Basins

R. Wood, D. Woodward

The Townsville Trough — Last Frontier or Lost Frontier

Peter W Baillie, Paul A Gilleran

Triassic Seals in the Cooper Basin

R. Dragomirescu, J. Kaldi, N. Lemon, E. Alexander

Visualisation of Fluvial Stratigraphic Trap Opportunities in the Pondrinie 3D Survey, Cooper-Eromanga Basin

T. Nakanishi, S. C. Lang

Volumetric Calculations Using 3D Seismic Calibrated Against Porosity Logs - Pretty Hill Formation Reservoirs, Onshore Otway Basin

P. J. Boult, J. Donley