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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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4D Evolution of Fault Systems in Sedimentary Basins: A Review

K. R. McClay, P. S Whitehouse, A. Amilibia, J. de Vera, T. Djebbar

Abstract: 4D Evolution of Fault Systems in Sedimentary Basins: A Review

K. R. McClay, P. S Whitehouse, A. Amilibia, J. de Vera, T. Djebbar

Abstract: Advances in Stratigraphic Trap Identification

S. C. Lang

Abstract: Deepwater Exploration Challenges

T. J. Brown

Abstract: Does Vertical Integration Create Value in Australian Gas Exploration and Production?

G. King

Abstract: Geological Sequestration of Co2; Why, Where and What Role for Geoscientists?

J. Bradshaw

Abstract: Late Cretaceous-Eocene Basin Evolution in the SW Pacific from Integrated Geology, Marine Geophysics, and Global Mantle Convection Models

R. Sutherland, P. King, R. Herzer

Abstract: Petroleum Systems and Plays in Their Basin History Context: Building a Predictive Framework for New Opportunity Identification

H. Doust

Abstract: Pipelines - Getting Resource to Market

J. K. McDonald

Abstract: Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Systems of the Southern Rift System

J. E. Blevin

An Appraisal of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Southeast Clarence-Moreton Basin in Queensland

R. Haselwood, I. Deighton, L. Hamilton

Calibration of Charge and Retention Models for the Gidgealpa Oilfield: Implications for Seal Potential in the Eromanga Basin

L. Johnson, M. Lisk, A. Gartrell, P. Boult

Cambro-Ordovician Conodont Biostratigraphy and Thermal Maturation of the Eastern Warburton Basin, South Australia

X. Sun, R. S. Nicoll

Casino Gas Field, Offshore Otway Basin, Victoria - The Appraisal Story and Some Stratigraphic Enlightenment

N. C. Sharp, G. R. Wood

Coal Seam Gas Prospectivity of the Ipswich and Clarence-Moreton Basins

B. J. Pinder

Constraints on the Hydrocarbon Charge History of Sandstone Reservoirs in the Strzelecki Field, Eromanga Basin, South Australia

L. Kramer, D. M. McKirdy, K. R. Arouri, L. Schwark, D. Leythaeuser

Constraints on the Oil Prospectivity of the Penola Trough, Onshore Otway Basin

M. Lisk

A Critical Review of Data Quality and Content Applied to FWS and Similar Tools

M. Wiltshire

Deepwater Outcrop Analogue Study: Basal Bunkers Sandstone, Donkey Bore Syncline, Northern Flinders Ranges, Australia

N. Ceglar, M. R. W. Reilly, T. H. D. Payenberg, S. C. Lang

Development of Australia's First Hot Fractured Rock (HFR) Underground Heat Exchanger, Cooper Basin, South Australia

D. Wyborn, L. de Graaf, S. Davidson, S. Hann

Devonian Petroleum Systems in Queensland

J. J. Draper, C. J. Boreham, K. L. Hoffmann, J. L. McKellar

Did the Exploration Well Myall Creek-1, Plugged and Abandoned in 1964, Actually Find the Biggest Gas Field in the Surat Basin? - Introducing the Tinowon Formation Stratigraphic Play

R. J. Willink, G. P. Pass, P. Horton, R. Taylor, G. Sutherland, B. Pidgeon

Eastern Officer Basin-New Play-Sleeping Giant?

P. J. Boult, L. Rankin

Fraser Island and Hervey Bay - A Classic Modern Sedimentary Environment

R. Boyd, K. Ruming, S. Davies, T. Payenberg, S. Lang

Gas-Oil-Source Correlations in the Otway Basin, Southern Australia

C. J. Boreham, J. M. Hope, P. Jackson, R. Davenport, K. L. Earl, D. S. Edwards, G. A. Logan, A. A. Krassay

Geochemical Modelling of Co2-Water-Rock Interaction in the Pretty Hill Formation, Otway Basin

D. M. Kirste, M. N. Watson, P. R. Tingate

The Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Glaciomarine Lower Parmeener Supergroup, Tasmania Basin

C. M. Reid, C. F. Burrett

Geosequestration Investigations - Offshore New South Wales, Australia

J. Sayers, A. Kernich, T. Dance

Horizontal Microfractures and Core Discing in Sandstone Reservoirs, Cooper Basin, Australia

T. Flottmann, D. J. Campagna, R. Hillis, D. Warner

Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Exploration in Australia

R. R. Hillis, M. Hand, S. Mildren, J. Morton, P. Reid, S. Reynolds

Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration, Leakage and Seepage on the West Tasmanian Margin

G. W. O'Brien, P. R. Tingate, J. E. Blevin, C. J. Boreham, A. Mitchell, C. Calver, A. Williams

Improving Fault Geometry Interpretation through 'Pseudo-Depth' Conversion of Seismic Data in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin

P. J. Lyon, P. J. Boult, A. Mitchell, R. R. Hillis

The in situ Stress Field of the Cooper Basin and its Implications for Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Development

S. D. Reynolds, S. D. Mildren, R. R. Hillis, J. J. Meyer

Integration of AFTA and (U-Th)/He Thermochronology to Enhance the Resolution and Precision of Thermal History Reconstruction in the Anglesea-1 Well, Otway Basin, SE Australia

P. F. Green, P. V. Crowhurst, I. R. Duddy

An International Perspective on Entry into Hydrocarbon-Producing Basins of Eastern Australia

R. K. Merrill, S. K. Trujillo, S. D. Simpson, R. M. Wall

Interpretation of Basin Structure from High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data: An Example from the Officer Basin of South Australia

C. A. Foss, Z. S. Shi, J. Teasdale, L. L. Pryer, T. S. Loutit, P. G. Stuart-Smith, K. Romine

Leaf Biomass - A New Paradigm for Sourcing the Terrestrial Oils of Taranaki Basin

R. Sykes, L. R. Snowdon, P. E. Johansen

Marine Clays and Porosity Evolution in the Nullawarre Greensand, Otway Basin, Southeastern Australia

G. A. Boyd, M. W. Wallace, G. R. Holdgate, S. J. Gallagher

Natural Fracture Characterisation in a Coal Measure Succession: An Analogue for Coal Seam Methane and Tight Gas Reservoirs

D. Gillam, T. Flottmann, R. Hillis

New Perspectives on the Structural Evolution of the Bass Basin: Implications for Petroleum Prospectivity

A. M. Cummings, R. R. Hillis, P. R. Tingate

Novel Petroleum Systems in Papua New Guinea Indicated by Terpane and Methylhopane Distributions

S. C. George, H. Volk, M. Ahmed, H. Middleton, T. Allan, D. Holland

Oil on the Patchawarra Flank - Some Implications from the Sellicks and Christies Oil Discoveries

M. J. Altmann, H. M. Gordon

Opportunities for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide in the Offshore Gippsland Basin, SE Australia: An Example from the Upper Latrobe Group

R. S. Root, C. M. Gibson-Poole, S. C. Lang, J. E. Streit, J. Underschultz, J. Ennis-King

Overview of the Structure and Associated Petroleum Prospectivity of the Taranaki Fault, New Zealand

V. Stagpoole, R. Funnell, A. Nicol

Petroleum Geology of New Zealand's Northwest Frontier: The Northland Sector of the Greater Taranaki Basin

C. I. Uruski

Petroleum Prospectivity of Cretaceous Strata in the Deepwater Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

P. Baillie, C. Uruski

A Regional Tectonostratigraphic Framework for the Otway Basin

A. A. Krassay, D. L. Cathro, D. J. Ryan

A Review of Basin Evolution, Sequence Analysis and Petroleum Potential of the Frontier Arrowie Basin, South Australia

W-L Zang, J. B. Jago, E. M. Alexander, E. Paraschivoiu

A Review of Recent Conventional Petroleum Exploration and In-Field Gas Reserves Growth in the Denison Trough, Queensland

D. P. Anthony

Revised Geology and Coal Seam Gas Characteristics of the Walloon Subgroup - Surat Basin, Queensland

S. Scott, B. Anderson, P. Crosdale, J. Dingwall, G. Leblang

Seal Evaluation of a Fluvio-Lacustrine Rift to Post-Rift Succession, the Eumeralla Formation, Otway Basin, Australia

L. Svendsen, T. H. D. Payenberg, P. J. Boult, J. G. Kaldi

The Seismic Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Late Cretaceous Ceduna Delta, Ceduna Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight

S. J. King, B. C. Mee

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Intra-Latrobe Group, Flounder Field, Gippsland Basin. Implications for the Building and Upscaling of 3D Geological Models

S. J. Riordan, S. C. Lang, T. H. D. Payenberg

Structural-Stratigraphic Styles and Evolution of the Offshore Otway Basin - A Structural Seismic Analysis

D. Palmowski, K. C. Hill, N. Hoffman

The Structural Framework and Tectonic Evolution of the Bight Basin

J. M. Totterdell, B. E. Bradshaw

The Structural History of Tasmania: A Review for Petroleum Explorers

A. R. Stacey, R. F. Berry

Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Traps in the Onshore Taranaki Fold Belt, New Zealand

K. C. Hill, N. Hoffman, G. Channon, S. Courteney, R. D. Kendrick, J. T. Keetley

The Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Northern Drummond Basin and Northeastern Galilee Basin, Central Queensland, Australia

A. van Heeswijck

Subsurface Plumbing of the Crayfish Group in the Penola Trough: Otway Basin

P. J. Boult, P. Lyon, B. Camac, D. Edwards, D. M. McKirdy

Tertiary 'Deep Lead' Palaeoriver Systems and Their Relationship to Basin Evolution, Victoria

G. R. Holdgate, K. A. Cunningham, M. W. Wallace, S. J. Gallagher, D. H. Moore

Top Seal and Reservoir Continuity: Hydrodynamic Evaluation of the Hutton-Birkhead Reservoir, Gidgealpa Oilfield

J. Underschultz, P. Boult

The Use of Foraminiferal Colouration Index (FCI) as a Thermal Indicator and Correlation with Vitrinite Reflectance in the Sherbrook Group, Otway Basin, Victoria

S. J. Gallagher, I. R. Duddy, P. G. Quilty, A. J. Smith, M. W. Wallace, G. R. Holdgate, P. J. Boult

Water Issues for Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Power Generation at Moomba

B. T. Armstrong, S. S. Rahman