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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Abstract: A New Stratigraphic/Structural Interpretation Helps Focus Exploration in the Poolowanna Trough, Eromanga Basin, South Australia

P. Boult

Abstract: Australia's Hot Rocks Plays

B. A. Goldstein, A. J. Hill, A. R. Budd, F. Holgate, M. Malavazos

Abstract: Australia's Reporting of Carbon Emissions and Carbon Reduction Scheme

M. Williamson

ABSTRACT: Bowen Basin Structural Geology 2007 - A New Interpretation Based on Airborne Geophysics

R. Sliwa, S. Hamilton, J. Hodgkinson, J. Draper

Abstract: Carbon Dioxide Storage in Australia - The Current State of Play

W. Muir

Abstract: Coal Seam Methane Potential, Resources, and Exploration Targets in the Sydney-Gunnedah Basin, Australia

A. Scott, D. S. Hamilton, A. M. Mantaring, S. Cozens, D. F. Balin

Abstract: Comparative Geological Setting of Conventional Oil and Gas Fields and CSG Resources in the Surat/Bowen Basin, Queensland

R. J. Willink

Abstract: Developing Carbonate Depositional Models in the Eastern Papuan Basin and the Impact on Prospectivity

D. Holland

Abstract: Distribution, Dating and Origin of Magmatism in the Bight and Eucla Basins

A. Schofield, J. Totterdell

Abstract: Fault Dilatation Behaviour in the Kupe Field, Taranaki Basin, Offshore New Zealand

B. R Ilg, S. Ellis, M. Arnot, A. Nicol

Abstract: From Microwatts to Megawatts - High Heat Production Granites as Geothermal Heat Sources

B. W. Chappell, D. Wyborn

Abstract: Geophysical Characterisation of the Elk Reservoir, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea

J. Storey, S. Sioni, M. Kiele

Abstract: Geoscience Education - Starting Early with TESEP

T. Loutit

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Northern Extension of the Oaklands Basin, Griffith, NSW

M. Fahey

Abstract: Lacustrine Petroleum Systems in the Papua New Guinea Foreland

S. Wood, H. Volk, N. Sherwood, C. J. Boreham

Abstract: Mapping Southern Australian and Tasman Sea Rifted Margin Crustal Thickness and Ocean-Continent Transition Using Satellite Gravity Inversion

N. J. Kusznir

Abstract: Miocene-Pliocene Paleogeographic Reconstructions of the Eastern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

A. J. Vonk, P. J. J. Kamp

Abstract: New Zealand - Current Exploration Trends and Developments

J. M. Anderson

Abstract: Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlations for Selected Oils and Gas Condensates from Several New Zealand Basins

K. -G. Zink, R. Sykes

Abstract: Papua New Guinea - Exploration Trends, Discoveries and Production

P. Botten, I. Longley

Abstract: Provenance of Eocene Latrobe Group Sandstones in the Tuna Field, Gippsland Basin

U. Schacht

Abstract: Putting Carbon Back Underground: Carbon Capture and Storage Research and Deployment

P. J. Cook

Abstract: Re-Evaluation of Structure and Sedimentary Packages in the Eastern Surat Basin

R. Sliwa, J. Esterle

Abstract: Renewable Energy to Tackle Climate Change

R. Corkish

Abstract: Sediment Stacking Patterns in Coal Measure Sequences: Examples from the Permian Bowen Basin

J. Esterle, R. Sliwa

Abstract: Subtidal Origin of the Hawkesbury Sandstone, Middle Triassic, Sydney Basin

P. J. McCabe

Abstract: The Application of New Geophysical Data to the Study of the Capel-Faust Basins - Lord Howe Rise

K. Higgins, G. Bernardel, R. Hackney, T. Hashimoto, G. Logan, P. Petkovic, N. Rollet

Abstract: The Galilee Basin: A Potential CO2 Storage Site in Queensland

S. Edwards, B. Ainsworth, B. Vakarelov, J. Kaldi

Abstract: The Importance of Natural Gas as a Future Clean Energy Source for Eastern Australia

B. Robinson

Abstract: Towards a National Geoscience Education System - Invigorating University Geoscience

T. Powell

Analysis and Management of Seismic Risks Associated with Engineered Geothermal System Operations in South Australia

C. P. Morelli, M. Malavazos

Aquifers and Coal: Storing Queensland's Carbon Dioxide

J. J. Draper

Assessment of Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered within the Taranaki Basin 1955-2000, and Potential Undiscovered Reserves

C. Skinner

Australian-Antarctic Rifting

J. M. Whittaker, R. D. Müller, A. Goncharov

Baseline Study on Sub-Surface Petroleum Occurrences at the CO2CRC Otway Project, Western Victoria

C. Boreham, J. Chen, Z. Hong

Basin and Petroleum Systems Analysis of the West Coast Region, South Island, New Zealand

J. M. Beggs, F. C. Ghisetti, A. J. Tulloch

Basker Field, Gippsland Basin: Assessing Reservoir Connectivity with the Aid of Complementary Technologies

B. E. J. Messent, L. E. Farmer

Birkhead Formation Chronostratigraphy on the Murteree Horst, South Australia: Identifying and Correlating Reservoirs and Seals

S. M. Gallagher, G. R. Wood, N. L. Lemon

A Brief History of Exploration in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

E. M. Alexander

Capel and Faust Basins: Preliminary Assessment of and Offshore Deepwater Frontier Region

T. Hashimoto, N. Rollet, K. Higgins, G. Bernardel, R. Hackney

The Carrack-Caravel Prospect Complex: A Possible Sleeping Giant in the Deep Water Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

W. G. Mogg, K. Aurisch, R. O'Leary, G. P. Pass

Clean Coal Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for Eastern Australia

L. W. Gurba

CO2-Related Diagenesis in the Tuna Field, Gippsland Basin: A Natural Analogue Study for Geosequestration

U. Schacht

CO2 Storage Potential and Mixed Gas Conditions of Eastern Australian Coals

A. Sagha

Coal Seam Gas Distribution in the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin

K. L. Pinetown, M. M. Faiz, A. Saghafi, L. Stalker, J. van Holst

Evaluating Seal Capacity of Caprocks and Intraformational Barriers for the Geosequestration of CO2

R. F. Daniel, J. G. Kaldi

Evaluating the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Western Cooper/Eromanga Region: Can 'Old' Oil Be Preserved?

T. Bernecker

Exploring the Greater Taranaki Basin North of the Established Hydrocarbon Fairway

K. Bierbrauer, T. J. Herdy, A. Rek, K. L. Mills

First Order Sealing and Hydrocarbon Migration Processes, Gippsland Basin, Australia: Implications for CO2 Geosequestration

G. W. O'Brien, P. R. Tingate, L. M. Goldie Divko, M. L. Harrison, C. J. Boreham, K. Liu, N. Arian, P. Skladzien

Forward Prediction of Spatial Temperature Variation from 3D Geology Models

H. Gibson, K. Stüwe, R. Seikel, D. FitzGerald, P. Calcagno, D. Argast, P. McInerney, A. Budd

Geothermal Systems Assessment: Understanding Risks in Geothermal Exploration in Australia

G. T. Cooper, G. R. Beardsmore

Glauconite Ages from Late Cretaceous Reservoir Sandstones of the Papuan Basin

H. Zwingmann, T. Allan, K. Liu, D. Holland, D. Leech

The Increasing Significance of Coal Seam Gas in Eastern Australia

G. Baker, S. Slater

The Increasing Significance of Coal Seam Gas in Eastern Australia

G. Baker, S. Slater

Influence of Depositional Environment and Early Diagenesis on Molecular Maturity Parameters of Coals: An Example from the Taranaki Basin

H. Volk, S. C. George, R. Sykes

The IntraCONtinental BasinS (ICONS) Atlas - Applications in Eastern Australia

C. Heine, R. D. Müller

Introducing the Jacaranda Ridge Sandstone: A New Play in the Penola Trough: Otway Basin, Australia

B. A. Camac, P. J. Boult

Inversion Tectonics and the Structural Development of the Elk/Antelope Gas Field, Papua New Guinea

A. Goldberg, D. Holland

Investigation of the Relationship between Gas Content, Composition and Permeability in Coal Seams, and the Structural and Geological History of the Bohena Trough, Gunnedah Basin

L. F. Budd, A. V. Edgar

Kutubu Oilfield, Papua New Guinea- A 350 MMbbl Fold Belt Classic

K. Bradey, K. Hill, D. Lund, N. Williams, T. Kivior, N. Wilson

Late Cretaceous-Paleocene Evolution of the East Gondwana Margin, a New Dynamic Model for the Formation of Marginal Basins

P. F Rey, R. D. Müller

Mellish Rise and Adjacent Deep Water Plateaus Off Northeast Australia: New Evidence for Continental Basement from Cenozoic Micropalaeontology and Sedimentary Geology

K. L. Hoffmann, N. F. Exon, P. G. Quilty, C. S. Findlay

Mid-Late Cretaceous Organic-Rich Rocks from the Eastern Bight Basin: Implications for Prospectivity

J. M Totterdell, H. I. M. Struckmeyer, C. J. Boreham, C. H. Mitchell, E. Monteil, B. E. Bradshaw

A Minimum-Strain Approach to Reducing the Structural Uncertainty in Poor 2D Seismic Data, Gambier Embayment, Otway Basin, Australia

P. Boult, B. Freeman, G. Yielding, S. Menpes, L. J. Diekman

A Model for Gas Distribution in Coals of the Lower Hunter, Sydney Basin

S. Thomson, P. Hatherly, S. Hennings, J. Sandford

Modelling Petroleum Generation, Migration and Accumulation in the Central Bass Basin, Tasmania, Australia

N. Arian, P. R. Tingate, R. R. Hillis

A New Generation of Digital Structure and Facies Maps for Taranaki Basin: Progress towards a 4D Taranaki Model

M. Arnot, J. Baur, K. Bland, H. Bushe, R. Funnell, B. Ilg, C. Jones, P. King, M. Masey, M. Milner, H. E. Morgans, L. Roncaglia, H. Zhu, B. Leitner

New Insights into the Evolution of the Lord Howe Rise (Capel and Faust Basins), Offshore Eastern Australia, from Terrane and Geophysical Data Analysis

M. S. Norvick, R. P. Langford, T. Hashimoto, N. Rollet, K. L. Higgins, M. P. Morse

Organofacies Controls on the Oil Potential of Coaly Source Rocks in the Late Cretaceous North Cape Formation, Taranaki Basin

R. Sykes, J. I. Raine

Palaeo-Oil Zones in Eastern View Coal Measures Reservoirs from the Bass Basin

R. H. Kempton, P. J. Eadington, K. Liu, C. J. Boreham, S. Gong, H. Volk

Paleogeographic Reconstructions for the Oligocene Transition Fromextension to Contraction along the Eastern Taranaki Basin Margin, New Zealand

A. Tripathi, P. J. J. Kamp

Petroleum Potential of the Easternmost Surat Basin in Queensland

R. W. Day, P. J. Bubendorfer, B. J. Pinder

The Petroleum Potential of the Offshore Canterbury Basin: Insights from Petroleum Systems Modelling

R. O'Leary, W. G. Mogg

Pre-Competitive Geoscience for Geothermal Exploration and Development in Australia: Geoscience Australia's Onshore Energy Security Program and the Geothermal Energy Project

A. R. Budd, F. L. Holgate, E. Gerner, B. F. Ayling, A. Barnicoat

Reconstructing the Junction between Panthalassa and Tethys Since the Early Cretaceous

M. Seton, R. D. Müller

Review of Geological Storage Opportunities for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Victoria

C. M. Gibson-Poole, S. Edwards, R. P. Langford, B. Vakarelov

The Structural and Sedimentary Histories and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Pelican and Dondu Troughs, Bass Basin

D. P. Leech, C. Kernick, A. M. Iwaniw

Structural Exploration in the Papua New Guinea Fold Belt

K. C. Hill, K. Bradey, J. Iwanec, N. Wilson, K. Lucas

Structural Modelling, Tectonostratigraphic Evolution and Basin Development Model of the Woolsthorpe-Cobden Area (Otway Basin), Western Victoria, Australia

Minarwan, M. Hall

Subthrust Plays along the Hunter-Mooki Thrust Fault System, Northern NSW

A. M. Mantaring

Unravelling the Complex Structural History of the Penola Trough - Revealing the St George Fault

P. Boult, P. Lyon, B. Camac, S. Hunt, H. Zwingmann