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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Abstract: Insights into the successful resolution of native title issues in central australia - the way forward

Bob Liddle

Abstract: Monetising oil and gas from remote resources and providing energy security for the region and Australia

M. Clarke, D. Hallgren, G. J. Ambrose

Abstract: New Mapping and Recent Drilling Results in the Lower Arthur Creek, South Georgina Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

Paul J. Bennett, Peter Boult

Abstract: Recent Petroleum Exploration Results: Central Officer Basin, South Australia

Peter Boult, Annelise Freeman, Paul J. Bennett

Abstract: Subsidence Mechanism of Australian Intracratonic Basins

K. Czarnota, S. Fishwick, N. White

Aeromagnetics Identifies Oil and Gas Exploration Potential for the Bedout Sub-Basin

Priyanka Roy Chowdhury, Darcy Christian, Keith Jones, Warwick Crowe, Roger Miller

Application of Geochronology-Based Fault Sets to Fault-Trap Integrity, Eastern Gippsland Basin

J. Sayers

Application of Hyperspectral Core Scanning for CO2 Geosequestration Reservoir Characterisation, Eastern Surat Basin, Queensland

Susan McDonald Farquhar, Joan Esterle, Suzanne Golding

Applying Technical Co-Opportunity from Gas Exploration to Sales

Malcolm Altmann, Tony Lake, David Spence

Architecture and petroleum potential of the Arrowie and Georgina Basins from deep seismic reflection data and petroleum systems maturation modelling

L. K. Carr, R. J. Korsch, H. Struckmeyer

Assessing the Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of Central Australian Basins

T. Hashimoto, A. Stacey, T. Bernecker

Assessing the Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of Eastern Australian Basins

Takehiko Hashimoto, Andrew Stacey, Thomas Bernecker

Australasian Asphaltite Strandings Revisited: Their Origin and the Effects of Weathering and Biodegradation on Their Biomarker and Isotopic Profiles

P. A. Hall, D. M. McKirdy, K. Grice, D. Edwards

Biostratigraphy of the Arthur Creek Formation and Thorntonia Limestone, Georgina Basin

John R. Laurie

Building Confidence in Containment Security and Reservoir Performance for CO2 Geostorage in the Surat Basin at the Regional Scale

Jonathan Hodgkinson, Vic Ziolkowski, Andrew Garnett, Sebastian Gonzalez

The Clarence-Moreton Basin in New South Wales; Geology, Stratigraphy and Coal Seam Gas Characteristics

Anita Doig, Peter Stanmore

Coastal Geothermal Energy Initiative: An Innovative Approach to Highlighting Queensland's Geothermal Energy Potential

S. N. Sargent, L. K. O'Connor, B. Talebi

Conventional Hydrocarbon Plays in the SE Georgina Basin

Greg Ambrose, Emmanuel Cocodia

Crustal Velocity and Sediment Thickness Asymmetries along and between the Conjugate Australian-Antarctic Margins

Joanne M. Whittaker, Alexey Goncharov, Simon E. Williams, R. Dietmar Müller

CSG - 15 Years of Unprecedented Development

Sue Slater, Grahame Baker

Data Quality Control and Validation Methodologies for Quality Assurance in Geological Modelling

Michael McKillop, David Hodgkinson, Jonathan Hodgkinson

Detailed Seal Studies for CO2 Storage in the Gippsland Basin

Dr. Nick Hoffman, Dr. Natt Arian, Dr. George Carman

Determining Well-Bore Pathways during Multilateral Drilling Campaigns in Shale Resource Plays: An Example Using Chemostratigraphy from the Horn River Formation, British Columbia, Canada

K. T. Ratcliffe, J. Woods, C. Rice

Developing a Consistent Sequence Stratigraphy for the Wilkes Land and Great Australian Bight Margins

Hannah Lane, R. Dietmar Müller, Jennifer M. Totterdell, Joanne M. Whittaker

Drilling Induced Petal Fractures in Coal Core: A Simple Method of Using These Features in Conjunction with Bore-Wall Breakout to Determine the Angular Relationship between Cleat and Maximum Horizontal Stress as Well as Cleat Azimuth in Vertical Drill-Holes

David Titheridge

Enhanced Recovery and CO2 Storage in Bottomwater Drive Gas Reservoirs

J. A. Tan, Y. Cinar, G. Allinson

Estimated Stored Heat in the Clarence-Moreton Basin, New South Wales: A Case Study in Reducing Uncertainties in Thermal Modelling

M. W. Haynes

FALCON® Airborne Gravity Gradiometry Provides a Smarter Exploration Tool for Unconventional and Conventional Hydrocarbons: Case Study from the Fitzroy Trough, Onshore Canning Basin

David Moore, Priyanka Roy Chowdhury, Tony Rudge

Florina Formation: a new Ordovician unit capping the Daly Basin succession, Northern Territory

P. D. Kruse, S. J. Tickell, T. J. Munson

Fluid Flow Features and Magmatism in the Capel and Faust Basins, Offshore Eastern Australia

Nadège Rollet, Steve McGiveron, Takehiko (Riko) Hashimoto

Formation evaluation challenges in the Amadeus Basin - lessons learnt from the Surprise-1 REH Discovery Well

Djisan Kho, Timothy Hopper, Sathees Krishnan, Greg Ambrose

Full-Fit Reconstructions of the Southern Australian Margin and Antarctica - Implications for Correlating Geology between Australia and Antarctica

Simon E. Williams, Joanne M. Whittaker, R. Dietmar Müller

The Geology of the Pedirka Basin Coal Measures in The Purni Formation, Simpson Desert Area

G. Ambrose, J. Heugh

Gippsland Basin Stratigraphic and CO2 Migration Modelling: Workflows for Building Regional, Geological Carbon Storage (GCS) Reservoir Models

John Miranda, Rami Eid, Mark McLean, Geoffrey O'Brien, Cedric Griffths, Chris Dyt, Tristan Salles, Peter Tingate, Louise Goldie Divko, Monica Campi

Heat Flow Modelling and Thermal History of the Onshore Gippsland Basin: Upside Potential for Unconventional Gas and Geothermal Resources

Ben Harrison, David Taylor, Peter Tingate, Mike Sandiford

Horizontal drilling proves decisive for oil production from the Ordovician Stairway Sandstone Reservoir in Surprise Field, Amadeus Basin

D. Hallgren, D. Theseira, T. Shortt, J. P. Heugh

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Unexplored Wiso Basin Onshore Northern Territory Australia

R. A. Meaney

Impact of Carbon Tax and Onshore PRRT on Exploration

Max Williamson

Influence of Basement Structures on Stress Regimes in the Surat and Bowen Basins, Southeast Queensland

Samuel Brooke-Barnett, Thomas Flottmann, Pijush K. Paul, Seth Busetti, Peter Hennings, Ray Reid

Late Cretaceous to Present-Day Opening of the Southwest Pacific Constrained by Numerical Models and Seismic Tomography

Kara J. Matthews, Maria Seton, Nicolas Flament, R. Dietmar Müller

Linking Three-Dimensional Geological Modelling and Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Define Groundwater Chemistry Baseline and Identify Inter-Aquifer Connectivity within the Clarence-Moreton Basin, Southeast Queensland, Australia

M. Raiber, M. E. Cox

Mount Kitty Prospect, Southern Amadeus Basin

Nathan Palmer, Greg Ambrose

Neoproterozoic Stromatolite biostratigraphy in the western Amadeus Basin

Heidi-Jane Allen, Kathleen Grey, Peter W. Haines

New Focus on the Bight Basin: Australian Southern Rift

P. Boult

New Insights in to the Structural and Thermal Development of the Papuan Foreland: Implications for Hydrocarbon Charge and Prospectivity

Gareth Cooper, Dan Kendrick, Francis Waina, Cameron Hamilton, Michael Nongkas

Ooraminna-2, a gas discovery in the Neoproterozoic Pioneer Sandstone, eastern Amadeus Basin

G. J. Ambrose, J. P. Heugh, T. Shortt

PANDAS: High Performance Geocomputing Software and its Potential Application in Deep Mining

Huilin Xing, Jinfang Gao, Yan Liu

The Petroleum Geology of the Pellinor and Simpson East Prospects - Warburton Basin

J. Sayers, G. Ambrose, B. Alamiyo

Petroleum Geoscience of the Surprise Oil field in the Western Amadeus Basin: Implications for Regional Exploration

J. P. Heugh, H. Askin, W. Dunmore, G. J. Ambrose, T. Shortt, D. Hallgren, B. O. Alamiyo, J. Sayers, C. Boreham

Petroleum Prospectivity of the Tasman Frontier Region: The Vast, Unexplored Frontier at Our Doorstep

Takehiko Hashimoto, Rupert Sutherland, Julien Collot, François Bache, Vaughan Stagpoole, Paul Viskovic, Karen Higgins, Pierrick Rouillard, Nadège Rollet, Rob Funnell, Ron Hackney, Peter Petkovic

Plate Tectonic Consequences of Competing Models for the Origin and History of the Banda Sea Subducted Oceanic Lithosphere

Christian Heine, Leonardo Quevedo, Hamish McKay, R. Dietmar Müller

Plays of the western Amadeus Basin - preliminary assessment

J. Sayers, T. Shortt, B. Alamiyo

Potential for Unconventional Plays in the lower Larapinta Petroleum System of the Amadeus Basin

David Warner, Greg Ambrose, John Heugh

Pre-Ordovician Source Rocks In Australia: A Compilation

John R. Laurie

Prospectivity of the Camel Flat Syncline region with emphasis on the Chandler Formation

John Bradshaw, Jacques Sayers

Soil-gas microseepage surveys help locate new oil and gas accumulations

J. R. Conolly, R. S. Moffitt, N. P. Adams

South Australia, PEL 106A the Road to Development

Talline Zarzavatjian

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea: New Insights from a Modern 3D Seismic Survey

Andrew Botsford, Larry Endebrock, Amanda Harrington

Subduction History in the Melanesian Borderlands Region, SW Pacific

Maria Seton, Nicolas Flament, R. Dietmar Müller

Torres Basin: A New Mesozoic Petroleum System in Papua New Guinea

Michael Swift

Unconventional Gas Mining: Insights from Pore to Mine Scale Simulations

Huilin Xing, Jinfang Gao, Geoff Wang, Hans Muhlhaus

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Plays in the Permian Succession, South Australia

Sandra Menpes, Anthony Hill, Alan Sansome

Unconventional Resource Assessment of the Toolebuc Formation

M. J. Fitzell, A. Troup, O. Dixon, S. Edwards, S. Gopalakrishnan

Understanding the Uncertainty of Gas Saturation Estimates: An Example from a Single Subbituminous Coal Seam

Tennille Mares, Tim Moore, Catherine Moore

Velkerri Formation Depositional Model - Beetaloo Sub-basin, Northern Territory, Australia : Biostratigraphy and Organic Enrichment

John Gorter, Kathleen Grey

Vertical Geochemical Profling of the Marine Toolebuc Formation, Eromanga Basin - Implications for Shale Gas/oil Potential

Chris Boreham, Kinta Hoffmann

The western Amadeus Basin: revised stratigraphy and correlations

P. W. Haines, H.-J. Allen, K. Grey, C. Edgoose