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Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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ABSTRACT: Analysis of Grant Group channel systems on the margin of the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin using 3D seismic data: implications for the Permo-Carboniferous ice sheet dynamics

Jalal Al-Hinaai, Jonathan Redfern

ABSTRACT: Application of carbon isotope chemostratigraphy as a chronostratigraphic tool in Upper Devonian carbonate slopes: Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Kelly Hillbun, David Katz, Ted E. Playton, Evan Lewarch, Kate Trinajstic, Eric Tohver, Peter Haines, Jeroen Hansma, Roger Hocking, Joseph Kirschvink, Peter Cawood, Kliti Grice, Maodu Yan, Ken Ratcliffe, Sergei Pisarevsky, Paul Montgomery, Peter Ward

ABSTRACT: A regional assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the Bonaparte Basin, offshore Northern Territory

Andrew D. Heap, Alfredo Chirinos, Christopher Consoli, Karen Higgins, Diane Jorgensen, Kamal Khider, David Lescinsky, Robbie Morris, Victor Nguyen

ABSTRACT: A review of the seismic stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of the Triassic sequence inthe Timor Sea region

Anand Tripathi, Rajesh Rajagopal, Adrian Williams

ABSTRACT: Assessing reservoir volcanic risk in the Browse Basin using integrated seismic and potential field workflows

Nicholas G. Direen, Andrew A. Krassay, Jane Blevin, Donna Cathro, Zhiqun Shi, Yvette Poudjom-Djomani

ABSTRACT: Biozonation and stratigraphy of the Canning Basin: updated to the 2012 timescale

Tegan E. Smith, Dianne S. Edwards, Andrew P. Kelman, John R. Laurie, Arthur J. Mory, Robert S. Nicoll, James G. Ogg

ABSTRACT: Changes in palaeoenvironmental conditions in Late Devonian reef systems from the Canning Basin, WA: A biomarker and stable isotope approach

Svenja Tulipani, Kliti Grice, Paul F. Greenwood, Peter Haines, Roger E. Summons, Michael E. Böttcher, Clinton B. Foster, Martijn Woltering, Ted Playton

ABSTRACT: CO2 storage potential of the Gage Sandstone, Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore southern Perth Basin: A case study based on seismic facies mapping and well log interpretation

Megan E Lech, Diane C. Jorgensen, Liuqi Wang, David Lescinsky, Irina Borissova, Chris Southby, Stephen Johnston, Danielle Robertson

ABSTRACT: CO2 storage prospectivity of the offshore Vlaming Sub-basin—evaluating containment

Irina Borissova, George Bernardel, Chris Southby, Megan Lech, Steven Johnston, Nadege Rollet, Chris Lewis

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon potential of the Northern Australian Continental Margin—Arc Collision Zone: Insights from a new regional 2D survey

Anand Tripathi, Rajesh Rajagopal, Adrian Williams

ABSTRACT: Influence of Early Cretaceous paleotopography on deposition and the sealing potential of the South Perth Shale, Vlaming Sub-basin

Stephen Johnston, Chris Southby, Irina Borissova, Megan Lech, Chris Lewis, Diane Jorgensen, Liuqi Wang

ABSTRACT: Insights on Upper Devonian Reef Complex Depositional Heterogeneity and Architecture Unraveled Through Integrated Chronostratigraphy: Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Ted Playton, Roger Hocking, David Katz, Peter Haines, Kelly Hillbun, Eric Tohver, Kate Trinajstic, Maodu Yan, Jeroen Hansma, Sergei Pisarevsky, Joseph Kirschvink, Paul Montgomery, Peter Cawood, Kliti Grice, Svenja Tulipani, Ken Ratcliffe, David Wray, Samuel Caulfield-Kerney, Peter Ward, Phillip Playford

ABSTRACT: Magnetostratigraphy as a correlation tool for carbonate environments: Examples from the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Eric Tohver, Sergei Pisarevsky, Maodu Yan, Jeroen Hansma, Ted E. Playton, Joseph Kirschvink, Kate Trinajstic, Peter Haines, Roger Hocking, Paul Montgomery

ABSTRACT: Middle Proterozoic Biostratigraphy and Log Correlations of the Kyalla and Chambers River Formations Beetaloo Sub-basin, Northern Territory, Australia

John D. Gorter, Kathleen Grey

ABSTRACT: New insights into the evolution of the Barrow Delta from a multi-disciplinary interpretation of the Birdrong Sequence

Jessica Trainor, Jeff Goodall, Kathryn Amos

ABSTRACT: Petrel Sub-basin 3D Geological Modelling and Simulation for CO2 Storage Assessment

Karen Higgins, Victor Nguyen, Alfredo Chirinos, Christopher Consoli, Diane Jorgensen, Kamal Khider, David Lescinsky, Robbie Morris

ABSTRACT: Precompetitive geophysical data by Geoscience Australia: Uncovering onshore basins in Western Australia

Pauline English, Lidena Carr, Marina Costelloe, Ian Roach, Josef Holzschuh

ABSTRACT: Process-oriented gravity modelling in the Browse Basin: constraints on crustal structure, stretching and thermal state

Ron Hackney, Tony Watts

ABSTRACT: Structural architecture of the outer Beagle Sub-basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Kenneth D. McCormack, Ken McClay

ABSTRACT: The Depositional Styles of the Campanian—Maastrichtian Interval, Browse - Bonaparte Basins

Marcus Lemberger, David Little

ABSTRACT: The potential for an unexplored unconventional hydrocarbon play in the southern onshore Carnarvon Basin

Matthew Silverman, David Warner, Catherine Campbell

ABSTRACT: The prospectivity for CO2 storage in the Mesozoic formations of the Petrel Sub-basin (Bonaparte Basin): results from a regional-scale geological assessment

Christopher Consoli, Alfredo Chirinos, Karen Higgins, Diane Jorgensen, Kamal Khider, Rob Kirk, David Lescinsky, Robbie Morris, Victor Nguyen

ABSTRACT: Upper Devonian Elemental Chemostratigraphy of the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia—Indications of Global-to-Local Environmental Changes & Utilization as a Correlation Tool

Samuel Caulfield-Kerney, David Wray, Ken Ratcliffe, Ted Playton, Paul Montgomery, Eric Tohver, Roger Hocking, Peter Haines, Maodu Yan, Joseph Kirschvink, Kliti Grice, Kate Trinajstic, Kelly Hillbun, David Katz, Jeroen Hansma, Sergei Pisarevsky, Peter Cawood, Peter Ward

ABSTRACT: Vertebrate biostratigraphy from the Devonian and Carboniferous in the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Brett Roelofs, Kate Trinajstic, Ted E. Playton, Eric Tohver, Peter Haines, Roger Hocking, Milo Barham, Jeroen Hansma, Kelly Hillbun, Kliti Grice, Maodu Yan, Ken Ratcliffe, Sergei Pisarevsky, Paul Montgomery

Acme Field Discovery, Carnarvon Basin WA

R. Lawrence

Analysis of Geobody Geometries within the Fluvio-Deltaic Mungaroo Formation, NW Australia

G. Heldreich, J. Redfern, K. Gerdes, B. Legler, S. Taylor, D. Hodgetts, B. Williams

Analysis of Seabed Features and Shallow Stratigraphy for Indications of Fault Reactivation and Seepage: Results from the 2012 Marine Surveys in the Southern Perth and Bonaparte Basins

D. Jorgensen, I. Borissova, G. Bernardel, A. Carroll, C. Consoli, H. Dulfer, K. Higgins, T. Nicholas, K. Picard

Assessing Controls on Nearshore Clastic Deposition in the Plover and Elang Formations using Ichnology: Case Studies from the Bonaparte Basin (Timor Sea, Australia and Timor-Leste)

F. Burns, L. Buatois, R. B. Ainsworth

Beyond the Deltas: Late Triassic Isolated Carbonate Build-ups on the Exmouth Plateau, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

S. L. Grain, W. M. Peace, E. C. D. Hooper, E. McCartain, P. J. Massara, N. G. Marshall, S. C. Lang

Depositional Analogues & Subsurface Uncertainty Management: Implications for Reservoir Characterisation & Modelling

S. P. Sadler, S. C. Lang, R. J. Seggie, K. Adamson, N. G. Marshall, D. P. Harris, J. A. Spilsbury-Schakel

Depositional and Volcanic History of the Early to Middle Jurassic Deltaic Reservoirs in Calliance and Brecknock Fields (Plover Formation), Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

F. Tovaglieri, A. D. George, T. Jones, H. Zwingmann

Detailed Stratigraphic Architecture of the Macedon Member Turbidite Reservoirs of the Stybarrow Field, NW Australia: An Integration of Well, Production and 3D/4D Seismic Data

C. Hurren, G. O'Halloran, G. Duncan, R. Hill

Detrital Zircon U—Pb Ages from the Paleozoic of the Canning and Officer Basins, Western Australia: Implications for Provenance and Interbasin Connections

P. W. Haines, M. T. D. Wingate, C. L. Kirkland

Development of a Regional Stratigraphic Framework For Upper Devonian Reef Complexes Using Integrated Chronostratigraphy: Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

T. E. Playton, R. Hocking, P. Montgomery, E. Tohver, K. Hillbun, D. Katz, P. Haines, K. Trinajstic, M. Yan, J. Hansma, S. Pisarevsky, J. Kirschvink, P. Cawood, K. Grice, S. Tulipani, K. Ratcliffe, D. Wray, S. Caulfield-Kerney, P. Ward, P. Playford

Discovery to Development: A Subsurface Case History of the Kitan Oil Field, Timor Sea

D. Wheller, G. Ellis, Y. Suhardiman, R. Yokote, D. Selvaggi, J. Derrij, G. Maniscalco

Early Carboniferous Petroleum Source Rocks of the Southeastern Bonaparte Basin, Australia

J. D. Gorter, D. M. McKirdy

Evaluating the Role of Stress Factors in Trace-fossil Distribution along Mixed-influence Deltaic Systems of an Embayed Shoreline (Middle Jurassic, Sunrise Field of the Timor Sea, Australia and Timor-Leste)

L. Buatois, F. Burns, R. B. Ainsworth

The Exploration History of the Laurel Basin-Centred Gas System Canning Basin, Western Australia

D. Kingsley, E. Streitberg

The Gorgon Field: An Overview

A. Maftei, E. J. King, M. C. Flores

Have We Deciphered the Canning? Discovery of the Ungani Oil Field

P. B. Edwards, E. Streitberg

Hunting for the Cracks: Identifying Fracture Permeability for Geothermal Exploration in the North Perth Basin

M. Ballesteros, R. Oppermann

Identification of Fluid Flow Features in the Seafloor and Subsurface and their Implications for Prospect and Geohazard Assessment: Examples from the Australian Northwest Shelf

J. K. Dirstein, J. V. Hengesh, A. J. Stanley

Igneous Intrusions in the Carnarvon Basin, NW Shelf, Australia

K. McClay, N. Scarselli, S. Jitmahantakul

The Impact of Multi-Azimuth Seismic Over Tidepole

D. Dickinson, S. Gagen

Impacts of Igneous Intrusions on Source and Reservoir Potential in Prospective Sedimentary Basins Along the Western Australian Continental Margin

S. P. Holford, N. Schofield, C. A.-L. Jackson, C. Magee, P. F. Green, I. R. Duddy

The Influence of Exhumation on Petroleum Prospectivity in the Sedimentary Basins of WA

P. F. Green, I. R. Duddy

Insights from the Automated Extraction of Surfaces from the Bunda 3D Seismic Survey

J. K. Dirstein, T. Rudge, R. Li, A. J. Stanley

An Integrated Regional Triassic Stratigraphic Framework for the Carnarvon Basin, NWS, Australia

T. H. D. Payenberg, H. Howe, T. Marsh, P. Sixsmith, W. S. Kowalik, A. Powell, K. Ratcliffe, V. Iasky, A. Allgoewer, R. W. Howe, P. Montgomery, A. Vonk, M. Croft

Integration of Seismic Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology for Prediction of Lithology; Applications and Workflows

H. W. Posamentier

Late Authigenic Pyrite—an Indicator of Oil Migration and Entrapment in the Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea, Australia

G. K. Ellis

Late Devonian—Early Carboniferous Tectonostratigraphic Framework for Northern Canning Basin Carbonate Platform Evolution

A. D. George, Z. Seyedmehdi, N. Chow

Late Triassic—Mid-Jurassic to Neogene Extensional Fault Systems in the Exmouth Sub-Basin, Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Western Australia

S. Jitmahantakul, K. McClay

Neotectonic Evidence for a Rustal Strain Gradient on the Central-west Western Australian Margin

A. McPherson, D. Clark, B. Whitney

Newly-recognised Continental Fragments Rifted from the West Australian Margin

S. E. Williams, J. M. Whittaker, R. D. Müller

New Observations of the Post-Triassic Succession in the Central Beagle Sub-basin, Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

M. E. Lech

A New Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the North West Shelf, Australia

N. G. Marshall, S. C. Lang

Northern Carnarvon Basin Hydrocarbon Recoveries using WAPIMS

E. Kopsen

Northern Extension of Active Petroleum Systems in the Offshore Perth Basin— an Integrated Stratigraphic, Geochemical, Geomechanical and Seepage Study

N. Rollet, M. Pfahl, A. Jones, J. Kennard, C. Nicholson, E. Grosjean, D. Mantle, D. Jorgensen, G. Bernardel, R. Kempton, L. Langhi, Y. Zhang, L. Hall, R. Hackney, S. Johnston, C. Boreham, D. Robertson, P. Petkovic, M. Lech

Offshore West Australian Basins, Fuelling a Decade of Conventional Prosperity for Industry and Woodside

M. J. Thompson

Oil Exploration Potential in the Greater Northern Australian—New Guinea Super Gas Province

P. M. Barber

A Paleozoic Perspective of Western Australia

A. J. Mory, P. W. Haines

Permo-Carboniferous Glacial Channel Systems on the Margin of the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia: Implication for Ice Sheet Dynamics

J. Al-Hinaai, J. Redfern

Petroleum Systems of the Canning Basin, Western Australia

K. A. R. Ghori

Present-day Seismicity and Potential Strike-slip Reactivation in Northwest WA

M. Keep

A Regional Assessment of the CO2 Storage Potential of the Petrel Sub-basin (Bonaparte Basin), Offshore Northern Territory

C. Consoli, K. Higgins, D. Jorgensen, D. Lescinsky, K. Khider, R. Morris, V. Nguyen

Reservoir Fluid Property Variation at the Metre-scale: Origin, Impact and Mapping in the Vincent Oil Field, Exmouth Sub-basin

A. P. Murray, D. A. Dawson, D. Carruthers, S. Larter

Sedimentary and Structural Features of the Plio-Pleistocene Timor Accretionary Wedge, Timor-Leste

S. Poynter, A. Goldberg, D. Hearty

Seismic Stratigraphic Relationships within a Lowstand Reservoir System: Examples from the Barrow Group, Southern Exmouth Sub-Basin, NW Australia

G. O'Halloran, C. Hurren, T. O'Hara

Seismic Stratigraphy of a Plio-quaternary Intra-shelf Basin (Bonaparte Shelf, NW Australia)

J. Bourget, R. Nanson, R. B. Ainsworth, S. Courgeon, S. J. Jorry, H. Al-anzi

The Seismic Stratigraphy of the Kimmeridgian—Tithonian Dupuy Formation in the Barrow Island Area

D. Gillam, K. Ehman, H. Posamentier, M. Trupp

Stable Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Paleozoic Marine Crude Oils from the Canning Basin: Comparison with Other West Australian Crude Oils

D. S. Edwards, C. J. Boreham, J. Chen, E. Grosjean, A. J. Mory, J. Sohn, J. E. Zumberge

Stratigraphic Interpretation and Reservoir Modelling of the Barrow Group Below Barrow Island

I. Barranco, E. Mahon, P. Sixsmith

The Stratigraphy of the Pyrenees Member of the Ravensworth, Crosby and Stickle Fields, Exmouth Sub-Basin, Northwest Australia: A Wave- and Storm-Dominated Shelf-Margin Delta

M. Woodall, C. Stark

Structural Architecture of Australia's Southwest Continental Margin and Implications for Early Cretaceous Basin Evolution

L. S. Hall, A. D. Gibbons, G. Bernardel, J. M. Whittaker, C. Nicholson, N. Rollet, R. D. Müller

Structural Architecture of the Gorgon Platform, North West Shelf, Australia

K. D. McCormack, K. McClay

Structural Interpretation of the Northern Canning Basin, Western Australia

Y. Zhan, A. J. Mory

Submarine Slide and Slump Complexes, Exmouth Plateau, NW Shelf of Australia

N. Scarselli, K. McClay, C. Elders

Tectonic Evolution and Continental Fragmentation of the Southern West Australian Margin

J. M. Whittaker, J. A. Halpin, S. E. Williams, L. S. Hall, R. Gardner, M. E. Kobler, N. R. Daczko, R. D. Müller

Understanding the Late Triassic Mungaroo and Brigadier Deltas of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

K. R. Adamson, S. C. Lang, N. G. Marshall, R. J. Seggie, N. J. Adamson, K. L. Bann

Unlocking the Origin of Hydrocarbons in the Central Part of the Rankin Trend, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia

D. Jablonski, J. Preston, S. Westlake, C. M. Gumley

Use of U-Pb geochronology to delineate provenance of North West Shelf sediments, Australia

C. J. Lewis, K. N. Sircombe