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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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A 10 kN portable electromagnetic vibrator for near-surface studies

Tim Dean, Hoang Nguyen

3D interpretation of geological, 3D seismic and conventional geophysical data from the Darlot Gold Mine

Glenn Pears, James Reid, John McGaughey, Will Turner, Graeme Hird

3D inversion of electromagnetic logging-while-drilling data

David Marchant, Nigel Clegg, Luke Rawsthorne, Jari Kunnas

3D Seismic Analysis of Ancient Subsurface Fluid Flow in the Exmouth Plateau, Offshore Western Australia

T. Velayatham, S. P. Holford, M. Bunch, R. C. King, C. Magee

4D Seismic Bandwidth and Resolution Analysis for Reservoir Fluid-flow Model Applications

Rafael Souza, David Lumley, Jeffrey Shragge, Alessandra Davolio, Denis Schiozer

ABSTRACT: CCS in Australia: Activities and Lessons Learned

Linda Stalker

ABSTRACT: The geology of the Brecknock, Calliance and Torosa gas fields, Browse Basin, Western Australia

Robert Seggie, Simon Lang, Neil Marshall, K. Adamson, W. Bailey, T. Prater, D. Dawson

ABSTRACT: The road to Dorado: factors leading to a play-opening hydrocarbon discovery

Fred Wehr

ABSTRACT: The South West Hub: carbon storage in the southwest of Western Australia

Dominique Van Gent, Sandeep Sharma

Access to geological structures, density, minerals and textures through novel combination of 3D tomography, XRF and sample weight

Mikael Bergqvist, Eric Landström, Alexander Hansson, Stefan Luth

Adapting agile workflows to accelerate geoscience study results

Lendyn Philip

AEM, Seismic and Power-lines: A hydrogeological case study in Peel, Western Australia

Andrew Pethick, Brett Harris, Olga Barron

An AI approach to automated magnetic formation mapping beneath cover

David A. Pratt, K. Blair McKenzie, Anthony S. White

An AI approach to using magnetic gradient tensor analysis for quick depth and property estimation

David A. Pratt, K. Blair McKenzie, Anthony S. White

All that wobbles isn’t necessarily azimuthal anisotropy

Helen Debenham, Jennifer Badry, Mohamed Megebry

Analysis of Geophysical Datasets for Coastal Vulnerability and Asset Management

Peter Eccleston, Andrew Spyrou

Analysis of intraplate earthquake dynamics on the North West Shelf, Australia: new strike-slip focal mechanisms

V. Holloway, M. Keep

Anisotropy analysis from 3D VSP surveys acquired at Otway site

Sofya Popik, Andrej Bona, Roman Pevzner

Application of audio-magnetotelluric method to cover thickness estimation for drill site targeting

Wenping Jiang, Ross Brodie, Jingming Duan

Application of growing-body potential-field inversion from drillholes

Kristofer Davis

Application of high-end seismic imaging technologies for field development in NWS Australia

Min Lee Chua, Kai Zhao, Narcisa Lazarescu, Wai King Yong, Sergey Birdus, Alexey Artemov, Xiang Li

Application of micro-XRF to characterise diamond drill-core from lithium-caesium-tantalum pegmatites

Naomi Potter, Nigel Brand

Application of multi-element geochemistry in the weathered environment: Controls, considerations and implications for exploration

Fiona Best, Matthew Readford, Kristina Walcott

Application of passive seismic and AEM to 3D paleochannel imaging: Capricorn Orogen

Sara Jakica, Lucy Brisbout

Are stromatolites in the northern Perth Basin following the End Permian mass extinction?

Liam J. Olden, Jane Cunneen, Milo Barham, Hugo K.H. Olierook, Gregory Smith, Erica Suosaari

Artificial intelligence techniques to the interpretation of geophysical measurements

Desmond FitzGerald

Assessing mineral composition and permeability of a shale seal

Roman Beloborodov, Marina Pervukhina, Maxim Lebedev, Juerg Hauser

Assessment of the permanent seismic sources for borehole seismic monitoring applications: CO2CRC Otway Project

Sinem Yavuz, Julia Correa, Roman Pevzner, Barry Freifeld, Todd Wood, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Sofya Popik, Michael Robertson

Augmenting 1D conductivity depth sections to include information pertaining to 2D/3D conductors

Magdel Combrinck

AusAEM Year 1: Some aspects of quality control and calibration

Ross C. Brodie, Yusen Ley-Cooper, Ray Lockwood, David Murray

Backing up the AEM – unravelling a palaeovalley fill for groundwater exploration in the APY Lands

Carmen Krapf, Adrian Costar, Mark Keppel, Kent Inverarity, Andy Love, Liliana Stoian, Georgina Gordon, Camilla Soerensen, Tim Munday

Basin-scale fluid-flow models of the McArthur River mineral system: constraints from geochemistry, geophysics and sequence stratigraphy

Peter Schaubs, Heather Sheldon, Teagan Blaikie, Marcus Kunzmann, Susanne Schmid, Sam Spinks

Bayesian geophysical inversion with Gaussian process machine learning and trans-D Markov chain Monte Carlo

Anandaroop Ray, David Myer

Bayesian joint inversion of controlled source electromagnetic and magnetotelluric data to infer presence of a freshwater aquifer offshore New Jersey

Daniel Blatter, Kerry Key, Anandaroop Ray, Chloe Gustaffson, Rob Evans

Beyond chi-squared: Additional measures of the closeness of a model to data1

Alan G. Jones

The Bight Basin, Evolution &Prospectivity I: gravity, deep seismic &basin morphology

Jane Cunneen, Chanel DePledge, Sharon Lowe, Kevin Hill, Candice Godfrey, Amanda Buckingham, Rebecca Farrington

The Bight Basin, evolution and prospectivity II; seismic, structure and balanced sections

Kevin C Hill, Jane Cunneen, Rebecca Farrington

Biochemical and mechanical dispersion mechanisms of Au and As in areas covered by Permian glacial sediments and aeolian sand

Walid Salama, Ravi Anand, Tsing Bohu

The Borden Gold Deposit, northern Ontario: Contributions of VTEM helicopter time-domain EM and magnetics leading to discovery

Marta Orta, Jean M. Legault, Karl Kwan, Sergio Espinosa

A brief description of the Andromeda Zn-Cu prospect in the Albany-Fraser Orogenic belt: A geophysical discovery using HT SQUID

Paul Polito, Tony Crawford, Tim Worthington, Mike Whitford, Somealy Sheppard

Building a 3D Geomechanical Model for the Fitzroy Trough

Oliver Gaede, Moritz Ziegler, Oliver Heidbach

Carbonate reservoir development in the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Moyra E.J. Wilson, Samantha Dykmans, Umair Mumtaz, Rashid Saleem, Iain Copp, June Then, Lionel Esteban, Zahra Seyedmehdi

Case studies on the application of passive seismic horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) surveying for heavy mineral sand exploration

Nigel Cantwell, Matthew Owers, Jayson Meyers, Sharna Riley

Century Zn deposit–the world’s largest meteorite impacted orebody

Finbarr Murphy, Terry Lees, Andrew Tomkins, Damian O’Donohue

Characterisation of the Neoarchean Fortescue Group Stratigraphy – Integrated downhole geochemical mineralogical correlation from new diamond drilling

Jessica Stromberg, Sam Spinks, Mark Pearce

Characterising lithium host minerals within the lateritic duricrust, Greenbushes, Western Australia

Sophie Vuleta, Monica LeGras, Raymond E. Smith, Carsten Laukamp, Louise Schoneveld, Ravi Anand

Cimatti Field – An example of using seismic amplitude to determine in-place resource

Michael Micenko

Co-operative inversion of geoelectrical data sets acquired from different electrode arrays

Duy Thong Kieu, Thi Chinh Truong

Collaborating on pre-competitive geophysical projects in the Northern Territory, Australia

Tania Dhu, Angus McCoy, Ian Scrimgeour

Colour amplifies relief shading

Peter Kovesi

Combined potential field and airborne electromagnetic interpretation to unravel the geological history of the Curaca Valley Region, Bahia, Brazil

P. Letelier, S. Napier, J. Reid, P. Mejia

Complete gas-brine imbibition relative permeability curves increase confidence in gas field performance

M. Ben Clennell, Cameron White, Ausama Giwelli, Matt Myers

Current and future multicomponent towed streamer design

Nicolas Goujon, Susanne Rentsch, Leendert Combee, Fabien Guizelin, Khairul Faizi Ahmad

DAS seismic monitoring of the shallow CO2 controlled-release experiment at the South West Hub In-Situ Laboratory

K. Tertyshnikov, R. Pevzner, B. Freifeld, L. Ricard, A. Avijegon

Deep neural networks for 1D impedance inversion

Vladimir Puzyrev, Anton Egorov, Anastasia Pirogova, Chris Elders, Claus Otto

Defining the Eyre Conductivity Anomaly with the Tumby Bay MT transect

Kate Robertson, Ben Kay, Lachlan Loader, Graham Heinson, Stephan Thiel

Delineating cobalt targets from a galvanic and inductive source Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) at the Carlow Castle project, Western Australia

Daniel Eremenco, Russell Mortimer, Ed Mead

Depth conversion and seismic inversion of the Scarborough gas field

Joseph Kremor, Manish Agarwal, Paul Spaans, Ung Sing Wong

Determining petrophysical and hydrogeological parameters from historical bore logs for the Leederville-Parmelia aquifer, northern Perth Basin, using regression methods

Olga Filiptsova, Sheryl Ryan

Developing the Butcherbird high purity manganese project

Justin Brown

DHEM at Las Cruces, Spain - successes and failures

Gavin R. Selfe

Direct imaging of alteration with high-resolution hard-rock 3D seismic data at the Darlot Gold Mine

G. Hird, W. Turner

Discovering and using geophysical data in the 21st century

Alex Ip, Andrew Turner, Yvette Poudjom-Djomani, Ross C Brodie, Phillip Wynne, Kelsey Druken, Neil Symington, Carina Kemp

The discovery and geology of Sinclair, Australia’s first caesium deposit

David J. Crook, Stuart T. Kerr, Jess A. Booth, Nigel W. Brand, Russell Panting

The Discovery of the Bumblebee and Grapple Mineralisation and Impacts on Exploration at the Lake Mackay Project

Mike Whitford, Doug Winzar

Drillhole rugosity correction for gamma-gamma density tools – A space modelling approach

Dragos Gavriliu, James Batchelor

Driving the paradigm shift of near surface exploration geochemistry using ultrafine soils

Ryan Noble, Ian Lau, Tenten Pinchand, Ravi Anand, Paul Morris

Drones as a support tool for seismic acquisition

Jason Stephenson, Shaun Strong

Dude, where’s my AVO? A case study from the Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Said Amiribesheli, Jordan McGlew, Joshua Thorp

Dude, Where’s My Gun? A near-surface geophysics case-study

Tim Dean, Alex Costall, Nichole Sik, John Blylevens, Andrew Pethick, Dominic Howman

The effects of seismic anisotropy on mining seismology

Andrew King

Efficient borehole targeting for ground-control of airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey results

Marcus Haynes, Yusen Ley-Cooper

Electromagnetic and electrical methods applied to mapping coked coal – A case study from the Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia

Jonathan Lowe, James Reid, Eric Battig, Scott Napier, Dan Eremenco

Eromanga oil traps – a multi field post-mortem

Keith Martens

Estimating interpretation uncertainty from magnetotelluric inversion

Janelle Simpson, Graham Heinson

Experimental acid and scCO2 reactions of Roseneath, Epsilon and Murteree gas shales: Opening or closing of gas accessible pores and metal release to water

J. K. Pearce, T. Blach, G. Dawson, Y. Melnichenko, G. Southam, S.D. Golding, J. Bahadur, D. Paterson

Exploring for the future: Kidson Sub-basin seismic interpretation

Chris Southby, Lidena Carr, Paul Henson, Peter Haines, Alex Zhan, Jade Anderson, Susannah MacFarlane, Tanya Fomin, Ross Costelloe

Exploring for the future: new U-Pb geochronology for the South Nicholson region and implications for stratigraphic correlations

Jade Anderson, Chris Carson, Chris Lewis, Andrew Cross, Lidena Carr, Paul Henson, Natalie Kositcin

Facies classification with different machine learning algorithm – An efficient artificial intelligence technique for improved classification

Partha Pratim Mandal, Reza Rezaee

Faster play-based exploration, Petrel Sub-basin, Australia

Laura Phillips, Paul Massara, Kenneth McCormack

Feasibility of the quantitative time-lapse seismic characterisation of a heterogeneous CO2 injection

Roman Isaenkov, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Boris Gurevich

Fine-scale variations in distributary mouth-bar morphology in the Middle Triassic Caley Member of the Bedout Sub-basin, Western Australia

A. M. Allgöwer, J. S. Lignum

The Forgotten Story of Australia's First Offshore Wells - Princess Royal Harbour, Albany, 1906

D. Poynton

Formation of Very Thick Permian Coal Seams, Cooper Basin, Australia

Elena Alganaeva, Greg Smith

The Foura Sandstone type section (Samaropollenites speciosus Zone, Carnian–early Norian; early Late Triassic), Timor-Leste: preliminary correlation between Timor and the Bonaparte Basin

D. Peyrot, M. Keep, J. Scibiorski, E. McCartain, P. Baillie, J. Soares, D.W. Haig, A.J. Mory

Fraccing onshore Australia 2019

Max Williamson

Fracture identification by reflected guided borehole radar waves

Binzhong Zhou, Jianjian Huo, Iain Mason, Qing Zhao

A framework for multi-sensor image segmentation using fuzzy collaborative clustering

Tauqir Moughal, Abeer Mazher, Irina Emelyanova, Fusheng Yu

Frequency and current analysis of non-linear electrical effects in mineralised rocks

Alan Oertel, Robert White, Steve Collins, Keith Leslie, Ben Spyridis

From a Mining Mindset to Regional Discovery: A Case Study for Hematite Iron Ore Exploration in Mauritania

Bert De Waele, Alex Aitken, Michael Van Mourik, Khalifa Oul Laab, Mohamed Elhacen Ould Med Yeslem, Thiam Mohamedou

Full Spectrum Falcon – Measuring wide broadband airborne gravity data

Chris van Galder

Full waveform inversion of simultaneous long-offset data

Nizar Chemingui, Alejandro A. Valenciano, Andrew Long

The genesis of Carlow Castle: A unique Australian orogenic Cu-Co-Au deposit in the Archean Pilbara Craton

David Fox, Sam Spinks, Mark Pearce, Margaux Le Vaillant, Robert Thorne, Milo Barham, Mehrooz Aspandiar

Geochemical dispersion processes in deep cover and neotectonics in Coompana, Nullarbor Plain, South Australia

Ignacio González-Álvarez, Carmen Krapf, Ryan Noble, David Fox, Nathan Reid, Clive Foss, Tania Ibrahimi, Rian Dutch, Liz Jagodzinski, David Cole, Ian Lau, Tenten Pinchand

The geological characteristics, geochemical signature and geophysical expression of porphyry copper-(gold) deposits in the circum-Pacific region

Steve Garwin

Geological insights of Northern Australia’s AusAEM airborne EM survey

Yusen Ley-Cooper, Ian Roach, Ross C Brodie

Geological investigations with high spatial resolution WV-3 satellite imagery and regional geophysics at the Haib Cu porphyry, Namibia

R. D. Hewson, E. Chinkaka, M. van der Meijde, B. Baugh, N. Titus, J. P. Mubita

A geological pressure model for the Browse Basin and the southern Vulcan Sub-Basin, NWS Australia

Jakob Heller, Toh Shi-Yuan, Alex Edwards

The Geological Survey of NSW’s approach to the MinEx Cooperative Research Centre’s National Drilling Initiative.

Astrid Carlton

Geology of Australian ore deposits

G Neil Phillips, Kristy Burt

Geophysical expression of the Meyers Crater, a new meteorite impact crater discovered in the Coolgardie Goldfield of Western Australia

Jayson Meyers, Sharna Riley, Wesley Groome

Geophysical investigation of mine waste in the King River Delta, Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania

Matthew J. Cracknell, Sibele C. Nascimento, Wei Xuen Heng, Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Thomas A. Schaap

Geophysics and neural networks: learning from computer vision

Mark Grujic, Liam Webb, Tom Carmichael

Geophysics used to help find good quality groundwater in the Vientiane Plain, Lao PDR

Michael Hatch, Okke Batelaan, Eddie Banks, Somphasith Douangsavanh

The Geosciences DeVL Experiment: new information generated from old magnetotelluric data of The University of Adelaide on the NCI High Performance Computing Platform

Nigel Rees, Ben Evans, Graham Heinson, Dennis Conway, Rui Yang, Stephan Thiel, Kate Robertson, Kelsey Druken, Bruce Goleby, Jingbo Wang, Lesley Wyborn, Hoël Seillé

Ginger - a little spice on the shelf: supra-slump stratigraphic trapping in the Barrow Sub-basin

Steve Moss, Margarita Kongawoin, Richard Harmer, Michael Isherwood

Gippsland Basin 3D forward modelling in Badlands

Xuemei Yang, Greg Smith

Gold metallogeny of the northern Capricorn Orogen

Imogen Fielding, Simon Johnson

Groundwater applications of towed TEM in diverse geology at farm scale

David Allen

Handling noise in AEM inversion – implications for subsurface characterisation

Shane Mulè, Camilla Soerensen, Tim Munday

High-productivity, high-resolution 3D seismic surveys for open-cut coal operations

Eric Battig, Heather Schijns, Matt Grant, Neil Millar

A high-resolution seismic investigation for shallow iron ore

Ashley Grant*, Sasha Ziramov, Milovan Urosevic

Hydrocarbon and helium prospectivity of the Amadeus and Murraba basins in Western Australia

P. W. Haines, H.-J. Allen

Hydrocarbon potential of the Heywood Graben, Vulcan Sub-basin: new regional paleogeographic analyses and source kitchen modelling

J. P. Grahame, J. Harris, V. Cole, M. Urbat, Y. Santerre, C. Gilman, S. Roy

Hydrothermal dolomite distribution in the Emanuel Range as a constraint on timing of fault movement during mineralisation on the Lennard Shelf, Western Australia

Heather Middleton, Vicki Pedone, Dennis Arne

Hyperspectral imaging of sedimentary iron ores – beyond borders

Lionel C. Fonteneau, Brigette Martini, Don Elsenheimer

Identification of deep coal seam families using machine learning

Tauqir Moughal, Irina Emelyanova, David S. Warner, Erik C. Dunlop, Mohinudeen Faiz, David N. Dewhurst, Prue E.R. Warner, Marina Pervukhina

Imaging a mafic underplate in 3D: an example from the east Albany–Fraser Orogen and Yilgarn Craton margin

Lucy Brisbout, Ruth Murdie

Imaging challenges at Gulf of Papua (PNG) and their solutions through high-end imaging technology

Zongying Gong, Subhash Chandra, Xiaodong Wu, Yajing Li, Min Zhi, Michael Szczepaniak, Barry Hung

Imaging past depositional environments of the North West Shelf of Australia: lessons from 3D seismic data

Victorien Paumard, Julien Bourget, Simon Lang, Tom Wilson, Rosine Riera, Anthony Gartrell, Boyan K. Vakarelov, Mick O'Leary, Annette D. George

Improved HSEQ and survey efficiency demonstrated with a new remotely operated streamer cleaning tool

Rune Tønnessen, Trygve Skadberg, James Wright, Andrew Long

In-Situ Laboratory for CO2 controlled-release experiments and monitoring in a fault zone in Western Australia

Karsten Michael, Arsham Avijegon, Ludovic Ricard, Matt Myers, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Roman Pevzner, Julian Strand, Barry Freifeld, Mark Woitt, Marina Pervukhina, Andrew Feitz, Bobby Pejcic, Linda Stalker, Brett Harris, Jo Myers, Alf Larcher, Praveen Rachakonda, Laurent Langhi, Tess Dance, Allison Hortle, Jennifer Roberts, Martijn Woltering, Cameron White, Claudio Delle Piane

Indicator minerals for magmatic sulfide mineralisation

Louise Schoneveld, Steve Barnes, Margaux LeVaillant, Valentina Taranovic

Induced polarization chargeability calibration standards

John E. E. Kingman, Terry J. Ritchie, Peter Rowston*

Insight from AIP modelling of VTEM ET data from Colorado

Andrea Viezzoli, Burke Minsley, Antonio Menghini

Integrating a Minerals Systems Approach with Machine Learning: A Case Study of ‘Modern Minerals Exploration’ in the Mt Woods Inlier – northern Gawler Craton, South Australia

Mark Rieuwers, Antoine Caté

Integrating fault kinematics into implicit 3D modelling of fault networks

Lachlan Grose, Laurent Ailleres, Gautier Laurent

Integrating hyperspectral and radiometric remote sensing, spatial topographic analysis and surface geochemistry to assist mineral exploration

A. S. Caruso, K. D. Clarke, C. J. Tiddy, M. M. Lewis

Integrating seismic inversion in static models to capture geological heterogeneity and improve exploration outcomes

Cristina Angheluta, Megan Slade, Bonnie Henderson, David Kulikowski

Internal architectural analysis of mass transport deposits to unravel deepwater dispersal fairways; a novel approach to an old challenge

Roland Dashti, Benjamin Birt, Masoud Jangani

Inversion of magnetotellurics data with enhanced structural fidelity

Federico Golfré Andreasi, Simone Re, Federico Ceci, Luca Masnaghetti

Investigating rock micro-structure of sandstones by pattern recognition on their X-ray images

Ankita Singh, Ryan Armstrong, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Peyman Mostaghimi

IPEx: A lower-cost superior reconnaissance RES/IP/MT survey

Steve Boucher

Jurassic igneous activity in the Exmouth Sub-basin: Insights from new 3D seismic

G. O’Halloran, R. Benson, C. Dempsey

Known, absent and potential mineral deposit types in Australia

David I. Groves, G. Neil Phillips

Learnings from the Gawler Craton airborne survey quality control

Matthew Hutchens

Legacy data – hidden opportunity

Keith Reeves

Litho-structural controls on mineralisation at the Pillara carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb Deposit, Lennard Shelf District, Western Australia

Dennis Arne, Simon Dörling, Robert Fagan, Heather Middleton

Lithology characterisation of the roof and floor of the Moranbah measures coal seam using post-stack and pre-stack seismic inversion

Margarita Pavlova

The lithospheric structure and deep processes of the Mesozoic mineral systems in east China: constrained from integrated geophysical data

Qingtian Lü, Guixiang Meng, Jiayong Yan, Jinhua Zhao, Xuejing Gong

Log dependent approach to predict reservoir facies and permeability in a complicated shaly sand reservoir

Abdelrahman Elkhateeb, Reza Rezaee, Ali Kadkhodaie

Low-Base Frequency Helicopter AEM Data from a Square-Wave System -Helitem2

Adam Smiarowski, Graham Konieczny

Machine assisted drillhole interpretation of iron ore resource evaluation holes in the Pilbara

Daniel Wedge, Owen Hartley, Andrew McMickan, Eun-Jung Holden, Thomas Green

Magnetic and gravity source models of the Gairdner Dolerites

Philip Heath, Clive Foss

Magnetotelluric inversion strategies

Ralf Schaa*, Brett Harris, Andrew Pethick

Making EM systems and bore logs speak the same language

Aaron Davis, Juerg Hauser

Managing uncertainty to deliver complex development wells

Peter van Ruth, Manish Agarwal, Scott Gagen

Mapping IOCG-related alteration using 3D gravity and magnetic inversion: an example from the Tennant Creek – Mount Isa region, northern Australia

James A. Goodwin, Roger G. Skirrow

Mapping sub-volcanic geology using magnetic data

Irena Kivior, Stephen Markham, Shiferaw Damte

Mapping the hydrostratigraphy and groundwater salinity of the Ord Bonaparte plains from AEM and NMR data

Kok Piang Tan*, Neil Symington, Chris Harris-Pascal, Larysa Halas, Ken Lawrie

Maximising the value of 2D hard rock seismic acquisition at Escondida Porphyry Copper Mine

Heather Schijns, Gabriel Madero

Maximising value from seismic using new data and information management technologies

Jess B. Kozman, Matthew Holsgrove

Maximising value from seismic using new data and information management technologies

Jess B. Kozman, Matthew Holsgrove

Metal Earth: Role of multidisciplinary geophysical methods to improve knowledge of mineral deposition across Precambrian rocks

Esmaeil Eshaghi, Richard Smith, Mostafa Naghizadeh, Graham James Hill, Eric Roots, Amir Maleki Ghahfarokhi, Saeid Cheraghi, John Ayer

Metasomatic/depletion events affecting Cratons and “cratons”

Tom Wise, Stephan Thiel, Rian Dutch, Mark Pawley, Kate Robertson

The mineral factory: how to build a giant quartz reef

Lisa Tannock, Marco Herwegh, Alfons Berger, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

Mineralization signatures of the magnetite-dominant Acropolis prospect, Olympic Dam IOCG district, South Australia

Marija Dmitrijeva, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Kathy J. Ehrig, Andrew V. Metcalfe, Max R. Verdugo-Ihl, Jocelyn McPhie, Nigel J. Cook

The Mineral Systems Atlas – delivering greater value from precompetitive geoscience data

S Morin-Ka, TJ Beardsmore, P Duuring, J Guilliamse, L Burley

Modelling the Palaeozoic tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Orogen

Thomas Schaan, Sebastien Meffre, Joanne Whitakker, Matthew Cracknell, Michael Roach

Moho structure of Australia from probabilistic inversion of teleseismic P-wave coda autocorrelation

Mehdi Tork Qashqai, Erdinc Saygin

Morphometrics of Channel Belts from the Mungaroo Formation, NWS, Australia

T. H. D. Payenberg, B. Willis, J. Fowler, S. C. Lang, A. Powell, T. Marsh, P. Sixsmith, B. Vakarelov

MT conductivity signatures of mineral systems: 3D MT over the Eastern Goldfields Super Terrane, Yilgarn Craton

Kate Selway, Mike Dentith, Sinan Özaydin

A multi-disciplinary approach for defining nickel and gold mineral systems; Halls Creek Orogen, Western Australia

Fariba Kohanpour, Sandra Occhipinti, Mark Lindsay, Weronika Gorczyk

Multi-physics, inter-disciplinary approaches for groundwater system investigations and hydrogeological assessments in Northern Australia

Ken Lawrie, Des Yinfoo, Niels B. Christensen, Kokpiang Tan, Neil Symington, Donna Cathro, Larysa Halas, Stephen Hostetler, Chris Harris-Pascal, Andrew McPherson, Christian Seiler, John Wischusen

New insights into the Exmouth Sub-basin: Seismic acquisition, processing and imaging

Alexander Karvelas, Bee Jik Lim, Lianping Zhang, Haryo Trihutomo, Oliver Schenk, Sugandha Tewari

New insights into the Exmouth Sub-basin: tectono-stratigraphic evolution

Craig Dempsey, Robbie Benson, Gerry O'Halloran, Oliver Schenk, Alex Karvelas, Sugandha Tewari

New insights into the Exmouth Sub-basin from basin and petroleum system modelling

Oliver Schenk, Craig Dempsey, Robbie Benson, Michael Cheng, Sugandha Tewari, Alexander Karvelas, Giuseppe Bancalà

New insights into the offshore Canning Basin using a seamless onshore/offshore stratigraphic model

Christopher Yule, James Daniell

New insights on chimney growth model and native gold enrichment in modern seafloor hydrothermal chimneys

Siyu Hu, Steve Barnes, Anais Pagès

New insights on the Upper Cretaceous Tiger Supersequence of the Bight Basin from International Ocean Discovery Hole U1512

Carmine C. Wainman, Gabriel Tagliaro, Peter J. McCabe

New observations on possible paired end Permian impacts in the Bedout Sub-basin, offshore Western Australia: relevance to local prospectivity and global plate tectonics

D. Jablonski, J. D. Gorter, M. D'Adamo

Nova-Bollinger Ni-Cu sulfide ore deposits, Fraser Zone, Western Australia: Petrology of the host intrusions sulfide-silicate textures and emplacement mechanisms of the ores

Valentina Taranovic, Stephen J. Barnes, Steve Beresford, John Miller, Steven Rennick

Observations of geophone spurious resonance

Steve Hearn, Shaun Strong, Andrew Kinmont

Old Data, Changed Times, New Resource? A Case Study, Barrytown, New Zealand, Ilmenite Garnet Gold Zircon

Luke Burlet, Graham Lee

Orogenic gold deposits: part of a global dynamic conjunction between subduction and gold

David I. Groves

Orogenic gold prospectivity mapping using machine learning

Mike McMillan, Jen Fohring, Eldad Haber, Justin Granek

Overly steep decays in airborne TEM data and their link to chargeability: example from the Howards East District, NT, Australia

Klara Steklova, Ken Lawrie, Esben Auken, Anders V. Christiansen, Gianluca Fiandaca

Overpressure transmission through igneous intrusions: An unrecognized drilling hazard in volcanic affected basins?

Nick Schofield, Simon Holford, Alex Edwards

Palaeogeographic evolution of the Triassic succession, central North West Shelf

Steve Abbott, Claire Orlov, George Bernardel, Nadege Rollet, Duy Nguyen, Merrie-Ellen Gunning, Chris Nicholson

The Paleozoic prospectivity of the Offshore Canning area, Australia

Said Amiribesheli, Andrew Weller

Paleozoic to Triassic continental-scale sediment provenance of the Canning, Officer and Northern Carnarvon Basins, Western Australia

S. Morón, P. A. Cawood, P. W. Haines, S. J. Gallagher, S. Zahirovic, C. J. Lewis, L. Moresi

Passive seismic horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) surveying to help define bedrock depth, structure and layering in shallow coal basins

David Stannard, Jayson Meyers, Thomas Dronfield

Passive seismic HVSR surveying for groundwater exploration at the Chilalo Graphite Project, Tanzania

Sharna Riley, Jayson Meyers, John Sinnott

Petrophysical “Big Data” - case study from the Stavely Project, western Victoria

Phil Skladzien

PhotonAssay™ – Efficient &bulk gold analysis in the modern world

Chenoa Tremblay, Gary Wheeler, Anthony Oteri

The Pilbara Mesoarchean conglomerate gold versus Quaternary colluvial gold: are they genetically linked?

Sam Spinks, Mark Pearce, Margaux Le Vaillant, David Fox

Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project: deposit geology and new constraints on rare-metal pegmatite genesis

J. S. Holmes, J. L. Grigson

Placing key casing points using wellsite chemostratigraphy in the Ungani Field, Canning Basin, Western Australia

A. Forbes, D. Long, F. McNee, A. Millar, A. Wilson

Pore-scale study of fluids flow and fluid-fluid interactions during near-miscible CO2 EOR and storage in oil reservoirs

Mojtaba Seyyedi, Mehran Sohrabi

Porosity distribution prediction of untapped Gumai Formation by applying multi-attribute analysis: A case study in South Sumatra Basin

Mohammad Risyad, Muhammad Fahmi Yahya Faizan

The power of the crowd and open data – learnings from the OZ Minerals Explorer open innovation challenge

Holly Bridgwater, Jess Robertson, Ian Anderson

A preliminary assessment of uncertainties attributed by analysts, array types and processing algorithms for microtremor observations, via the COSMOS Blind Trials

Michael W. Asten, Alan Yong, Sebastiano Foti, Koichi Hayashi, Antony Martin, William J. Stephenson, John F. Cassidy, Jacie Coleman

Preliminary dating of martite goethite iron ore in the Hamersley Province (Western Australia)

E. R. Ramanaidou, M. Danišík, M. A. Wells

Probabilistic modelling of sedimentary basin evolution using Bayeslands

Rohitash Chandra, Danial Azam, R. Dietmar Muller

Processing the first full azimuth OBN survey in Australia: a step change in imaging quality

Unnikrishnan Chambath, Vincent Ganivet, Sergey Birdus, Joe Zhou, Alain Delorme, Leigh Scoby-Smith, Ivan Gregory, Matt Kovacevic, Tim Williams, Chris Walton

pXRF assessment of new magmatic fertility indicators in the Macquarie Arc

Tristan Wells, Sebastien Meffre, David Cooke, Jefferey Steadman, Jonathon Hoye

Pyxis – A study in cost-efficient near-field exploration, discovery and appraisal

Megan Slade, Peter Thomas

Quantified Detection of Carbonate Cementation in Sandstones using Standard Wireline Log Data

Mark Bunch

Quantitative Interpretation in the Bedout Sub-basin: The value of seismic inversion in areas of sub-optimal seismic data quality

M. Kongawoin, A. Pauli, A. Locke, L. Hansen

Quaternary buried valley characterization on the Canadian Prairies using a shear land-streamer

David G. Schieck, Robert B. Hearst

Rapid field identification of LCT pegmatite mineralogy: Application of portable Raman spectroscopy

Sophie Perring, Nigel Brand

Realtime analysis and well planning using wireline logs in a hydrogeological context

Benjamin Birt, Olga Filiptsova, Sheryl Ryan, Tim Hopper

Recent advances in nodal land seismic acquisition systems

Tim Dean, Denis Sweeney

Recent advances on the inversion of deep directional borehole resistivity measurements

Vladimir Puzyrev, David Pardo, Víctor Calo, Carlos Torres-Verdín

Refraction tomography at the Nova Ni-Cu mine

Ian James, Graeme Hird, Andrew Fitzpatrick

Regional airborne gravity surveys in Western Australia: Considerations for the end user

Martin Bates, Stefan Elieff, Krista Kaski, David Howard, John Brett, Richard Lane

Regional Stratal Slice Imaging of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Tony Marsh, Anne Powell

Reliable 1D magnetotelluric probabilistic inversion considering modelling assumption violations

Hoël Seillé, Gerhard Visser

Reservoir flow modelling to constrain CO2 plume-fault interaction. South West Hub Carbon Capture and Storage Project, WA

Laurent Langhi, Ludovic Ricard, Julian Strand

Resistivity structure of the Link East MT transect in the Southern Curnamona Province

Ben Kay, Kate Robertson, Stephan Thiel, Graham Heinson

Resolving complex velocity and gas absorption features with full-waveform inversion in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Yuelian Gong, Dominic Fell, Robert Hunn, Richard Bisley, Alexander Karvelas, Bee Jik Lim

Resolving Structural Uncertainty using DAS VSP Survey in Central Australia

Konstantin Galybin, Cameron Jones, Frank Nicholson, Ryan Chapman, Rob Twigg

Reviving an old Buffalo - Breathing new life into an old dataset with modern technology

R. McGee, H. Debenham, P. Hoiles, A. O'Neill, J. Miller, A. Padman

Rift initiation on Australia’s southern margin: insights from the Bremer Sub-basin

Jane Cunneen, Amanda Buckingham, Cecilia D’Ercole

Rock physics for multiscale, multiphysics data assimilation from molecular to laboratory scale

Klaus Regenauer-Lieb*, Thomas Blach, Ankita Singh, Amalia Halim, Stuart Clark, Christoph Schrank

The role of geochemistry in understanding mineral systems

Carl W. Brauhart

The sample boundary effect in the low-frequency measurements of the elastic moduli of rocks

Wenhui Tan, Vassily Mikhaltsevitch, Maxim Lebedev, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Boris Gurevich

Scale reduction using magnetotellurics – a mineral exploration example from the Olympic Domain, South Australia

Stephan Thiel, Kate Robertson, Wenping Jiang

The science of discovery – from Exploration 1.0 to Discovery 2.0

Timothy Craske

Sea level controls on buried geomorphology within the Swan River estuary during the Late Quaternary

Giada Bufarale, Mick O’Leary, Alexandra Stevens

Seismic evidence for seal and reservoir in the Late Cretaceous Ceduna Delta, Great Australian Bight

Ben Tredrea, Phillip Horton

Seismic interpretation of salt occurrences in the southern Canning Basin, Western Australia

Y. Zhan

Sensitivity-based data reduction of large 3D DC/IP surveys

Sarah G. R. Devriese, Robert G. Ellis, Ken E. Witherly

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Wheatstone and Iago Fields, North West Shelf, Australia: Implications for Reservoir Characterisation

R. B. Ainsworth, M. McCrudden, B. Hopcroft, R. Root, P. Theologou, M. Flett, T. Swarbrick, T. H. D. Payenberg, S. C. Lang

A series of confusing measurements in the search for water

Chris Wijns

The seven rocks that made Australia

Marita Bradshaw

Shooting for the stars: unravelling a Late Jurassic turbidite petroleum system - frontiers for the next generation of exploration

D. D. Ferdinando, P. V. Harrison, D. A. 'Stan' Stanbrook

Significance of Early Triassic conodont zones from Western Australia

John D. Gorter, Michael J. Orchard, Robert S. Nicoll, Darren Ferdinando

Smart stitching: adding lateral priors to ensemble inversions as a post-processing step

Gerhard Visser

A statewide 3D geological model for New South Wales

Edward Stolz, Giovanni Spampinato, John Davidson

Statistical rock physics analysis and modelling in the Browse Basin

Shuichi Desaki, Yuki Kobayashi, Peter Miklavs

Strategic electromagnetic geophysical prospecting across a belt an example over the Albany Fraser Orogen

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Mike Whitford

Structural and lithological controls on the geometry and morphology of igneous intrusions: a 3D seismic case study from the Exmouth sub-basin, NW Shelf

Niall Mark, Simon Holford, Nick Schofield, Christian Eide, Stefano Pugliese, Douglas Watson, David Muirhead

The structural architecture of the central North West Shelf – insights from regional scale mapping of the Triassic succession

Claire Orlov, Chris Nicholson, George Bernardel, Steve Abbott, Nadege Rollet

Structural controls of the Ernest Henry IOCG deposit: Insights from integrated structural, geophysical and mineralogical analyses.

Jim Austin, Andreas Björk, Ben Patterson

Structural modification of the Jaguar VHMS Zn-Cu-Ag deposits, Yilgarn Craton, W.A.

Jonathan Standing, David Potter

Structural Setting and Controls on Ni-Cu Sulphide Mineralisation at Nova-Bollinger, Fraser Zone, WA

Jonathan Standing

Sub-basin architecture of the Proterozoic McArthur Group, southern McArthur Basin

Teagan Blaikie, Marcus Kunzmann

Subsurface characterisation for future CCS applications using uncommon 3D surface and borehole seismic survey geometries at Harvey, Western Australia

Milovan Urosevic, Sasha Ziramov, Roman Pevzner, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Sinem Yavuz, Anton Egorov, Andrej Bona, Valeriya Shulakova, Dominique Van Gent

Subsurface seismic imaging using drill bit noise

Mehdi Asgharzadeh, Ashley Grant, Andrej Bona, Milovan Urosevic

Supporting data-driven exploration in NSW

Keith Gates

Surface passive seismic monitoring by the local use of semblance

M. Javad Khoshnavaz, Andrej Bona, Kit Chambers, Hamidreza Siahkoohi, Alireza Khoshnavaz

Target detectability in regional-scale AEM surveys

David Annetts, Juerg Hauser

Tectonic, geodynamic and surface process driving forces of Australia's paleogeography since the Jurassic

L. Harrington, S. Zahirovic, T. Salles, C. Braz, R. D. Müller

Tectonic analysis of regional potential field data

Peter Betts, Robin Armit, Caroline Tiddy, Sheree Armistead, Laurent Ailleres

Tectonics of the Bedout Sub-basin and deposition of the Archer and Lower Keraudren Formations; influence of tectonics in a rapidly deposited succession

Jon Minken, Melissa Thompson, Jack Woodward, Rebecca Ryan, Rylan Fabrici, Marty Allen, Fred Fernandes

Tectonostratigraphy and structures of the southern Perth Basin

C. M. Thomas, S. K. Martin

Time lapse in-hole electrical resistivity surveying during a shallow release of CO2 gas: Harvey, Western Australia

Brett Harris, Alex Costall, Hoang Nguyen, Karsten Michael, Ludovic Ricard, Barry Freifeld, Arsham Avijegon, Andrew Pethick

Transforming an abandoned well into a permanent downhole receiver array: Harvey-3 case study

Ludovic Ricard, Roman Pevzner, Evgenii Sidenko, Konstantin Tertyshnikov, Sandeep Sharma, Dominique Van Gent, Roman Isaenkov

Triassic petroleum systems on the central North West Shelf – Learnings from the greater Phoenix area seismic mapping and geochemical studies

Nadege Rollet, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne Edwards, Richard Kempton, Duy Nguyen, Steve Abbott, Claire Orlov, George Bernardel, Chris Nicholson

Twenty years of pre-competitive geoscience data in the Capricorn Orogen: the link between mineral systems and crustal evolution

Simon P. Johnson

U-Pb ages of the Himalayan foreland basin Northeast India: Implications for the India-Asia collision

Upendra Baral, Lin Ding, Bhupati Neupane

Ultrasonic wave velocities measurements and seismic anisotropy at Karari gold deposit: Implications for gold exploration

Andre Eduardo C. M. de Souza, Stephanie Vialle, Andrej Bona

Understanding the causes of low frequency shadow below gas hydrates

Ayman Noor M. Qadrouh, Saad Alajmi

Understanding the variability of sedimentary basin’s gravity response through stratigraphic modelling

Vincent Crombez, Luk Peeters, Richard Chopping

Update on the geophysical expression of the Abra sedimentary replacement Pb-Ag-Cu-Au deposit, Western Australia

David Stannard, Jayson Meyers, Ed Turner, Angelo Scopel

Using Corona to test NMR response of iron ore chip samples

Mark Downey, Kazek Trofimczyk

Using finite dipole lengths in complete earth 3D MT modelling

Wolfgang Soyer, Federico Miorelli, Randall Mackie

Using machine learning to interpret 3D airborne electromagnetic inversions

Eldad Haber, Jen Fohring, Mike McMillan, Justin Granek

Using machine learning to predict total organic content – case study: Canning Basin, Western Australia

Russell Menezes

Using mud gas components to quantify hydrocarbon liquid yields for gas zones in the Patchawarra Formation of the Western Flank, Cooper Basin

Christopher Webb, Belinda Wong, Regie Estabillo

Using network topology to constrain fracture network permeability

Rowan Hansberry, Simon Holford, Rosalind King, Natalie Debenham

Using recursive inversion as input for gross-rock volume extraction from lithology prediction volumes: How bad can it be?

James Shadlow

Using zircon geochemistry to map alteration in the Gawler Craton, South Australia

Adrienne Brotodewo, Caroline Tiddy, Diana Plavsa, Adrian Fabris

Utilising potential field modelling to better inform on the 3D structural architecture in regions of excellent structural control

Robin Armit, Teagan Blaikie, Peter Betts, Laurent Ailleres

Viability of long-short term memory neural networks for seismic refraction first break detection – a preliminary study

Tasman Gillfeather-Clark, Eun-Jung Holden, Daniel Wedge, Tom Horrocks, Carlie Byrne, Matthew Lawrence

VMS and Ni-Cu exploration using an integrated geophysical and drilling method

Flemming Effersø, Errol Smart, Russell Mortimer

West Australian gold resources: crisis or hubris?

Julian Vearncombe

What lies beneath? A reflection on the porphyry copper exploration model

Ken E. Witherly

What lies beneath? Prospecting for Hydrocarbons under a metamorphic allochthon, Timor-Leste

M. Bucknill, Brendan Duffy, Jason Noble, Alex Berkovitch

What will it take to improve the characterisation of deep mineral deposits in order to assess “economic value” early in the discovery process?

Joe Cucuzza

What you need to know to drill a high pressure, high temperature well

Jonathan Slade

Which anomaly should I drill? Using spatial statistics to inform exploration in covered IOCG terranes

Laszlo Katona*, Adrian Fabris

Why storytelling matters…especially in mineral exploration

Ahmad Saleem, Steve Beresford

X-ray computerised tomography for fracture and facies characterisation and slab orientation in cores stored within aluminium tubes

Lionel Esteban, Ishtar Barranco, Joel Sarout

Yamarna Geology: Foundations for Further Discovery

Janet Tunjic, John Donaldson, Justin Osborne, Clayton Davy’s, Rick Berg

“Is it pyrite, or a shed?”: intricacies of induced polarisation surveying near grounded metallic infrastructure

Regis Neroni, Sam Corbett