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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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3D Seismic Analysis of Ancient Subsurface Fluid Flow in the Exmouth Plateau, Offshore Western Australia

T. Velayatham, S. P. Holford, M. Bunch, R. C. King, C. Magee

Analysis of intraplate earthquake dynamics on the North West Shelf, Australia: new strike-slip focal mechanisms

V. Holloway, M. Keep

Fine-scale variations in distributary mouth-bar morphology in the Middle Triassic Caley Member of the Bedout Sub-basin, Western Australia

A. M. Allgöwer, J. S. Lignum

The Forgotten Story of Australia's First Offshore Wells - Princess Royal Harbour, Albany, 1906

D. Poynton

Ginger - a little spice on the shelf: supra-slump stratigraphic trapping in the Barrow Sub-basin

Steve Moss, Margarita Kongawoin, Richard Harmer, Michael Isherwood

Hydrocarbon and helium prospectivity of the Amadeus and Murraba basins in Western Australia

P. W. Haines, H.-J. Allen

Hydrocarbon potential of the Heywood Graben, Vulcan Sub-basin: new regional paleogeographic analyses and source kitchen modelling

J. P. Grahame, J. Harris, V. Cole, M. Urbat, Y. Santerre, C. Gilman, S. Roy

Imaging past depositional environments of the North West Shelf of Australia: lessons from 3D seismic data

Victorien Paumard, Julien Bourget, Simon Lang, Tom Wilson, Rosine Riera, Anthony Gartrell, Boyan K. Vakarelov, Mick O'Leary, Annette D. George

Morphometrics of Channel Belts from the Mungaroo Formation, NWS, Australia

T. H. D. Payenberg, B. Willis, J. Fowler, S. C. Lang, A. Powell, T. Marsh, P. Sixsmith, B. Vakarelov

New observations on possible paired end Permian impacts in the Bedout Sub-basin, offshore Western Australia: relevance to local prospectivity and global plate tectonics

D. Jablonski, J. D. Gorter, M. D'Adamo

Paleozoic to Triassic continental-scale sediment provenance of the Canning, Officer and Northern Carnarvon Basins, Western Australia

S. Morón, P. A. Cawood, P. W. Haines, S. J. Gallagher, S. Zahirovic, C. J. Lewis, L. Moresi

Placing key casing points using wellsite chemostratigraphy in the Ungani Field, Canning Basin, Western Australia

A. Forbes, D. Long, F. McNee, A. Millar, A. Wilson

Quantitative Interpretation in the Bedout Sub-basin: The value of seismic inversion in areas of sub-optimal seismic data quality

M. Kongawoin, A. Pauli, A. Locke, L. Hansen

Reviving an old Buffalo - Breathing new life into an old dataset with modern technology

R. McGee, H. Debenham, P. Hoiles, A. O'Neill, J. Miller, A. Padman

Seismic interpretation of salt occurrences in the southern Canning Basin, Western Australia

Y. Zhan

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Wheatstone and Iago Fields, North West Shelf, Australia: Implications for Reservoir Characterisation

R. B. Ainsworth, M. McCrudden, B. Hopcroft, R. Root, P. Theologou, M. Flett, T. Swarbrick, T. H. D. Payenberg, S. C. Lang

Shooting for the stars: unravelling a Late Jurassic turbidite petroleum system - frontiers for the next generation of exploration

D. D. Ferdinando, P. V. Harrison, D. A. 'Stan' Stanbrook

Tectonic, geodynamic and surface process driving forces of Australia's paleogeography since the Jurassic

L. Harrington, S. Zahirovic, T. Salles, C. Braz, R. D. Müller

Tectonics of the Bedout Sub-basin and deposition of the Archer and Lower Keraudren Formations; influence of tectonics in a rapidly deposited succession

Jon Minken, Melissa Thompson, Jack Woodward, Rebecca Ryan, Rylan Fabrici, Marty Allen, Fred Fernandes

Tectonostratigraphy and structures of the southern Perth Basin

C. M. Thomas, S. K. Martin