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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 9, Issue 4; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Main Results of Oil-Gas Exploration for 1964 and Plans for 1965

N. P. Budnikov

Working the Non-Homogeneous Productive Strata of Horizon DI in the Zay-Karatay Area of the Romashkino Oil Field

R. G. Khamzin, I. P. Vasil’yev, V. M. Oshitko

Results of Investigations of the Recovery Factor of Stratum B2 of the Zol’nen Field by the Flooded-Zone Method (Isochrons of Flooding)

V. I. Kolganov, M. L. Surguchev, N. A. Yevgrafov

Form of the Net of Wells for a Multi-Pay Oil Field

E. M. Khalimov

Effect of Density of Well Net on the Loss of Oil in the Novo-Khazin Area of the Arlan Field

P. I. Chunosov

Status of the Theory and Practice of Working Oil Fields

S. T. Ovnatanov, K. A. Karapetov

Method of Determining Conformance Factor for Bay-Like Pools with Extraction of Oil by an Active Agent

O. K. Obukhov

Method of Constructing Maps of Effective Thickness in Calculating Oil and Gas Reserves in the Example of the Arlan Field

V. D. Chernousov

Some Results of Investigation of Penetration of Mud Filtrate into Oil-Water Strata

V. I. Azamatov

Method of Determining Carbonate Reservoirs by Laterolog

N. Z. Zalyayev

Investigation of the Possibility of Determining the Water-Oil Contact Under Conditions of Horizon IV of the Anastasiyevsko-Troitsk Oil Field

Yu. V. Konoplev, Yu. A. Kitsenko, B. V. Kalichenko

Conditions of Formation of Accumulations of Oil and Gas in Diapiric Structures of the Azov Region

V. V. Kotseruba, A. F. Matyukhin

New Data on Subsurface Waters of the Paleozoic and Precambrian Sediments of the Caucasus

G. M. Sukharev, Yu. K. Taranukha

Decrease in Specific Gravity of Oil During Production

A. S. Gadzhi-Kasumov, Ye. F. Kreynin, B. M. Listengarten, E. G. Eyvasov