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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 12, Issue 7; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Volyno-Podol Area

V. I. Yushkevich, E. S. Muravinskiy, V. A. Kotyk, V. M. Markovskiy, L. F. Berzhinskiaya

Criteria for Evaluating Prospects in Exploration for Non-Dome Pools of Oil and Gas

Ye. S. Soldatenko

Formation of Local Structures of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

T. I. Polyanskaya

Hydrogeologic Conditions in Deep Paleogene Horizons of the Inner Zone of the Cis-Carpathian Downwarp (Lugi Area)

V. I. Baranovskiy, S. A. Makovskiy, A. F. Romanyuk, Ye. M. Shaparin

New Directions for Oil-Gas Exploration in the Eastern Cis-Caucasus in Connection with the Search for Reefs in Triassic Sediments

A. S. Gorkushin, N. F. Frolov, V. V. Stasenkov, M. S. Burshtar, Yu. N. Shvemberger, Yu. F. Myshkova

On the Origin of Paleokarst Reservoirs

Ye. F. Stankevich

Prospects for Discovery of Oil and Gas Fields in Reef Masses and Reef Facies of the USSR

G. Ye. Ryabukhin, V. F. Bykov

On the Overthrust Nature of the Karlovo-Sytov Uplift of the Zhigulev Dislocation

V. A. Lobov, I. Kh. Kaveyev, I. L. Khanin, V. I. Kalinin, L. G. Khaykin, A. I. Kalugina

New Data on the Structure of the Vuktyl Field and Plans for Further Oil-Gas Exploration

A. V. Borisov, V. Ye. Leshchenko, N. F. Medvedev

On the Occurrence of Jurassic Sediments in the Southern Part of the Central Cis-Caucasus

M. R. Pustil’nikov, V. V. Shcherbakov, Yu. T. Pavlenko

Dissolved Organic Matter of Condensation Waters of Gas and Gas-Condensate Fields

V. V. Kolodiy

Regional Metamorphism and Characteristics of Reservoirs and Oils of the Lower Volga Region

A. G. Gabrielyan, M. V. Anisimova, L. A. Klimova, G. N. Grubich, G. S. Kolesnikova

Light Hydrocarbons in Modern Sediments and Ancient Rocks

S. P. Levshunova, K. F. Rodionova

Isoprene Hydrocarbons in the Lower Paleozoic Oils of the Baltic Region

N. N. Gurko, L. F. Stepina

Genetic Significance of Organic Matter in Subsurface Waters in Oil Geology

V. A. Kudryakov

Geochemical Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Gases of Fields of the Kyanizadag-Bulla Island Anticlinal Zone

A. M. Mamedov

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Bol’shekhet Zone of Uplifts on the Lower Course of the Yenisei River

D. B. Tal’virskiy, V. I. Kazais

Recognition of Zones Favorable for Exploration of Oil and Gas Pools in Sediments of the Berrias-Valanginian (Achimov Member) of West Siberia

A. Ye. Yekhanin, V. I. Shpil’man

Oil-Gas Productivity of the Sub-Salt Sediments of the Zapadno-Teplov Field

A. A. Al’zhanov, I. N. Kapustin, I. M. Gubkina

Time of Development of Processes of Oil-Gas Formation in Mesozoic and Paleogene Sediments of the Afgano-Tadzhik Oil-Gas Region

Ye. V. Lebzin, T. A. Safranov, Yu. A. Voskresenskaya

Sources of Generation of Hydrocarbons in the Southeast Part of the Turan Plate

V. I. Yermolkin, V. S. Sarkisyan, V. I. Larin

Kyulyuli Sandstones of the Lower Cretaceous of the Shemakhino-Kobystan Area of Azerbaydzhan and Their Prospects for Oil and Gas

A. I. Tsaturov, A. A. Mamedov