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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 13, Issue 2; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Appearance and Nature of Anomalously High Formation Pressures in the Kuyab Mega-Syncline of the Tadzhik Depression

R. U. Kalomazov, M. A. Vakhitov

Relationship of Structural Plans of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic in the Central Part of the Kura Depression

M. G. Agabekov, A. B. Moshashvili

Comparative Characteristics of Geothermal Conditions in Some Fields of West Siberia

V. N. Matviyenko

Method of Study of Lithologic-Physical Properties and Inhomogeneities of Clastic Productive Strata

Ye. A. Kichenko

Geologic Development of the Southeast Part of the Cis-Carpathian Downwarp and Its Further Oil-Gas Prospects

Yu. Z. Krupskiy

Problem of the Oil Productivity of the Paleozoic of the West Siberian Lowland

A. A. Trofimuk, V. S. Vyshemirskiy

Oil Prospects of the Pre-Jurassic Formations in West Siberia

Yu. B. Fain, B. M. Bikbulatov

Paleozoic Oil in the Novosibirsk Area

N. P. Zapivalov, Ye. M. Zubarev, V. A. Minko, I. I. Pluman, N. G. Rozhok, Z. Ya. Serdyuk, V. Ya. Sherikhora

Characteristics of Oil-Gas-Bearing Horizon AB1 of the Nizhne-Vartov Dome

F. K. Salmanov, N. F. Beresnev, F. Z. Khafizov, Ye. A. Teplyakov

Prospects for Gas Fields Offshore in the Sea of Azov

Ye. M. Us, M. I. Bakhtin, I. K. Naugol’nyy, E. P. Shpakov

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Carbonate Rocks of the Lower Permian of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

G. I. Vakarchuk, A. Ye. Lukin, V. I. Myasnikov, A. M. Paliy, S. V. Tkachishin

Significance of Benzol in Formation Waters in Oil-Gas Exploration

O. I. Serebryakov

Structural Features of the Talalayevka-Novotroitsk Region (Dnieper-Donets Depression)

V. I. Kityk, N. I. Galabuda, V. A. Aver’yev

Systematic Variations in the Total Beta Activity of Oils of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

G. P. Shkrebta

Common Geochemical Relationship of Radium, Ammonia, and Strontium Anomalies in the Subsurface Waters to Oil and Gas Pools

L. K. Gutsalo

Natural Beta Activity of Oils and Host Rocks of the Lelyakov Field

G. P. Shkrebta

Natural Beta Activity of Oils and Rocks of Carboniferous Age of the Priluka Field

G. P. Shkrebta

New Data on the Conditions of Formation of the Folds of the Tarkhankut Peninsula

S. M. Zakharchuk, Yu. Kh. Ovcharenko

Development of Mineral Waters of Springs of the “Naftusya” Type within the Borislav Oil-Gas Region

A. F. Romanyuk, I. P. Krivitskiy, V. I. Mikhalevich