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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 14 Issue 5; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Oil-Gas Productivity of Paleogene Sediments of Eastern Georgia, Central and Western Azerbaydzhan and Directions for Further Geological Exploration

V. V. Stasenkov, A. G. Laliyev, A. N. Guseynov, A. S. Fokin, O. A. Kosterin

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Foreland Fold on the Northeast Frame of the Dagestan Wedge

F. M. Korshenbaum

Oil-Gas Productivity of Mesozoic Sediments in Mangyshlak

A. M. Silich

Method of Final, Outlining of Small Fields in Tataria

R. Kh. Muslimov, E. I. Suleymanov, Ye. Yu. Mochalov

Composition of the Organic Matter and of Hydrocarbon Fluids in Individual Marginal Depressions of the Cis-Ural Downwarp

Ye. P. Shishenina, I. B. Kulibakina, K. I. Kazakova, N. V. Popova, A. F. Bavrina, D. D. Yevdokimova

Recognition of Productive Carbonate Reservoirs with Complex Structure of the Pore Space

Ya. N. Abdukhalikov, T. G. Demidova

Analysis of Error of Seismic Structural Constructions by Comparison with Drilling Data in the Samotlor Field

N. Ya. Kunin, T. B. Krasil’nilova

Oil-Gas Prospects of the North Part of the Surgut Region

A. Ye. Yekhanin, V. I. Shpil’man, A. V. Tyan

Oil Prospects of the Pre-Devonian and Devonian Sediments of the Southeast Regions of the Orenburg Region

G. V. Makarov, S. P. Makarova, F. M. Tagangayev

Features of the Formation and Distribution of Oil and Gas Pools in the Lower Permian Sub-Salt Sediments of the Ural-Volga Area

Yu. Ya. Bol’shakov

Method of Exploration for Upper Devonian-Lower Carboniferous Sedimentational Structures in the Northern Regions of the Peri-Caspian Depression

G. S. Borushko, V. Ya. Shirokov

New Data on the Structure and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Central Part of the South Emba Region

V. I. Korneyev, V. L. Kripinevich, V. I. Shcherbinin, I. A. Blotskiy

Prediction of Permo - Triassic Structures of the North Ust-Urt Downwarp on a Basis of Gravity Field and Other Geological - Geophysical Data

A. V. Matusevich

Direction for Oil Exploration in the Moscow Synclize

M. I. Ostovskiy, V. B. Mazur, I. F. Gorbachev, A. Ya. Chagayev, V. A. Shekhodanov

Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Sediments of the Anticlinal, Zones of the Kyurdamiro-Saatly Gravity Maximum

M. G. Agabekov, A. B. Moshashvili

Geologic Features of the Pashiy Productive Horizon of the Rechitsa Oil Field

V. P. Lobunov

Relationship of Composition of Oils and Bitumens of Inter-Salt Sediments of the Pripyat Depression to the Degree of Catagenesis of the Organic Matter

V. A. Laput, V. N. Beskopyl’nyy, L. F. Garmasheva

Some Features of the Paleotectonic Development of Local Uplifts of the Darvina Bank-Yuzhnaya Tectonic Zone in Connection with their Oil-Gas Prospects

M. Yu. Gasanov

Main Results of Regional Geolocical-Geophysical Investigations for Oil and Gas in the Ukrainian Ssr in 1971-75 and Plans for Work During the Tenth Five Year Plan

Yu. A. Arsiriy, M. I. Blank, V. S. Burov, V. V. Glushko, B. I. Denega, V. A. Ivanishin, G. I. Kaledin, V. I. Myasnikov, A. M. Paliy, V. A. Raznitsyn, V. V. Serdyukov, S. V. Tkachishin

Probable Geologic Make-Up and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Maykop Sediments offshore in the Sea of Azov

Ye. M. Us, M. I. Bakhtin, V. N. Pkhil