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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 14 Issue 7; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Geological Exploration for Oil and Gas offshore in the Caspian Sea

Kh. B. Yusufzade

New Data on the Deep Tectonics and Oil-Gas Prospects of the North Border of the Caspian Sea

I. A. Abbasov, R. I. Abramson, V. P. Avrov, I. K. Kerimova, L. M. Kazakova

Geology of the North Border Zone of the Peri-Caspian Synclize (Ural Region)

T. I. Gal’yanova, N. B. Gibshman, Yu. G. Pimenov, A. V. Yaroshenko

New Data on the Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the South Border of the Zapadno-Kuban Downwarp

V. I. Korneyev, V. L. Kripinevich, L. M. Pustyl’nikov

Structure of the Chokrak Sediments of the Inchkhe-More Oil Area

M. B. Kheirov, N. Yu. Khalilov

Lower Permian Reefs of the West Border Zone of the Peri-Caspian Depression

L. Yu. Benderovich, O. B. Ketat, A. Ye. Langbort

Paleo-Tectonic Conditions at the Boundary Between Middle and Late Devonian in the Near-Ural Region of Bashkiria

A. A. Aksenov, L. V. Nagornova, A. Z. Khamzin

Faults on the Western Flank of the Dorokhov Swell (Perm Region)

S. I. Vaksman, S. N. Kalabin, V. N. Rybakov

Characteristics of the Variation in Composition and Properties of Oils of the Pripyat Depression

L. A. Rudchenko, G. I. Parukova

Question of the Formation of Sulfur Oils in Nature (According to Data from Central Asia)

Kh. A. Ravikovich

Results of Geological Exploration for Oil and Gas by the Ministry of Geology RSFSR for 1971-75 and Main Directions for the Tenth Five Year Plan

L. I. Rovnin, V. A. Dvurechenskiy, A. V. Ovcharenko

Prospects for Exploration for Oil and Gas Pools of the Non-Anticlinal Type on the Flanks of the Nepa Dome

V. V. Samsonov, A. S. Povyshev, B. L. Ryb’yakov, A. P. Zheleznova, A. S. Sidorenko

Prospects for Exploration for Non-Anticlinal Pools of Oil and Gas in the Surgut Oil-Gas Region

R. Sh. Mamleyev, P. A. Chechin, F. K. Salmanov, A. V. Tyan

Geology of the Upper Jurassic Sediments of the Foreland Folds of the Checheno-Ingush Assr and Evaluation of their Oil-Gas Prospects

P. G. Romanov

Influence of Adsorbption-Chromatographic Effects on the Composition of Oils During Secondary Processes of Migration

V. A. Chakhmakhchev, G. S. Stepanova

Isotopic Composition of Sulfate Sulfur of Formation Waters of Some Oil-Gas Regions of the Soviet Union

R. G. Pankina, V. L. Mekhtiyeva, S. M. Guriyeva

Organic Constructions in the Lower Carboniferous Sediments of the North Border of the Donets Basin

P. I. Zelenskaya

Hydrogeologic and Geo Thermal Characteristics of the Shagyrly-Shomyshty Gas Field

D. A. Dzhangir’yants, U. Akchulakov, K. Akhoshev, T. K. Nsanov

Geochemical Exploration for offshore Oil and Gas Fields

L. M. Zor’kin, V. I. Bagirov