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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 14 Issue 8; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Prospects for Discovery of Oil Pools in Southeastern Turkmenia

G. G. Mirzoyev, V. P. Stroganov

Evaluation of the Oil-Gas Productivity of the Eastern Part of the Bol’Shekinel Swell

G. A. Tuzhilin, B. A. Yakovlev

Paleogeographic Reconstructions in Connection with Exploration for Lithologic Pools of Oil and Gas in the Northeast of the Irkutsk Amphitheater

A. P. Zheleznova, A. S. Sidorenko

Geotemperature Analysis of Conditions of the Main Phase of Oil Formation in the Supra-Salt Section of West Peri-Caspia

A. S. Zinger, T. A. Shorokina, D. L. Fedorov

Shielding Capacity of Thin Clayey Strata (In the Example of the Western Cis-Caucasus)

Ya. A. Bereto

Cyclicity of Sediment Accumulation and Regularities in the Distribution of Oil and Gas Pools in the Example of Paleogene Sediments of the Cis-Caucasus

B. A. Onishchenko

Characteristics of the Hydrodynamic System of Gas Pools of the Southeast Part of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

Yu. S. Zastezhko, V. A. Tereshchenko, Ye. D. Belykh

New Direction for Oil and Gas Exploration in the Verkhne-Pechora Depression of the Cis-Ural Downwarp

A. V. Borisov, V. Ye. Leshchenko, V. I. Nosovskiy

Prospects for Discovery of Oil and Gas Pools in the Jurassic Complex of West Siberia

M. S. Zonn, M. V. Korzh, S. I. Filina

Deep Structure of the Sabin and Paromay Anticlinal Zones of North Sakhalin

A. A. Tereshchenkov, Yu. S. Mavrinskiy, Yu. A. Tronov

Structure of the Yuryuzano-Sylven Depression and Prospects for Finding Structural Traps for Oil and Gas

M. A. Kamaletdinov, Yu. V. Kazantsev

Paleogeomorphic Bases for Finding Oil-Gas-Bearing Zones in the Jurassic and Triassic Complexes of North Emba

M. V. Pronicheva, G. N. Savvinova

Structure of the North Border of the Sarapul Depression of the Kamsko-Kinel System and Further Direction for Oil Exploration

V. M. Provorov, P. N. Konev, Yu. I. Kuznetsov, B. Ya. Chalov, V. N. Shvarev

Standardized Values of Parameters of Productive Strata and of Oil Reserves of Fields of West Siberia

V. P. Sanin, M. F. Svishchev, Yu. Ye. Baturin

Phase State of Hydrocarbons of the Peri-Caspian Depression

O. I. Serebryakov

Correlation of Pre-Jurassic Sections of North Ust-Urt

G. F. Pozhariskaya, V. I. Terekhov

Present Structure of the Lower Permian Sediments of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

R. I. Andreyeva, M. V. Chirvinskaya

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Sedimentary Cover of the Dnieper-Donets Depression in Connection with New Data on the Structural Geology of the Basement

V. M. Belanov, I. M. Etingof, V. D. Kharitonov, V. F. Volkova, V. F. Indutnyy

Oil-Gas Prospects of Volcanic and Volcanic-Sedimentary Rocks of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

N. I. Ivanov

Question of Inhomogeneity of the Thermal Field of the Pripyat Downwarp

L. A. Tsybulya, A. P. Anpilogov