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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 16 Issue 2; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Petroleum Geology, Volume 17, Issue 2; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Lithologic Traps - Oil Exploration Targets in the Nadym-Pur Oil-Gas Region

V. V. Shipitsyn, A. L. Naumov, T. M. Onishchuk

Role of Organic Edifices in the Structure of Productive Horizons in the South of the Volga-Kama Anticlize

R. O. Khachatryan, A. N. Kostenko

Distribution of Porosity in Bashkir Productive Sediments on the Astrakhan Dome

I. A. Mitalev, A. M. Makarova, S. D. Zarkova

Relationship of Structural Plans on the Astrakhan Arch

N. G. Chernetskaya

New Exploration Targets on the South Flank of the Karpinskiy Swell

G. M. Avanis’yan, A. Ye. Langbort, R. I. Fan-Yung, L. Yu. Benderovich

Oil Geology Regionalization - Basis for Optimum Exploration

N. I. Buyalov, V. I. Terekhov, V. S. Usanov

Character of the Water-Oil Contact of Oil Pools in the Cis-Ural Downwarp

I. A. Tagirov, K. S. Yarullin

Main Results and Exploration Plans in the Samgor Area of the Georgian SSR

V. I. Konovalov, V. I. Yalovenko, V. G. Serkin, Yu. I. Gordiyenko

Deep Subsurface of the Southeast of Tataria in Connection with Oil Prospects of the Wendian-Riphean Sediments

E. P. Khalabuda, Ye. B. Grunis, N. F. Il’diyarkin, P. I. Slesarev

Direction of Exploration in the Jurassic-Cretaceous Sediments of Mangyshlak

V. I. Popkov

Geological Criteria Determining the Selection of Pools for Intra-Formational Combustion

V. S. Melik-Pashayev, V. V. Vlasenko, V. N. Seregina, I. M. Klimushin

Possibilities of Finding Oil and Gas Pools by Geochemical Methods in Coal-Bearing Regions

V. A. Stroganov, V. P. Ogorodnikova

Estimation of the Conformance of Strata by Water Flood Based on Geologic and Well-Logging Data

M. Sh. Karimov, M. A. Tokarev, V. G. Shcherbinin

Geochemical Criteria for Oil-Gas Conductivity of Faults

N. I. Atamanyuk, Yu. Z. Krupskiy, V. I. Yermakova

Effect of Geologic Characteristics of Productive Horizons XIII-XIV of Uzen Field on Water-Flood Behavior

L. F. Ivanchuk, T. A. Sultanov, F. M. Kuravin, V. I. Alymova, N. Ya. Kalugina

Water-Drive Factor in Horizon DI of Fields of Tataria

Ye. A. Yudintsev

Geologic Factors in Oil Exploration in Riphean-Wendian Sediments of East Tataria

R. Kh. Muslimov, I. Kh. Kaveyev, V. V. Baranov

Mechanism of Formation of Anticlinal Traps of Oil and Gas in Foreland Downwarps

M. A. Kamaletdinov, Yu. V. Kazantsev, T. T. Kazantseva

Characteristics and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Pools in the Sub-Salt Complex of the Peri-Caspian Depression

L. G. Kiryukhin, N. N. Nemchenko

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Miocene Sediments of South Sakhalin

V. N. Naydenov

Features of the Genesis of Sandstones as Exploration Criteria for Oil and Gas Pools

A. A. Novikov, P. A. Karpov, V. I. Sobolev, N. V. Solov’yeva, L. I. Chernova

Structure and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Kerchensko-Taman Shelf of the Black Sea

V. V. Kotseruba, A. I. Kabanov

Stages in the Formation of the Orenburg Gas-Condensate Field

S. P. Maksimov, Ye. S. Larskaya, A. N. Sukhova

Geochemical Criteria for Estimating Conditions of Formation of Gas-Condensate Pools

V. A. Chakhmakhchev, T. L. Vinogradova, T. A. Krylova

Prediction of the Content and Composition of Condensate and Condensate Recovery for Pools in the North of West Siberia

T. D. Ostrovskaya

Genesis of CO2 in Oil Casing-Head Gases, Based on Isotopic Composition of Carbon

R. G. Pankina, V. L. Mekhtiyeva, S. M. Guriyeva, Ye. N. Shkutnik

Effect of Primary Ratio of Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbons on the Composition of Gas Condensates

V. V. Kushnirov

Experience in the Use of Aerial Methods for Recognizing Oil-Gas Structures in the Timan-Pechora Province

A. A. Zvyagel’skiy, L. A. Samoylyuk

New Data on the Relief of the Crystalline Basement of the Western Part of the Peri-Caspian Depression

L. P. Nikolayeva, Ye. S. Yekimova, Ye. Ya. Tsaur

Genesis of Oil Rings of Pools of the Nepa-Botuobinsk Anticlize

A. B. Fuch, B. A. Fuch

Volgo-Ural Basin

A. M. Seregin

Relationship of Structural Surfaces in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sediments of the North Apsheron Zone

E. N. Alikhanov, N. A. Aliyev, Z. A. Buniat-Zade, Yu. M. Lipsits