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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 18, Issue 11; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Results of Deep Drilling in Oil-Producing Regions of the European Part of the USSR in 1976-80

A. S. Fokin, O. A. Kesterin, I. P. Kuznetsov

Features of the Development of Oil-Gas Basins of Island Arcs

K. A. Kleshechev

Dependence of Effectiveness of Exploration Drilling for Gas on Density of Initial Potential Resources

M. P. Mikhaylova

Heavy Oils and Bitumens of Timan-Pechora Oil-Gas Province

M. V. Tolkachev, Yu. A. Rossikhin

Oil-Gas Productivity of Sub-Salt Sediments of the South of the Peri-Caspian Depression

L. G. Kiryukhin, I. K. Kerimova, G. N. Rozanova, A. N. Nikitin, B. B. Nuraliyev

Main Directions of Exploration for Stratigraphic and Lithologic Traps of Oil and Gas in Paleogene-Miocene Sediments of Azerbaydzhan

V. Yu. Kerimov

Recognition and Mapping of Paleozoic Reef Buildups in West Siberia

N. P. Zapivalov, I. A. Pekhtereva, Z. Ya. Serdyuk, G. F. Shmatalyuk

Hydrocarbon and Isotopic Composition of Oils and Gases of the Western Part of the Siberian Platform

I. S. Starobinets, V. S. Lebedev, L. M. Vishmevskaya, Vas. Sh. Lebedev

Nature of Filtration Properties of Rocks of the Bazhenov Formation of Salym Field of West Siberia

R. A. Abdullin

Conditions of Formation of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Upper Jurassic Sediments of the Central and Northern Regions of West Siberia

V. A. Skorobogatov

Oil-Gas Prospects of Pre-Jurassic Rocks in the West Siberian Mega-Depression

K. M. Sevost’yanov

New Exploration Targets in the Northern Regions of the Peri-Caspian Depression

G. S. Borushko, A. N. Zolotov, V. Ya. Shirokov

Completion of Oil and Gas Pools in Low-Permeable Reservoirs

O. L. Kedrovskiy, V. I. Musinov, V. G. Krynitskiy

Analysis of Change in Oil Reserves of Ukrainian Fields

R. N. Zasadnyy, T. F. Ponomarchuk, N. F. Koziy, V. M. Lakhnyuk

Disseminated Organic Matter of Upper Precambrian Sediments of Ancient Platforms and its Alteration During Lithogenesis

T. K. Bazhenova, L. S. Belyayeva, D. A. Bukkenina, Yu. I. Ipatov, K. K. Makarov, S. G. Meruchev, G. M. Parparova, Y. M. Memenkova

Some Debatable Questions on the Geochemistry of Oil

N. A. Eremenko