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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 21 Issue 9; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Formation of Oil and Gas Pools of the Closed-Reservoir Type and Methods for Searching for Them

L. D. Vinogradov

Exploration for Oil and Gas Pools in the Gograndag-Okarem Region of Turkmenia

A. B. Ibragimov, E. A. Loginov

Investigation of Geoelectrical Characteristics of the Section of the Dzhalilabad Region

Kh. D. Dzhafarov, V. V. Liadze, B. M. Averbukh

Development of a Procedure for Predicting Facies Changes in Thin-Bedded Media from Seismic Data in the Search for Structural-Lithologic Traps in West Siberia

D. B. Tal’virskiy

Gas-Oil Prospects of the Permo-Triassic of the Arzgiro-Mirnen Zone of the Eastern Cis-Caucasus

I. V. Istratov

Paleo-Structural Analysis of the Neftyanyye Kamni Area

I. P. Reykhman, N. R. Narimanov, O. A. Linenko, Fung Van Fak

Formation of the Structural Plan of the Apsheron Oil-Gas Region

A. G. Durmish’yan

Relationship of Structures of the Mesozoic Sedimentary Cover to Geophysical Anomalies in the Yenisey-Khatanga Downwarp

A. I. Prokopenko

Lopushnyan Structure, a New Type of Hydrocarbon Trap

I. N. Golovatskiy, L. A. Glushchenko

Prospects for the Rybal Field

V. K. Amirov, V. P. Kamenskiy, S. I. Mishchuk

Tectonic Factors in the Development of Devonian Organic Buildups

D. A. Babich, V. N. Mikhal’kova, G. P. Menyaylenko

Refining Accuracy of Reservoir Properties of Menilitov Sediments

R. N. Zasadnyy, V. M. Lakhnyuk, B. L. Krupskiy

Devonian Gas Pools of the Lokachi Field

V. M. Rudnichenko, V. M. Markovskiy, A. N. Ishchenko

Some Features of the Geology of the Shakhpakhty Structural Step

Kh. T. Tulyaganov, T. L. Babadzhanov, U. A. Alibayev, S. A. Pak

Geologic Characteristics of the Ayzavat Area

E. Yu. Begmetov, M. Saidov, M. Shamuradov

Use of Remote Sensing in the Search for Organic Reefs

A. A. Valiyev