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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 22, Issue 12; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

The Most Favorable Directions for Geological Exploration for Oil and Gas in the Ukrainian SSR

A. M. Paliy

Regularities in the Distribution of Oil and Gas Fields in the Oil-Gas Provinces of the Ukraine

G. N. Dolenko

Geological Basis for Exploration for Significant Accumulations of Hydrocarbons in the Western Ukraine

V. S. Burov

Geological Basis for Finding Petroleum in the Southern Ukraine

V. I. Khnykin, A. D. Samarskiy, A. T. Bogayets

Main Directions of Exploration in the Northwest Part of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

G. P. Kozak

Jurassic Sediments of the Western Black Sea Onshore and Kerchen Peninsula - New Exploration Targets

R. V. Palinskiy, L. G. Plakhotnyy

Large-Scale Oil-Geology Regionalization on a Genetic Basis

B. P. Kabyshev

Exploration for Lithologic Types of Hydrocarbon Pools in Lower Carboniferous - a New Play in the Dnieper-Donets Depression

Vad. V. Ploshko

Comparison of Devonian Sediments of Regions Adjacent to the Dnieper-Donets and Pripyat Depressions in Connection with Oil-Gas Potential

G. I. Bakarchuk, L. P. Kononenko

Prospects for Developing Oil, Gas, and Condensate Resources of the Sub-Salt Sediments of the North Caspian Depression During the 12th Five Year Plan

S. Ye. Chakabayev

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Lower-Middle Jurassic of West Siberia Based on Hydro-Gas-Geochemical Indexes

M. Ya. Rudkevich, N. F. Chistyakova

Anomalous Sections of Bazhenov and Megion Formations of West Siberia

I. I. Nesterov, A. A. Nezhdanov, I. N. Ushatinskiy

Geology of the Sutormin Field

R. N. Mukhametzyanov, Ye. V. Krasyukov, R. E. Khalimov, E. M. Khalimov

Increasing Effectiveness of Oil-Gas Exploration in Jurassic Strata Yu0, Yu1, and Yu2-Yu20 of the Middle Ob Region

A. A. Orlov

Conditions of Deposition and Oil-Gas Prospects of Sediments of the Productive Unit of North Apsheron Offshore

A. A. Dzhavadov, N. S. Salayev