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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 22, Issue 9; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Possibilities for Discovery of New Oil Fields in Sub-Salt Carbonate Sediments of the North Caspian Depression

V. P. Avrov, M. B. Balgimbayev, N. A. Krylov, A. B. Sagingaliyev

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Medvedev-Teplov Graben-Like Downwarp of the Kuybyshev Area

A. A. Gorelov, V. A. Koshcheyev, L. V. Vasilevskaya

Pre-Jurassic History of Geologic Development and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Peschanomys-Rakushech Zone

D. S. Orudzheva, A. V. Klychnikov, A. N. Danilin

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Lower Maykop Sediments of the Slyusarev Area (Kerchen Peninsula)

R. M. Novoseletskiy, O. M. Ozernyy

Genetic Relationships of Fossil Fuels of the Patronov Area (Northern Donets Basin)

S. T. Zelizna

Nature of Super-Hydrostatic Formation Pressures in Gas Pools of the Outer Zone of the Cis-Carpathian Downwarp

V. M. Shcherba, A. S. Shcherba

Characteristics of Subsurface and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Yankov Area of the Cis-Carpathian Downwarp

Yu. Ye. Kordiyak, I. M. Nakonechnyy

Modeling of the Delineation Process in Muravlenko Field

I. I. Nesterov

Formation Analysis of Sub-Salt Paleozoic Sediments of the North Caspian Depression - Basis for Regional Prediction of Reservoirs

A. K. Zamarenov

Sub-Salt Sediments of the North Caspian Depression - a Unique Complex of Natural Oil-Gas Reservoir

B. K. Proshlyakov

Oil and Gas Reservoirs at Great Depths in Sub-Salt Sediments of Peri-Cratonal Basins

Yu. A. Ivanov

Types of Carbonate Reservoirs at Great Depths and Main Factors Determining Their Formation and Preservation

Ya. N. Per’kova