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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 23 Issue 3/4; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Global Regularities in Oil-Gas Accumulation: Present Status of the Problem

V. Ye. Khain

Distribution of Oil and Gas Pools and Reserves Under Various Geologic Conditions

V. F. Raaben

Tectonic Conditions for the Distribution and Formation of Oil and Gas Pools on Ancient Cratons

S. P. Maksimov, A. N. Zolotov, M. I. Lodzhevskaya

Uncompensated Downwarps of Ancient Cratons and their Oil-Gas Potential

L. G. Kiryukhin, N. D. Matveyevskaya, O. M. Mkrtchyan

Oil-Gas Potential of Aulacogens of Ancient Cratons

R. G. Garetskiy, V. S. Konishchev, A. M. Sinichka

Cratonal Riftogenesis and Oil-Gas Potential

V. K. Gavrish

General Tectonic Conditions for Oil-Gas Accumulation on Young Platforms

N. A. Krylov

Foredeeps - Special Structural-Formational Zones of Oil-Gas Accumulation

I. K. Korolyuk, N. A. Krylov, N. T. Kurenkov, Ye. L. Melamud

Problems of Oil-Gas Potential of Deep-Water Zones of the World Ocean

I. S. Gramberg, A. A. Krasil’shchikov

Tectonic Conditions of Formation of Oil-Gas Basins on Active Continental Margins

N. A. Eremenko, L. E. Levin

Oil-Gas-Bearing Formations of Active Continental Margins

Yu. K. Burlin, O. K. Bazhenova

Sedimentary Cover and Oil-Gas Potential of Deep-Water Basins of the Mediterranean Sea Belt

L. I. Lebedev, Ya. P. Malovitskiy, A. Ye. Shlesinger, A. L. Yanshin

Main Features of the Tectonics of the Black Sea Region Determining Its Oil-Gas Potential

I. N. Sulimov

Role of Faults and Mud Volcanism in the Formation of Oil-Gas Accumulations

Sh. F. Mekhtiyev

Role of the Tectonic Factor in the Distribution and Formation of Oil and Gas Pools

M. Ya. Rudkevich

Structural-Formational and Lithospheric Geophysical Studies of Global Regularities in Oil-Gas Accumulation

F. I. Khat’yanov

New Directions for Oil Exploration in the Paleozoic Sediments of Bashkiria

Ye. V. Lozin, A. K. Dragunskiy

Prospects for Finding Hydrocarbon Pools in Non-Anticlinal Traps of the Fergana Depression

T. I. Ubaykhodzhayev, A. A. Abidov, B. Z. Ibragimov

Relation of phase state of Pools to Type of Trap in the Upper Jurassic of Southwest Uzbekistan

V. V. Korsun, V. V. Kushnarov

Study of Surfaces of Discordance in the Lower Parts of the Middle Pliocene of the Northwest Part of the Apsheron Shallows from Seismo-Stratigraphic Studies

P. Z. Mamedov, F. G. Ragimkhanov