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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 27 Issue 7/8; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke

Deep Subsurface of the West Sector of the Eurasian-Arctic Zone of Transition from Continent to Ocean

V. V. Belousov, N. I. Navienkova, G. N. Kvyatkovskaya

Two-Stage Thrust Structure of the South Part of the Folded Border of the Kos’Yu-Rogov Depression (North Urals)

K. O. Sobornov, P. P. Tarasov

Results of Regional Work in Connection with Oil-Gas Assessment of Lower Part of the Lower-Middle Jurassic of West Siberia

V. Ye. Zheleznyak, O. M. Mkrtchyan

Results of Regional Geological-Geophysical Investigations and Oil-Gas Assessment of Little Studied Exploration Directions in the Cis-Caucasus

A. P. Kozub, V. L. Kripinevich, V. D. Talalayev, Z. I. Zhorina, S. M. Chernyshev, T. F. Shumova

Reflection of Pre-Platformal Paleo-Depressions in the Character of Oil-Gas Occurrence in the Mesozoic Sediments of the West of the Turan Platform

A. M. Silich

Main Results and Tasks for Regional Work in Fergana Depression

P. V. Glumakov, Ye. K. Tabachnikova, A. A. Abidov

Results of Regional Work in Southwest Turkmenia and Tasks for 1991-1995

N. M. Maniyesenov, A. M. Silich, N. Kh. Khadzhinurov, R. T. Minayava

Regional Investigations in Intermontane Depressions of the Central Asiatic Orogenic Belt

A. N. Obukhov

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Triassic Complexes of the Shelf of the Arctic Seas of Russia

G. Ye. Ryabukhin, V. A. Zinin

Geological Model of Buzuluk Depression and Directions of Exploration

I. M. Zhukov, Yu. M. Kuteyev, P. I. Posroyenko, I. A. Dentskevich, Ye. Ya. Surovikov, V. A. Abramov

Structure of the Deeply Subsided Sediments of the Aryskum Downwarp of the South Turgay Depression Based on Seismo-Stratigraphic Data

B. M. Kuandykov, A. Sh. Nazhmetdinov, R. B. Sapozhnikov

Tectonics and Geodynamic Conditions for Oil and Gas Occurrence in the USSR

V. Ye. Khain, K. A. Kleshchev, B. A. Sokolov, V. S. Shein

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Volgograd Trans-Volga Region

A. A. Aksenov, A. A. Novikov, V. N. Mikhal’kova