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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 33 Issue 3; Frontmatter

James Clarke

Gas Prospects of Rift Structures of Lobey-Birofel’d Branch of Tanlu Fault System (Amur Region)

V. G. Varnavskiy, V. V. Krapiventseva, G. L. Kirillova, V. Ye. Kuznetsov

New Favorable Direction for Oil-Gas Exploration on the Shelf of Sakhalin

M. V. Tolkachev, V. M. Zakal’skiy, E. G. Koblov, A. A. Tereshchenkov, A. V. Kharakhinov, A. V. Bychkov

Prospects for Lower-Middle Jurassic Sediments of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (West Siberia)

V. S. Surkov, A. M. Kazakov, V. P. Devyatov, L. V. Smirnov, A. Ye. Yekhanin

Deep Subsurface of Central Part of North Caspian Depression from Common Depth Point Seismic Data

D. M. Murzagaliyev

Structures of the Pripyat Downwarp - Potential for Subsurface Gas Stroage

R. G. Gareikiy, K. N. Monkevich, V. I. Tolstosheyev, P. B. Tsalko

Tectonics and Oil-Gas Potential of Overthrust Zones of Southern Uzbekistan

B. B. Sitdikov, O. Tazhitdinov, U. S. Umarkhodzhayev, Zh. Dzhaksibayev

Results of Geological Exploration in 1998 and Plans for Study of Resource Base of “Slavneft” in 1999

A. V. Bayev

Characteristics of Reservoirs, Traps, and Pools of Hydrocarbons in Pre-Jurassic Rocks of West Siberia

O. O. Abrosimova, S. V. Ryzhkova

Main Directions for Exploration for Traps of Non-Traditional Type in Devonian Rocks of Orenburg Region

Ye. A. Leonova

Geochemical Assessment of Oil-Gas Potential and Properties of Hydrocarbon Systems of Devonian Clastic Complex of South of Buzuluk Depression

V. A. Chakhmakhchev, T. L. Vinogradova, Z. G. Agafonova, A. S. Doshko

Geological-Genetic Basis for Restoring High Effectiveness to Oil-Gas Exploration in Bukhara-Khiva Oil-Gas Region of Uzbekistan

A. G. Babayev

Exploration for Oil-Gas Structures on the West Slope of Babatag Range by Trend Analysis

A. A. Yur’yev

Long-Range Problems of Restoring the Oil-Gas Resource Base of Russia

K. A. Kleshchev, Yu. P. Mironchev

Detailing of Stratigraphy of Upper Jurassic Carbonate Complex of Western Uzbekistan - Basis for Increasing Effectiveness of Oil-Gas Exploration

G. S. Abdullayev

Characteristics of Structure of Riphean Carbonate Reservoirs of Yurubchen Gas-Oil Field

A. N. Makarov, K. I. Bagriniyeva, A. T. Sadybekov

Problems of Oil-Gas Potential of Great Depths

T. V. Belokon