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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 35 Issue 2; Frontmatter

James Clarke

Prospects for Discovery of New Oil and Gas Fields and Pools on Kara Sea Shelf

B. A. Nikishin, A. I. Rovnin

New Direction in Prediction of Oil-Gas Potential for Stuctural Zones of Possible Decompaction

S. M. Ozdoyev

Current Problems of Prediction and Completion of Hydrocarbon Resources of Northwest Offshore Russia*

M. D. Belonin, Yu. N. Grigorenko, N. A. Andreyev, Ye. V. German, V. S. Sobolev

Evolution of Late Paleozoic Carbonate Platform of South of North Caspian Depression

E. S. Votsalevskiy, V. M. Pilifosov, D. A. Shlygin, K. Suyesinov, N. A. Azerbayev, T. M. Shlygina

Sedimentary Basins of Rift Zones of Eastern Kazakstan and Their Oil-Gas Prospects

T. Kh. Paragul’gov, Kh. Kh. Paragul’gov

Tectonics of Southeast of European Craton and Structure of North Caspian Depression (in connection with problem of oil and gas)*

M. A. Aytkhozhin

Geostructural-Formational Characteristics of Lower Volga Oil-Gas Region

U. S. Kononov

Hypergene Gas-Bearing Complexes of Basement of Novoport Field

Ye. G. Zhuravlev, G. I. Oblekov

Prospects for Discovery of Gas-Condensate Fields in Vilyuy Oil-Gas Region of Yakutia

A. G. Berzin, A. V. Bubnov, F. N. Alekseyev

New Asects of Favorability for Oil and Gas in Northern Regions of Siberian Craton*

Yu. A. Ivanov, I. P. Myasnikova

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of Kanin Peninsula

N. M. Nevskaya, V. N. Makarevich

Early Paleozoic Rifting on Pechora Platform and Shelf of Barents Sea (Along Profile 1-AP)

M. L. Verba, Yu. I. Matveyev, A. N. Telegin

Ancient Structures of Northwest Trend (Pashsko-Ladoga, Onezh, and Vozhe-Lach Aulacogens) and Their Possible Oil-Gas Productivity

V. L. Tumanov, Yu. A. Semin

Formation of Oil Pools by Introduction of Hydrocarbons from Different Sources

T. A. Botneva, N. A. Yeremenko, O. L. Nechayeva

Status of Production of Oil Fields and Prediction of Oil Output up to Year 2015

V. Z. Garipov